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A witness testifies how Lusambo hacked him on the head three times using a machete

General News A witness testifies how Lusambo hacked him on the head...

A witness has testified in the Luanshya Magistrate court on how Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo allegedly hacked him on the forehead and on his head, three times using a machete.

Stanley Musukwa, 58, of 3947/27 Mpatamato Township told the court that as a result of the injury he has since lost sight in the left eye.

This is in the case in which Lusambo is charged with two counts of unlawful wounding and assault occasioning bodily harm contrary to Section 248 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Lusambo is alleged to have assaulted two members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party Stanley Musukwa and Mary Musonda respectively on April 11, 2019.

Musukwa informed the court that, at the time he was NDC Vice Chairperson of administration and was in the company of six others, returning from delivering food to his party agents in Roan constituency on April 11, 2019 by-election when he met his fate around 04:00 hours in Section 27.

He explained that his team was aboard a Toyota Hilux when they found a Toyota Corolla, a blue big car and a canter blocking the road.

Musukwa said the driver of his car started hooting for the cars to clear the way when six people including the accused person approached the car he was in.

He told the court that Lusambo got into an argument with one of the occupants of the car Obedi Chompo when he jumped out of the van to see what was going on.

The witnesses allegedly stated that it was then that two people held him and started beating him using fists and kicks when Lusambo approached with a machete and struck him on the head twice and once on the forehead affecting his left eye.

Musukwa told the court that he sustained two deep cuts on the head on deep cut on the forehead and a dislocated pupil which were recorded in the medical report form which he submitted as evidence in courts.

He further indicated that as a result of the beating he was admitted to the hospital twice and underwent surgery on the head

The matter has come up for a trial and seven witnesses are scheduled to testify as at 12:20 hours only one witness had taken the stand.


  1. How much has that f00I being paid by pf to bring this malicious allegation? The last one paid was that retarded woman claiming to be my bro lusambos baby mama. The upnd will do anything to silence anyone opposing them. Yet people claimed that pf was a dictatorship, you will now know what a dictatorship is, under this crook hh

  2. They thought they would be in power for good. A lesson to those holding power now, be humble all the way. Ukusamwa does not help. Look at how PF is finished now , like the left front tyre of a corolla taxi. And they are still lost, they want to rebrand instead of disbanding

  3. Ati lets rebrand PF can bource back in 2026…. you going to JAIL including your Chawama moron. Watch this space

  4. Atleast Stanley is alive to tell the story, but his fellow NDC member died few days after similar attack from Lusambo’s blunt panga.

  5. This savagery… but I have got one question for the police..Why didn’t they arrest Lusambo at that time? Or even try but they kept quiet. They should be professional all the time even under Political pressure. So how can trust them? They should be seen by the public that they try to do their job instead of waiting to on change of government… suppose the PF had stayed in power? Was Musukwa going to wait another five years.

  6. Lets be honest, these pf Lusambos were brutal. How do you lift a machete and just cut just like that, huh! I don’t imaging doing such a thing, may be be under defense I could.

  7. Police could not do anything at the time because the politicians were commanding. Just look at ba Hon Mwila, just shoots cadres, though may have been in self defense but with a gun he said to protect property at home in Lusaka. (but in Sesheke).

  8. #8Tore That maybe the case but a professional should resist pressure. Imagine a situation where a medical doctor succumbs to political pressure what happen? I know there’s the fear of losing one’s livelihood but still ethics must be respected. If PF had won the last election Mr Musukwa was going to wait for justice indefinitely. Remember even now we’re under politicians.

  9. Lusambo needs to be jailed………

    All investigations are leading to kapoyongo and the former PIG, and regional police chiefs at the time …………

    They facilitated the PF brutality by handicapping the ZP and making them act like PF cader thugs…….

  10. The officer-in-charge of Luanshya police should be a witness in this matter to explain why Bowman Lusambo was not arrested whn the alleged crime occurred.

  11. The downfall of lusambo will be spectacular………..

    Already his house in ndola which was zamtel property which he thought was his and started building with concent is being grabbed …………

    After he faces GBH or manslaughter charges , that will seal his fate……..

  12. @Deja Vu, those that stood their ground were fired or had charges placed on them. One of the Officers who handled that case only came back to Zambia after HH’ inauguration. he missed his mothers funeral and other family commitments, pay and all those things.

  13. Lusambo is just a violent thug, remember he also slapped Kambwili at parliament and even bragged about how you should slap a child if it misbehaves. Anyway as K2 million is small money I am sure he can afford lawyers.

  14. Deja Vu – Surely you know why they didn’t arrest him…you are not a tourist who has just arrived in Zambia today.

  15. Zambians make use of your phone’s camera or even microphone these place the suspect at the scene of the crime!!

  16. Indeed it was gangster state. The minister involved in hacking other people. This is being drunk with power. This happens when people who have no clue about leadership are given power as ministers during PF gangster state.

