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Farming cooperatives in North-Western Province defrauding the Farming Inputs Distribution Programmes

Rural News Farming cooperatives in North-Western Province defrauding the Farming Inputs Distribution Programmes

United Party for National Development (UPND) Youth Chairperson in North-Western Province, Bruce Kanema has called on the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out an audit on farming cooperatives in the area to scrutinize cooperative members.

Speaking during a press briefing at his office in Solwezi this morning, Mr Kanema alleged that there is a lot of cheating going on in the distribution of the farming inputs.

He alleged that there are instances where one person has registered with more than one cooperative getting fertilizer from various districts across the province.

Mr Kanema said the audit must immediately be conducted so that it is known who belongs to these cooperatives.

“I am making a movement to see the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator… the audit on these cooperatives must immediately be conducted we want these cooperatives to be known as who belongs to this cooperatives who belongs to that cooperatives.

“There is no way the cooperatives are bearing the same name of cadres in Solwezi, Kasempa, Mushindamo up to Chavuma…same names of the people benefiting from the farming inputs…this has to come to a stop”, he said.

Mr Kanema said as party, they are going to monitor the distribution of the farming inputs and ensure that the inputs reach the intended people.

Mr Kanema said the UPND will not tolerate such mischief meant to tarnish the name of government.

He said he will stand as a youth leader of the province to ensure that what is right is followed in the distribution of farming inputs, adding that any officer who would be found wanting will be subjected to citizens’ arrest.


  1. Not only in North Western province. I don’t trust any cooperative in Zambia. They are ALL after your money, while they promise the world!

  2. The lawless Chipantepante party and its government in action. What law vests investigative and arrest powers in cadres? Citizen arrest based on rumours and gossip will soon be the order of the day. Innocent people will be victimised and terrorised. What is wrong with these people? New Yawn indeed!

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