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UPND Government is at the forefront fueling tribal and regional divisions barely 3 months into office

Columns UPND Government is at the forefront fueling tribal and regional...

By Sean Tembo

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we are deeply concerned by the continued regional narrative that is being peddled by the New Dawn administration at every available opportunity. Firstly, about a month ago, the Minister of Finance Honorable Situmbeko Musokotwane issued a statement on the floor of Parliament to the effect that his Government will be getting a loan from the World Bank to build secondary schools in Western, Southern and North-Western province because these three provinces were neglected by the previous administrations. Secondly, a few days ago, the Minister of Local Government Honorable Garry Nkombo issued a statement on the floor of Parliament which presented cherry-picked information that falsely portrayed that Western, Southern and North-Western provinces were neglected by the previous administration in terms of implementation of the feeder road project.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress we have noted that these divisive statements that have been coming from very senior members of the New Dawn administration have had the effect of inflaming the emotions of our brothers and sisters from these three provinces of Zambia against their colleagues from other provinces. This is evidenced by the regional nature of discourse on social media. This situation is totally unacceptable and is detrimental to the well-being of Zambia as a unitary state. It is totally unimaginable that the New Dawn administration which was overwhelmingly voted into office by all corners of Zambia can today be in the forefront fueling tribal and regional divisions barely 3 months into office.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we are fully aware of the fact that the UPND administration constantly seeks to portray the previous administration as having totally failed, so as to eliminate the possibility of a reemergence of the Patriotic Front on the political scene. From a political point of view, the UPND are free to use whatever strategy that they deem most ideal to help prolong their stay in power. However, the UPND administration should desist from peddling a narrative that seeks to divide this country on tribal and regional lines, in their quest to paint the former PF administration with a black brush.

4. As Patriots for Economic Progress we wish to advise the UPND administration that it was forgivable for them to peddle tribal and regional narratives while they were in opposition, but now that they are in Government, it is totally unforgivable for them to peddle any such narratives. Even if, for arguments sake, the former PF administration did indeed neglect the said three provinces, a mature government is supposed to quietly rectify such an anomaly instead of making careless and dangerous public statements which are inflaming the emotions of our brothers and sisters from the three provinces against their colleagues in the other provinces. President Hakainde Hichilema and his Ministers should make a constant effort to remind themselves that they are no longer in opposition and that they now carry the huge responsibility of managing the affairs of the nation and uniting the entire country. To this effect, they need to desist from issuing childish statements that seek to give them political mileage over the PF party but at the expense of dividing the nation.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress it is our further considered view that it is not even in the political interests of the UPND party to drive a wedge between their stronghold in the three provinces and the rest of the country. The UPND must be reminded that for 23 years, they tried to form Government with their three-province stronghold but failed. It was only after other provinces decided to embrace their political party that they succeeded to form Government. Therefore, it is wrong and naive for the UPND administration to believe that now that they are in Government they should only advance the interests of their three-province stronghold.

6. As Patriots for Economic Progress we wish to remind the UPND administration that national development is delivered to different parts of the country in different shapes and forms and at different times. Therefore it is mischievous for the New Dawn administration to point at one category of development and use it as a basis of peddling the narrative that the previous administration neglected their three-province stronghold. For instance, developments such as the marvelous and very costly Mongu-Kalabo road in Western Province or the Kazungula Bridge in Southern Province cannot be found in any of the other 7 provinces. Therefore, President Hakainde Hichilema and his New Dawn administration should appreciate the national development that was delivered by previous administrations and pick up the baton from here and deliver more national development going forward. He should not waste all his energy pointing at the mistakes of the previous administrations, whether real or imagined.


  1. With the word “Economic” in your party name, one would think you know the value of charts and tables in presenting arguments… but no, just a whole bunch of weasel words to manipulate and gain mileage from perceived tribal animus existing among your imaginary supporters.

    Why don’t you present your own data to refute the “cherry-picked” Nkombo data and show us your implied “even” distribution of secondary schools among provinces?

    The Zambians I interact with condemn swiftly and strongly any hostility toward any tribe in Zambia. I think you need to join the club and abandon your dreams of getting to state house on the tribal card. You and Kambwili are the only people with inflamed emotions.

  2. It is dishonesty and manipulative to say Southern province is more developed than Luapula. The entire line of railway is more developed than virtually all parts of Zambia. K25.7 million CDF is part of the answer.

  3. Sean Tembo speaks the truth unfortunately people don’t want to hear the truth……HH is seriously dividing the country…Zambia is more divided now than it was 3 months ago….Nepotism is now on the rise

  4. Great man offering checks and balances. Under upnd we will see what real tribalism is. Might have to change my name to Hakaizar Hazulu just to survive

  5. Indeed, the UPND sowed seeds of division and now they want to claim to be victims. We still have those audios in which Chieftainess Mweenda was being censured for cooperating with government to take development to Chikankata. We have audios of how officials in Bweengwa were admonished for planning to host ECL and honour him with a cow. Whom are they trying to deceive? Don’t let that victory get to your heads, ask your officials how many people celebrated your victory on the Copperbelt and other PF strongholds? There was a sombre mood. At the rate you’re going you might be shown the way to Bweengwa come 2026. Nipano tuli

  6. Tembo is showing some serious Desperation……….

    Why should GRZ hide facts and figures ???