  17. PF officials were very careless and arrogant even in their utterances I can google names and incriminating evidence comes up… Stephen Kampyongo…please this dwarf can not just be walking free someone has something on him..how about those 42 fire trucks or the Police houses built by the Chinks or the campaign violence of 2015 in Shiwa Ng’andu Constituency…Stephen Kampyongo we warned you and you threatened us with arrest without bail. Stephen Kampyongo even at the International Court of Justice in Hauge on the list. Stephen Kampyongo your time is coming soon my friend!!

  18. Tarino ,

    Yes indeed…………..

    Kapoyongo is just before lungu in the chain of violence………..

    Atleast lungu is a clever crooked lawyer and might dodge to the end……..

    But his henchmen, starting with lusambo and ultimately kapoyongo, are going down……..

  19. These violent corrupt PF thugs are trying to light the tribal card………

    They won’t succeed when all the evidence of their corrupt violent rule is said and shown……….

  20. I remember when he was throwing rocks and threatening to kill SATA and Scott when he was LPM’s thug… Maybe should go to college and learn another thing than violence

  21. Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has described allegations that he engineered violence during the 2015 Presidential Election Campaign in Shiwang’andu District as false and baseless.

    Mr. Kampyongo says at the time the incident was happening, he was elsewhere within his constituency campaigning for the PF Presidential Candidate Edgar Lungu.

    He also refuted allegations that he used a GRZ vehicle for campaigns.

    Mr. Kampyongo was speaking when he appeared during a special sitting by the Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence in Kafue.
    Source: LT – December 7, 2018

  22. This is not the news we want to hear, our people want to be see economic fixing at the supersonic speed as was promised by Bally.
    What we are seeing is totally un related to our expectations.
    Please talk about employment and reduction of prices from essential goods.
    That is the song we want in our ears, and not this stupidity hanging in the air.

  23. The people didn’t vote for you to start this rubbish, no they want you to improve the economy, I wonder weather Zambians are going to eat those political vengeance.
    Please do us a favour by discussing job creation and industry rejuvenation and not this divisive tirade.
    People want food on their tables.

  24. #28  Nshilimubemba

    As much as people voted for jobs , they voted for justice against PF injustice as well ………

    With out been seen to be correcting and acting on the PF violent injustice, as well as fixing the economy , HEHH will have a tough time ruling…….

  25. The Boot is now firmly on the other Foot.
    The moment of reckoning is fast approaching for Lungu and his PF corrupt criminal enterprise.
    Historical Crimes committed by PF will not go away .Let this be a lesson for all Zambians in political life, in government or in opposition,be honourable or you will find yourself before a court of law.
    The Chickens will come to Roost ,Every dog has its Day

  26. These crimes were committed by both parties now we are only seeing criminals from one party, both parties are violent they all do the same things.
    Zambians are all Zambians so their behaviours are the same, and they crisscross parties but same criminals.
    It is a waste of time to only hunt those from the opposite side.

  27. Nshilimubemba – This is why I objected to you when you labelled yourself a free thinker as it was laughable even civil and GBH cases that started way before UPND formed govt …you will find a way of blaming them. You have to do better than this…most of these PF guys will start spending a lot of money on lawyers and time in court as they were arrogant and cocky ..they were above the law and that is even before ACC has woken up and started following up on corruption cases. Bowman already has the case with that woman ….there are even stories of him smuggling maize meal into DRC.
    Soon they will be forced to tap into their offshore accounts and hidden buried cash that’s when it will become interesting…

  28. It’s thuggish behaviour on both sides; and it is uncivilised! The whole cadre project is a failure, and should be done with! You cannot have people who are so unreasonable – they resort to wielding machetes to harm others! It’s sacrilege, that, such people can become Ministers in government! We can do better than this!

    #plant a tree now!

  29. #16 Upnd Ngombe. It’s better to get fired than to obey instructions contrary to your professional ethics. If what you say is the reason then all police officers who knew about this case must be brought to book for unprofessional conduct. Also it would mean that those from the ruling Upnd who commit crimes like this will only be arrested after Upnd leaves office.

  30. Charge him also for slapping CK at parliament and throwing paint on him…for beating up people he felt were abrogating covid 19… for child maintenance for kids he fathered… lock up the chief boot licker … never again

  31. While you are at, let’s have prosecution and jailing of the upnd cadres who murdered konga in north western province.
    Upnd was and is still a very violent party. So let’s see arrests and prosecutions from both sides.
    But we know it wont happen. The objective is targeting pf members and especially Mps in order to induce by elections with a view of achieving a majority in parliament.
    Hence the arrests of Mps such as Nickson chilangwa, Ronald chitotela, etc.
    But don’t we all remember how upnd opposed by elections while in opposition and accused PF of wasting public resources?

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