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Guard against segregation in service delivery – DC

Rural News Guard against segregation in service delivery - DC

Newly appointed Mufumbwe District Commissioner, Patrick Kalelemba has implored heads of government departments and parastatals to guard against segregation in their service delivery.

Addressing his first meeting with district heads yesterday, Mr. Kalelemba said Zambia and Mufumbwe, in particular, has seen a lot of divisions related to political affiliations and tribalism which has the potential to affect the development of the district.

“Our country is getting divided, Mufumbwe inclusive has not been spared from issues to do with tribalism, we are the people who can unite the people. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of delivering services to the people but we should be careful in the manner we discharge these duties, if we are not careful, we may end up dividing the people,” he said.

Mr Kalelemba assured the district heads that cadres will not be allowed to interfere with their operations and promised not to witch hunt anybody in the government system.

“I know some of you were very frustrated in the past regime. Others were being aligned to UPND (United Party for National Party), saying you are UPND. So even your working was not okay because of witch-hunting, those are the things of the past,” he said.

Mr Kalelemba encouraged the district heads to just work hard and assured his office’s commitment to supporting all the departments and promised to maintain an open door policy.

Meanwhile, district heads have assured the district commissioner of their co-operation in his efforts to take the district to greater heights of development.

A representative for the district heads, Francis Samalumo said it is gratifying hearing from the district commissioner that his office will not witch hunt anybody but instead allow officers to work freely as professionals in their fields.

“We are happy to hear you say that there will not be caderism, because based on past experiences, we saw occupants of the DC’s office labelling some officers as sympathizers of the then opposition UPND party, and we hope you will not rush doing that because it has a potential of dividing the district,” Mr Samalumo said.

During the meeting, Mr Kalelemba promised to come up with a programme where he will be meeting departments so that he can gain deeper insight on their operations.

Meanwhile, Newly appointed Kalumbila District Commissioner, Brenda Sankisa has called for hard work among civil servants in the district.

Ms Sankisa said there is need for concerted efforts among civil servants if the district is to make positive strides.

The District Commissioner was speaking when she met some civil servants at Kalumbila district administration on her first day in office today.

“All I want to ask from you is hard work and one of the tools for hard work is time management, that is the only way that we are going to succeed together,” she said.

Ms Sankisa also appreciated the members of staff at the Kalumbila district administration for welcoming her to the office.

And speaking during the same meeting, Kalumbila District Administrative Officer, Frank Siatwinda urged civil servants to accord the district commissioner all the support that she needs.

“We now have a DC, let us ensure that we give her all the support that she needs…let us also be punctual when it comes to duty and any other assigned tasks,” Mr Siatwinda said.


  1. The rivalry between Chiefs Kizela and Mushima can no longer be tolerated. And Government shouldn’t have ended at changing the name of the District from Kizela to Mufumbwe. Unfortunately this is what’s also obtaining in Ngabwe where Chiefs Ngabwe and Mukubwe have differed over the name of the District. What the Chiefs must understand is that differences spread to their subjects. No matter how good you are people will never appreciate your efforts as long as they considered you not to be their own. Some of the disputes are petty and nonsensical. It’s sad that people begin to demand what they don’t even need because their friends got it. This is why we need a proper decentralization policy, not just the disbursement of CDF without a proper policy in place. In some of these areas people…

  2. In some of these districts people might begin to butcher each other over CDF. I fear for Zambezi district where they can’t even agree which Bible to use in churches, whether Lunda or Luvale


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