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Davies Chama finally charged

General News Davies Chama finally charged

Police have jointly charged and arrested former Defence Minister Davies Chama aged 57 of New Kasama for the offence of Attempted Murder Contrary to Section 215 Subsection(a) of CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Also charged alongside Mr Chama is Brain Dumisani Nyoni aged 47 of Matero Compound Lusaka, a former Diplomatic Staff at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.

This is according to a statement by Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.

It is alleged that the two persons on the 6th June, 2015 in Sichili of Mulobezi District of Republic of Zambia jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown did attempt to unlawfully cause the death of Mushaukwa Mushaukwa aged 47 of Shesheke.

The two are currently in police custody and will appear in Shesheke magistrate court soon.


  1. Even himself never in his dream
    Imagined a day will come when
    They will arrest him.lesson to all
    Is try to be humble and don’t get
    Carried away when in high posts.

    Questions are compulsory and each carries 50 marks.

    1. PF will rule Zambia for 100 years plus whether you like or not says Davies Chama. TRUE OR FALSE ?
    2. HH will never rule Zambia says Davies Chama. TRUE or FALSE ?

  3. And some ignorant moron will say how about Police bond forgetting its attempted murder whether you are a flight risk or not …very rich or poor. These people have to learn I see more of these cases coming up…already people are now coming up asking for their owned monies from PF officials that fear for them has evaporated.

  4. Stephen Kampyongo your time is near prepare yourself …you will have to answer for the violence you committed in 2015

  5. Wrong doing must not be allowed. This chap was also part of hate speech team. It was this hate that got him involved these bad vices. We are all humans and must love each other regardless of region.

  6. Just the fact that a diplomat was involved in party politics is a clear example of how low the bar was during the PF time.

  7. We told the PF leadership to build better prisons because we knew they would end up there.

    At the time, they laughed at us.

    Who is laughing now?

  8. No progressive discussion. This is a wake up to all. Do not allow a Tonga to rule. Otherwise it is trouble. I grew up there and i know their mindset. See the comments above. All very subjective and based on one tribe punishing other tribes just because they are in power. There is no law being followed here.

  9. Even the colonial masters did not consider them as leadership material hence the Ngonis and Bembas prefered as they are more politically matured than others.

  10. The Gladiators’ arena with a twist. The lions are orderly, the victims intentional and self-inflicted. The mauling will be polite.

  11. When this man claimed he shot in self -defence the deceased had no possibility to defend himself or argue against the powers that were…he was not even armed the persons who were armed were not shot…some self defence it was….anyway you will go in….next is that man who kept shouting do you know me as he discharged his weapon in cairo road and eastern province…MCS fired him but the victims didnt…who can forget the poor driver ferrying school kids to school and being cut across and overtaken only to be beaten by man who despite being fired continued to have security guard his house….the clock is ticking….all should go in…

  12. “The two are currently in police custody and will appear in Shesheke magistrate court soon.” LT

    That’s how you minimize uncertainty.

  13. Kainyokolile Zulu shot at Kavindele’s two sons, that was attempted murder and he must also be afforded an opportunity of an attempted murder charge, without bail!

  14. You see Tongas are happy….just from above comments…I can assure you all those celebrating are Tongas…and that’s the fact…we know them and we know what they think of other tribes…what happened to the investigation on the 48 houses….??????…. 2015 attempted murder….”attempted”……Bembas and Easterners you’re in trouble…Kaunda warned Zambians….HH is simply dividing the country with his selective and tribal prosecution….all Tongas should pray that HH should be their President forever otherwise things might get ugly once he is out of office….the current inspector General of Police will be the first one to be hunged

  15. Chama and Nyoni are innocent until proven guilty by a competent court. All those insinuating that Chama and Nyoni are already guilty before being proven to be so by a competent court are behaving more like members of an instant mob taking the law into their own hands, not according the suspects the right to be heard, not according them the right to legal representation, not allowing a competent court to determine the guilt of the suspects and simply pronouncing them guilty and convicting them without due process. This is not what happens in civilized societies. You do not have one tribe declaring members of another tribe guilty!

  16. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Ignore this low-life brainless tribalist called Saulosi and ‘Abena’ (aka wannabe Kaizar Zulu).
    This guy thought he was untouchable and ruled Zambia… now the chickens have come home to roost. I bet those cops he used to instruct to cause havoc on others were the same cops who arrested him and strip searched his backside. How times change. Not sure why people never learn… power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  17. Saulosi – I am really disappointed in your post for you to go down the tribalism route. ..you can do better than this ..this why I urge you to take a sabbatical laziness in thinking has started cripping in already!!
    Shame on you….

  18. Let the law take its course.

    Its high time these guys who thought they are above the law, whether from North Province or Eastern should be locked up.

    They are the real clique!

  19. Outlaw tribalism and make it unlawful to protect our civil liberties. The longer we play with this the more susceptible we become to civil unrest.

  20. @Tarino Orange
    The truth hurts…no wonder people don’t like Trump because he speaks the truth…and that’s what people like you Tarino Orange and Spaka don’t want to hear…you want Zambians to pretend and act like this is not tribal prosecution….but why pick and choose who to prosecute….it looks like now they look at your last name first before they can prosecute you…and Mr Tarino Orange sir can you now comment on the 48 house…..definitely not because the owner is not a Bwalya or Zulu…..

  21. @saulosi are you not close to Dr phil bro maybe you should take some time and see him.. . The way you are coming out really like the levels of lithium are too high…take some self introspection mayn.

  22. Where is that driver who was assaulted by kaizer Zulu. Ask for a ten million kwacher from him now failure to which have him jailed.

  23. @Sight
    Yes the truth always sounds like the levels of lithium are too high…no wonder tribalist hate Kambwili and no wonder fake media like CNN hate Trump…they can’t stand the truth…they like liars and deceptionists like Biden and Kamala

  24. I am shocked and disgusted to see the comments calling for my arrest. Saulosi is right after all. This is tribally fueled. Most of you will die before I am arrested. Mark my words. If I committed those crimes you allege then can you please point me to my criminal record. You are all scumbugs who will never amount to

  25. I am shocked and disgusted to see the comments calling for my arrest. Saulosi is right after all. This is tribally fueled. Most of you will die before I am arrested. Mark my words. If I committed those crimes you allege then can you please point me to my criminal record. You are all scumbugs who will never amount to anything. Saulousi you are right most of these are disgruntled tongas who thought that their lives would change after their fellow tribesmen won. Beans haha

  26. That chi one with the long name above, what are you doing in diaspora if life under upnd is better? You are still wiping backsides there abroad.

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