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Pastor, choir members beat to death a church member over farmland dispute

Rural News Pastor, choir members beat to death a church member over farmland dispute

A Pastor and some choir members of Christian Community Church in Mushindamo district have beaten one of their church members to death after a dispute arose over farmland.

North-Western Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fred Mulenga identified the deceased as Nelson Luyako aged 39 and the Pastor as Godwin Kutokwa from Christian Community church Mishingwa congregation.

Dr Mulenga said the murder was reported to police by the uncle of the deceased, Geoffrey Lohozhi who explained to police that his nephew was beaten by his pastor and some choir members.

“St Dorothy Police today received a report of murder from Geoffrey Lolozhi aged 44 a peasant farmer that his nephew Nelson Luyako aged 39 was beaten by Godwin Kutokwa a Pastor for Christian Community Church Mishingwa congregation, Mushindamo and his church choir members after picking up a dispute over a farm land”, he said.

Dr Mulenga said the murder happened yesterday around 16:00 hours at Kutokwa village.

He said upon inspection of the body, police noticed a swollen head and a bruise on the ribs.

“The Police has visited the scene and inspected the body. Upon inspecting the body, Police noticed a swollen forehead and a bruise on left side of the ribs”, he said.

Dr Mulenga said one arrest has been made and the body has been deposited at Solwezi General Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.


  1. We have put politicians under serious scrutiny but have forgotten about our own deficiencies. Politicians aren’t manufactured from another place and brought here to be given leadership positions. Therefore, most of what happens in political circles is a reflection of the average Zambian life. If people you worship with can beat you to death in whose hands do you think you’ll be safe? We have become so materialistic and we’re ready kill. That’s why I agree with Garry Nkombo’s sentiments that the National Day of prayer is a waste of time. Let’s not pretend, we’re not better than Tanzania or Zimbabwe or Malawi, we’re sinners

  2. Condolences to the bereaved family. The culprits should be prosecuted and for their sins here on earth before God unleashes eternal punishment on them.

  3. Surely there are sincere pastors, acting with integrity. But not that many. My guess is that 90% of all religious leaders are in it for the money. That Nigerian pastor with FOUR private jets, those TV pastors which mention their bank account numbers every three minutes, that Lusaka based pastor with his own private satellite channel – that is what I call “religion on wheels”. Same with the pastor in this article. And it’s the one reason that I do NOT support the statement “Zambia is a Christian nation”. All these church leaders were NOT voted in by any election, and with their integrity up for questioning – let’s just stick with those who were elected properly.

  4. One thing I will always love about KK is that he never pandered to religious leaders like the latter presidents who want to make these humans look like God. I’m sure this killer pastor is adored by his congratulation like he was Jesus himself, yes to the extent that they can kill fellow congregants on his behalf. What a shame.

  5. And 95% of Zambians are Christians….ok this makes alot of sense….and a bunch of hypocrites visited the state house yesterday….pure thieves and murderers…went in for brown envelopes…this is the change Zambians voted for
    Meanwhile Electricity this weekend will be only at State House

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