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UNZA workers demand that Prof. Mumba be fired, but Management says Vice Chancellor is Going Nowhere

General News UNZA workers demand that Prof. Mumba be fired, but Management says Vice...

Management of the University of Zambia (UNZA) says demands by the three Unions that top management including Vice-Chancellor Prof. Luke Mumba vacate offices at the whim of certain individuals or groupings is a recipe for anarchy and a flagrant breach of the law.

UNZA Management says the law is quite lucid on how a Vice-Chancellor or indeed any member of top management can vacate their offices.

The Three unions resolved and demanded the removal of top management led by Professor Luke Mumba following a general members’ meeting held at the University of Zambia’s Great East Road campus on November 5.

The unions are the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU), University of Zambia Professional Staff Union (UNZAPRU) and the University of Zambia Allied Workers’ Union (UNZAAWU) and are demanding that Prof Mumba and his team be dismissed for allegedly mismanaging the institution the last five Years.

According to a statement signed by the three union representatives Dr Kelvin Mambwe, Nalucha Mayamba and Mupuna Moonga, the top UNZA management has never worked in the interest of the workers.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Luke Mumba
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Luke Mumba

“Professor Mumba’s leadership style is inimical to progress and industrial harmony in the University. We, the three (3) Trade Unions at the University of Zambia (University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers’ Union, University of Zambia Professional Staff Union; University of Zambia Allied Workers’ Union), would like to inform the general public of the current unpleasant state of affairs at the University of Zambia,” the statement read in part.

“This state has arisen out of mismanagement of the University by those appointed to superintend on the affairs of the University. At the general members’ meeting held at the University of Zambia Great East Road campus on Friday, 5th November, 2021 at which the status of various challenges being faced by the institution were debated, the three Unions resolved and demand as follows…”

Further, the unions are demanding immediate payment, without illegal conditions, of all gratuities and pension owed to serving staff whose backlog stand at 10 years.
The unions have also recommended immediate conclusion of the 2021 collective bargaining, improvement of conditions of service and withdrawal of the court case against UNZAPROSU, which is about the 2021 negotiations for improved conditions of service.
“It should be noted that we the trade unions at the University of Zambia have for the past years desisted to engage ourselves in activities which could have resulted in serious industrial unrest but with the issues highlighted above we are now unable to guarantee any industrial harmony at this institution,’’ they said further.”

“Despite giving chance to dialogue and the due process of engagement and conflict management, nothing meaningful has been achieved.”

The three leaders maintained that the unions would continue to protest until their demands were met.

But in a statement issued today, UNZA Acting Head of Communication and Marketing Damaseke Chibale says Management at UNZA has learnt of the demands by the three Unions namely, UNZALARU, UNZAPROSU and UNZAAWU with a sense of surprise.

Mr. Chibale says Management has always engaged in social dialogue with all the Unions to resolve any grievances that they may have from time to time.

He said this dialogue also includes Collective Bargaining which has been going on since early this year.

Mr. Chibale said Management finds the allegations that it does not dialogue with the Unions to be unfortunate and untruthful.

And Mr. Chibale says the matter regarding the payment of terminal benefits for serving members of staff has been taken to court.

He has clarified that the total debt that the university owes in respect of gratuities and pension benefits stands around K700 million.


  1. UNZALARU: You are teachers simple teachers you are called to teach and your calling is vocational. Be innovative for once and bring funding! Most of you your brains are so crude that you can’t generate articles of scholarly prowess.

  2. No vote was taken on firing Prof. Mumba by members of all three unions. This is a UPND politically orchestrated campaign to have Prof. Mumba and Dr. Kambikambi removed from their offices by the executives of the three unions so that they can be replaced by UPND sympathisers. The national campaign by UPND cadres to demonise whoever is perceived in government to be PF and have them replaced by UPND sympathisers is exactly what is now happening at UNZA among so-called educated people. Since he became VC, Professor Mumba has overseen the construction the School of Humanities lecture theatre. The Engineering and Graduate School of Business lecture theatres are also under construction. So is the Centre of Excellence at school of Veterinary Medicine. No other VC has done what Prof. Mumba is…

  3. …doing. Not forgetting how the rating of UNZA on the continent has improved under his watch to position no. 18. UNZA’s financial problems did not start with Prof. Mumba. The new government has equally not allocated more resources to help deal with financial problems of public universities contrary to their campaign promises, So you cannot fault Prof. Mumba alone for the numerous problems UNZA is going through.

  4. So that East gate mall which was built on UNZA land is not generating enough resources?. Were were being told that it is a partnership with UNZA?


  6. @Abena Ng’umbo_Luapula Boy, they are salaried employees with conditions of service. They do not work for charity. Stop misleading yourself. Most Research in Universities around the world is hugely funded by governments. And you can only generate the so called scholarly articles if the money for research is made available. Zambian governments have never been serious with higher education. Neither has it been understood by people like you .Hence your uninformed statement.

  7. Don’t worry naimwe ma unions Bally knows that this pf cadre is there and all his corrupt history is well documented. The mwankole is very easy to knock out. Jst a ka visit by DEC or ACC and whole board will be dissolved. Wait and see

  8. @Francis: “Most Research in Universities around the world is hugely funded by governments”.
    The processes of procuring research funds are highly competitive and requires novelty. Such processes are not for academic feeblest!
    “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK.
    Cool down I am well enlightened.

  9. Workers and their Union Leaders must understand that it’s not in their mandate to demand the dismissal of their superiors. The Vice Chancellor must also realize that the University has 2 major resources that make it run: 1. the infrastructure and; 2. the human resource. You can’t run a university if you don’t take care of these 2. UNZA & CBU make a lot of money they don’t require GRZ grants but they’re just mismanaged. The Deans know how much they make and what they need to run their Schools. If you take away their powers then you’re asking for trouble. They’ll always incite others to rise against you because they know the financial affairs of the University. Tabalya kumo ne mbuto

  10. Former Education Minister Kaingu appointed Luke Mumba because he is Nsenga from Petauke. But, when former President ECL last visited Unza, he tasked Prof. Mumba to explain as to which account money paid by non-students residing in Students hostels was credited. In this case, the Auditor General’s Office must investigate 3 Unza’s Officers: (1) Prof. Mumba as VC; (2) Registrar as custodian of University assets; and the Dean of Students Affairs (in charge of students accommodation). Mumba is the worst VC at Unza.

  11. Apparently, the Search Committee for appointment of Unza Vice Chancellor had short-listed better candidates who deserved appointment as VC. But Ba Kaingu was seeking for Presidential favours.

  12. Prof. Mumba was an accessory to FTJ’s OP operatives. During Mwanawasa’s Presidency, Mumba was hired by Americans to support importation of GMO-maize. Zambia was saved by the late Dr. Lewanika, Director of NISIR, who provided authentic data to President Mwanawasa on negative impacts of GMOs to humans. This led President Mwanawasa’s Govt. to install GMO-testing equipment at Mt. Makulu. Mumba later relocated to work for NEPAD in South Africa. He is the worst VC at Unza.

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