    Are you mad ?

    Is it not him and other bitter people who have been pushing the tribal narrative from day one ????

  7. @Saulosi — Unfortunately, Sean speaks for no one. So said 4.6 million Zambians who choose someone else other than Sean Tembo to represent their aspirations.

    And Nepotism is on the rise from a baseline of zero 3 months ago? Really? You and your hero are confusing your imagination with the truth, which is 4.6 million Zambians rejecting what Sean Tembo stands for.

  8. Sean Tembo is not being sincere at all. The tribal talk was more during PF. Look at the appointments which were all coming from the three provinces only. Now Sean, take chill pill and relax, so that good work can be done in peace.

  9. The man says as party for economic progress as if there is a party behind it, not even a branch chairman, even speaking for PF as if abandoned Antonio has already been discarded with wayward Nakachinda still in the wilderness. There is only one President in this country, those who were even defeated by rejected votes in the last elections must take up their roles as spectators and keep to their lanes, checks and balances where

  10. ‘Munshebwa aile na …… kubuko’. That’s how MMD was dismissing anything they didn’t want to hear. PF will call any contrary comments as from bitter UPND supporters today bali kunse. Nomba ba UPND wether you disagree or dismiss what Sean is saying, the truth is if a strong candidate arose in the opposition to get Luapula, Muchinga, copperbelt, Northern, eastern and Lusaka, UPND can’t get 2026. Ala muleumfwa imwe fi politician. Mwaba shani nkashi?

  11. The last time I checked, First Quantum Mining was the largest single tax-payer in Zambia and it is mining in North-Western province. Why was the government not spending money on township roads in N-W province? I don’t want to answer for the PF government officials and I don’t want to draw any conclusion. I want to hear it from PF officials.

  12. Very true . The best analysis is to tabulate total investment for each province. Not picking one item only . Give us total investment per province for the period PF was in government.

  13. Well articulated Sean Tembo. You will true colour of tongalism in new dawn. Believe me or not will be heading to a total disastar governance. when and how Kombo will show his true colour of being a tonga

  14. Thank you Mr Sean Tembo for demonstrating more maturity than Situmbeko Musokotwane and HH. Monze has one of the biggest milling plant constructed under PF. The transfer of Southern Province from Livingstone to Choma has seen more infrastructure development in Choma than in any new district created by the PF. The Kazungulu bridge, Sioma and Mongu Kalabo bridge are some of the most expensive road infrastructure projects done under the PF. Not even the Eastern Province has seen that kind of infrastructure development. I was in much of the Eastern Province early this year and was shocked by the lack of noticeable infrastructure development there as compared to other provinces. The Chingola-Solwezi-Chavuma road was tarred under the PF. Yet people want to make us believe nothing was done for…

  15. … Northwestern Province. The massive infrastructure projects done in the Midlands and on the Copperbelt provinces are enjoyed by Zambians from all ten provinces living in this part of Zambia. Show me any province in Zambia to which the PF never created any new district and no infrastructure was taken to in terms of administrative buildings, mini-hospitals, district hospitals and clinics. Even Shan’gombo is enjoying a new district hospital and new administrative buildings which were only constructed under the PF.

  16. ST has always and will be a tribalist. That is why he did not see anything wrong with PF government tribalism nor blatant favoritism in regional resource allocation. Righting a wrong to a person with simple mind as he will always appear tribalist. Checks and balances are ok and factual counters are appreciated. But cherry picking and twisting analysis on data that is clearly evident on the way PF allocated resources is criminal in the least.


  18. Where was Sean Tembo, Kambwili, Mundubile and Nakachinda when the people of the three provinces were discriminated against. Nobody spoke against PF tribalism and segregation and we should keep quite as though all was well. When we voted to reject your discrimination your finger was longer than ours – you cried voting pattern. This is not fair please …………sometimes I have this unfortunate feeling that may be we should split this country into two Nations but again I love my Nsenga wife and my children so much.

    Mr 0.04%.
    0.04% that’s how Zambians listen to you.
    Sean Tembo really has work to do ,he needs to become the hardest and loudest Zambian Politician to overcome the 0.04% support he got from the Zambian people.
    Brother where do you get your strength from .

  20. What I observe is that UPND acts differently from what it is communicating. If you look at HH’s actions they havent been tribal but Sean Tembo is responding to tribal talk. The left hand maynot know what the right hand is doing. UPND might need a better communication strategy

  21. Who is in charge of moderating these posts at LT? i have noticed a systematic clamp down of certain comments that don’t bend on one particular side of tag of war..but be sure i have a clue and soon a better outlet will allow us to post what we want and not what you want.. just wait

  22. Chaipila galu kuluma mbuzi! When Lungu appointed a cabinet that was 99% Nyanja and Bemba, these god damn Tumbuka dog was mute! Today HH comes up with a balanced appointments, this “Malawan” cries tribal bigotry, maybe we should consider divorcing, aTembo can go to Blantyle and link up with achimwene bao. I’m so tired of these *****s from Central Africa trying to bring tribal bigotry to this country, enough is enough.


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