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Poem – Clique of thieves!

Feature Lifestyle Poem - Clique of thieves!

By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social analyst

Clique of thieves!
Usually gifted with oratory skills
They can even convince an Eskimo to buy ice
And they can easily be mistaken for saints
With their humble disposition

But who are they?
They’re a clique of thieves
Charlatans masquerading to be skillful
Enough to turn our fortunes around
And yet they’re hell-bent on looting our resources

Clique of thieves
They embezzled social cash transfer
Meant for the poor
And misappropriated COVID-19 funds

Clique of thieves
They’re bandits clad in suits
That contracted projects at inflated prices
And got cuts from the Presidential jet, ambulances, fire tenders

Clique of thieves
They’re heartless gangsters
That tormented citizens with gassing
And brought misery upon marketeers by burning markets

Clique of thieves
They’re plunderers
That ransacked our gold in Mwinilunga
Looted our copper at KCM
And devoured the black mountain in Kitwe

Clique of thieves
They’re ruthless individuals
That supplied expired condoms and drugs to hospitals
And closed The Post newspaper, Prime TV and Komboni Radio
Let’s smoke them out of the tribe!



  1. You should also have included those who took part in privatization and stole from poor Zambians who were sent early to their graves. Zambians recognise these to be part of the clique of theives.

    • If HH was involved in privatization issues, would he have survived the past brutal regimes. They don’t have anywhere to pin the man, so its just propaganda now. Is it possible that all the four former Presidents failed to find evidence even with their sophisticated intelligence systems, leave HH alone and acknowledge that he trounced you badly in the last elections, and expect a repeat in 2026. You are still crying

  2. Both those who are supporting HH and those condemning him on this ” unfortunate utterance” must stop before it escalates into something ugly.

  3. iwe ka Kaping’a are you telling me you were born after the year 2000? The plunderers of our economy during privatization damaged Zambia for many 100 years to come. Your dander head was so close to B Y Mwila the then richest man in Zambia. Some persons can be so immoral, am surprised how he distances himself from MMD!

  4. KK had a humble education compared with our latter presidents but he was gifted in many areas. If one suddenly became rich, the investigative wings would visit him to find out the source of that wealth, if an ordinary worker didn’t go to the bank to withdraw his salary, they would want to know how he managed to survive, you bought a VW Combi you had to explain how you got it. That way people led normal lives not the lopsided we are seeing since (sic) the advent of multi party politics.

  5. Your poem is fake and useless. You should have included the biggest thief who privatised companies that left thousands of Zambians out of employment. Some of those thousands are dead, the remaining ones are languishing.

    • This cadre is paining. Just accept that HH is the President. Just to assist you – Privatisation was a government program and not an HH program, it had supervisors, consultants, advisors and government officials including at ministerial level. It will be complex for me explain in detail but I hope this thinks your pain, it is not HHs fault that you lost elections. Find somebody to counsel you preferably a priest, I feel your pain arising from your loss

  6. Clique of thieves

    They had the clergy sing praises day and night.
    Abused God’s s house by sharing hate speech, the truth will come to light.

  7. Privatisation Privatisation ?? how long will this song be sung
    25 + years what a bunch of narrow minded people are we dealing with on here ?

  8. Why did all these governments came and left
    But failed to arrest Bally for his privatisation
    Deals?Bally was not head of ZPA so why his
    Superiors have not been arrest?

  9. Zambia became a system benefitting a few. They eliminated all other tribes and put their people in all key positions and abused public funds.

    The people who may have stolen may belong to some.tribes, but they did it in their individual capacities and benefitted individually.

    The same people cannot rise today and say one man is attacking a tribe. Thats utter rubbish.

    You stole alone and did u share rhe proceeds with your tribe. Wait for your day.

    If this tribal thing is not controlled now we may end up dividing up the exploits of independence and proceed opposite ways.

    Be careful brothers andnsisyer what ibr doing

  10. I wish someone would be brave enough to point out who these cliques are. Is it the super rich in Zambia? From independence to date? They must be super super rich. Do we even have such?

  11. If you look at GRZ contracts and ministerial positions and other GRZ top positions of the past 20 years you will find they have been circulating around a few families…….

    This is because power and decisions are concentrated around Lusaka………

    The only way to join that elite group is to become a stone thrower on their behalf , like lusambo…….

    With decentralisation HEHH has started , this monopoly and stranglehold by the clique will be broken………

    That is why their supporters are going mad with HEHH trying to paint this as a tribal war…………

  12. #13  LOOO 
    November 9, 2021 At 1:10 pm

    “A clever thief not arrested for covering his thieving tracks so well still remains a thief..”

    Then we will first go for and jail the dull ones , ………….

  13. Everyday we wake up we say this man stole
    This and that but why has law enforcement
    Agencies failed to arrest him?
    Something fishy here?

  14. The clique and their supporters tried the privatisation con and tribal con during elections………

    That was resoundingly rejected by Zambians……….

    Now seeing their cliques abd syndicates are being dismantled and investigated, they are back again with the same cons…….

    Again the majority of Zambians are dismissing them………

  15. What kind of a poem is this? No wonder some of you here are claiming social media can replace journalism. Really?
    Because you can’t appreciate trained professionals’ product any rubbish will do.
    A poem is not just about putting sentences together. Its about mitre, imagery, dissonance or rhyme all of which are missing in this narrative above. Elyo you bloggers here putting words together in whatever language doesn’t make you a reporter or writer

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