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UPND cadres protest against the appointment of the New Kapiri Mposhi DC

General News UPND cadres protest against the appointment of the New Kapiri Mposhi...

The appointment of Francis Hasalama as incoming Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner has hit a snag after United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres protested against the appointment.

Led by Kapiri Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary, Chisanga Kalonde, the cadres have rejected the appointment of Mr. Hasalama on the basis that he is not a resident of Kapiri Mposhi.

The youths who thronged the District Commissioner’s office mid-morning today to air their grievance demanded that there is need to appoint a local person who they said would better understand challenges in the districts.

Ms Chisanga who spoke for the youths demanded that President Hakainde Hichilema reconsiders the appointment of Mr. Hasalama and replace him with a local person as DC for Kapiri Mposhi.

She says youths in the party have since prepared a petition to party structures at District, Provincial, National and to President Hichilema asking for the appointment of a local person as DC.

But UPND District Publicity Secretary, Samson Simenda has urged the cadres not to undermine the appointing authority of President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Simenda says contrary to the position taken by the UPND youths in the district the Party supports the appointment of Mr Hasalama as Kapiri Mposhi DC and does not support the protest by the youths.

He urged the youths to embrace the incoming DC adding that the party in power should support all appointees being made by the President.

He warned of disciplinary action against youths involved in the protest. Recently President Hichilema terminated contracts for all district Commissioners to pave way for new appointments.


  1. F00Iish cadres.today I cannot comment alot because I have an upset stomach. I may have eaten some bad food during the weekend. This type of diarrhoea you can think you have been bewitched by hh

  2. @Kaizar this is your chance to show how tribal UPND is… the appointed is Hasalama.
    Pure tribal balancing appointments, has back fired. How do you appoint Mulenga as DC for Sesheke?
    HH just be real, appointments has to be real. Even ministers was so fvcking “face” appointment.

  3. This is as a result of a weak SG, Batuke Imenda doesn’t have the UPND under his control. But then I have known Hasalama as a resident of Chililabombwe, so how has he found himself as DC for Kapiri? Who recommended him? Or has he connections to the appointing authority? It’s clear most of these appointments aren’t on merit.

  4. A DC is a civil servant if you want someone from your area that’s why you vote your Chairperson, councillor and MP…UPND missed an opportunity to do away with this position and save some money. If DCs were from the local areas where do you think govt would find them in rural areas? Next you will say s/he has a surname that is not from the area…I hope UPND enlighten its members its only a matter of time before PF members start doing the same in their strongholds.

  5. When you impose yourself on the people – your tenure will be as difficult as pushing water up a hill! If I were Mr Hasalama, I would refuse this post!

    #plant a tree now!

  6. Nostra you are right. This is what happens when someone tries to bring foreign European mentality and force it on Zambians. Hh is trying to show that he appoints on merit and in so doing it is going to backfire badly for him. There is nothing wrong with geography ties to an area being one of the criteria for appointment. If you have no knowledge of the region how are you going to perform and take development where it is needed in your area? Educated people like hh sometimes lack common sense. He thinks he is a muzungu

  7. Very primitive Zambians indeed. Protest not warranted, comments here stink like from people who don’t really think. The President is really trying to run a country of fools.

  8. Thats how we were cultured while we were in oposition,” to oppose everything, including the creation of new districts, building roads, schools , toll gates”.What can tou tell us, watch my lips!!

  9. Just do away with this position of DC and all these demonstrations will stop. Everyone in each district will have their own opinions so you can’t please everyone.

  10. Just do away with this position of DC and all these demonstrations will stop. Everyone in each district will have their own opinions so you can’t please everyone.

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