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Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Dissolves CEEC Board

Economy Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Dissolves CEEC Board

Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Elias Mubanga has with immediate effect dissolved the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission Board.

Mr Mubanga says the representation of the current board was illegally appointed by former Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma contrary to the provisions of the CEEC Act number 9 of 2006.

He says apart from being illegally appointed by the Minister, the Board has no representation from the Civil Society Organizations, the youth, disabled and trade unions.

Mr Mubanga further says that this is contrary to the Commission’s mandate of providing an integrated broad based and inclusive empowerment to the citizens of Zambia.

In a statement, the Minister emphasized that CEEC is key to achieving the New Dawn Government’s objective of creating jobs through SME Development.

He thanked the Board for the service rendered during their tenure and has assured that the Ministry will soon begin the process of appointing a new Board.


  1. All PF caders meant to suck money for attending aimless meetings…………

    Apart from this board , how can you have unaccountable boards for loss making organisations…….???

    All , if not almost all boards dissolved thus far were just put in place to rubberstamp PF siphoning money from those organisations

  2. Excellent. Please solve all boards with immediate effect. These are PF carders who were focused on self interests. The only thing PF ever achieved is allowing the looting and discrimination among other wrong vices.

  3. And the CCPC. Competition and Consumer Protection Commission – as CORRUPT as Edgar China Lungu. Time to be dissolved as well!

  4. About time…please also chase after money owed imagine people like Aunty Dizzy were getting CEEC loans never paying back!!

  5. We need a report on artists and “socialites” that got paid. The music still sounds like 2005, no improvement…..kikiki. At least if Deezy or what ever he wants to be called was nominated for a Grammy and won, then I would say it’s ok mwaiche eat the money.
    Have pride like Pompi.

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