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Come up with a Checklist of what Inhibits the Growth of the Manufacturing Sector-President Hichilema

Headlines Come up with a Checklist of what Inhibits the Growth of the...

President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) to come up with a checklist of what inhibits the growth of the manufacturing sector and their businesses.

President Hichilema has said the government is ready to work with ZAM to grow their businesses because it is fundamental to economic transformation.

He says the local capacity of the businesses should be enhanced to venture into value addition and further grow the value chain.

The Head of State notes that with the limited time his administration was given to come up with a budget, the provisions in the proposed budget are intended to help businesses and not harm them.

Speaking during the Economic Transformation Conference hosted by ZAM, President Hichilema said the government is working at creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which SMEs can take advantage o
He however said when given the opportunity, businesses should do their part by ensuring supplies are readily available while the prices of the goods and services are affordable.

President Hichilema further said the African Continental Free Trade Area will be meaningless if Zambia does not benefit.

And On energy, President Hichilema urged the businesses to bring a new Energy mix adding that currently there is a monopoly that does not allow others to come in to have Power Purchase Agreements.

He said there is a need for ZAM and Government to work to unlock the potential in the energy sector especially easing Power Purchase Agreements.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema said Government will roll out the covid-19 vaccination to workplaces to bring the disease under control.

And Commerce Minister Chipoka Mulenga said ZAM is cardinal in the realization of industrialization and economic transformation.

Mr. Mulenga said his ministry plans to revise how the multi-facility economic zones will contribute to the country’s economy.

And ZAM President Ashuwini Sagar called on Government to be consistent in its policies and enhance access to finances, skilled workforce and adequate supply of power so that the sector can enhance value addition.

Mr. SAGAR also called on Government to consider revising the school curriculum to enable children from a young age to get the right skills.

Meanwhile, First Quantum Minerals Specialist Goodwin Beene urged Government to take advantage of the current price of copper and demand on the international market to strengthen the sector.

Dr. Beene said Government should address the challenges that the sector is facing so that it continues to attract investments.

And Trade Kings Group Public Relations and Corporate Manager Bridget Kambode said the manufacturing sector is a key driver to economic transformation and expressed optimism that under the leadership of President HIchilema solutions will be found to the prevailing challenges in the sector.


  1. I thought he knew what inhibits our development… going by his campaign messages it appeared he knew the problem and he had the cure… buying time?

  2. I didn’t know that governance can be so challenging to this President, now that he is in power things have fallen apart how quickly drawn back from we shall fix it scenario Mr President.
    Please re visit your intelligence and guide these people called Zambians as you demonstrated in your powerful campaigns, what you are requesting for from these guys, they thought you were the number one in the manufacturing world but they are now surprised that you have no idea either, then where shall they turn to.
    Well this is the dilemma we never expected from our new leader please pull up your socks time is flying apply your skills to inspire the production section and manufacturing sector including industrialisation, the well awaited for value addition so much talked in Africa.

  3. Chimbwi no plan…he doesn’t know whether he is going or coming…no idea about anything just wondering how he got his money…definitely via theft no wonder he can’t explain his wealth…big time criminal worse than Lungu

  4. #1 Deja Vu and #3 Nshilimubemba it’s not that he does’nt know about the problems that inhibit growth but he wants businesses to do their part by being proactive, after all they’re the ones who are directly affected and direct beneficiaries from the growth of the industry. This is another encouraging impulse from State House. People must stop thinking government is there to do everything for them. They are merely administrators with the task to see that everything is in place. The citizens (and electorates) are the main orchestrators of their destiny.

  5. #5 I campaigned for e position at football club. I had seen where the club was lacking in order for it break into the big league. I was elected and the club did very well. I came to know the problems by interaction and I expected Mr Hakainde as businessman to know the problems affecting our industries. He’s been in business for some decades and I expect him to lead us.

  6. The man has told you, “We only kneel before God.” Extrapolate: Only God is omniscient. Of course there are a few despots around Africa that want to compete with God, but those Zambians that like that kind of leadership may have to move to enjoy decrees and spoon-feeding from on high. We in Zambia are trying to build a working democracy where citizens are proactive and in charge of day to day decisions in their own lives.

    And remember we like our leaders so humble we allowed one to run Zambia into the ground — although that was ignorance and incompetency masquerading as humility. Asking for feedback is the humility we actually want.

  7. The problems of the manufacturing sector are known. That’s why many businesses now opt to just import goods as there’s less headache. To just manufacture jiggies you need twenty something permits and licenses, every month good for nothing idlers come as inspectors from different institutions. Tax rates are abnormal, Zambians can steal and collapse your business and still take you to the labour office for their pension. Churches, NGOs and politicians knock at the door everyday asking for donations. I think let me here, you can run mad

  8. I think Nine Chale has got a point………

    HEHH does not want to be seen as issuing dictats……….

    By offering the association to give choke points , he is encouraging participation….

  9. I think the President missed out an opportunity here …he should have set up a Task Force of Business stake holders and scholars from UZA and CBU to compile a comprehensive Report of the challenges facing Zambian business…he can use this as his blueprint moving forward

  10. @Deja Vu with the example you’ve given, I assume you understand that the role of a leader is essentially to inspire and guide others to find solutions to the problems they’re facing and not to provide a marshall plan.

  11. HH knew the hinderances in the manufacturing sector even when he was in opposition, what he is trying to do now is to validate what he knew so you must understand the basic differences to his utterances, try to pretend to start learning you PF people, this path takes you into oblivion, you will become another UNIP and even MMD will remain standing

  12. The only thing that needs fixing is Zesco. Reliable power, no loadshedding, no nationwide blackouts. Ah, you know what? Forget Zesco. I will stick to my super reliable SOLAR SYSTEM!

  13. First trip to New York, at the United Nations the premises of the speech set the tone of this administration. The speech was not reflective speech but admitted into a group Speech. You haven’t seen anything yet.

  14. HH is behaving like a consultant than Head of State. Those defending him know very well that such utterances are embarrassing coming from the Head of State (policy maker).

  15. Government must issue instructions to private banks to lend money to SME’s WITHOUT collateral requirements, and with normal interest rates. If government provides guarantees to the banks then collateral is no longer required. And why are interest rates in USA and Europe below 1%? Because banks are not greedy. In Zambia you pay more than 20%! No company can afford that. Haven’t heard our finance minister about controlling banks so far!

  16. Come to think of it how come manufacturing companies owned by foreigners are thriving? This should be number one on their CHECK LIST.

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