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K25.7 million CDF is not meant to enrich the people in charge of disbursing it-Lusaka Province PS

Headlines K25.7 million CDF is not meant to enrich the people in charge...

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga has called for the prudent utilization of Constituency Development (CDF) Funds to enhance development in various sectors in the Province.

Mr. Kamanga said the increased CDF to K25.7 million as outlined in the 2022 budget is not meant to enrich the people in charge of disbursing the funds but to better the lives of the people in districts.

He noted that the government will not hesitate to prosecute people who will be found wanting should the funds be misapplied.

Mr Kamanga was speaking during an introductory meeting of Chilanga District Commissioner David Sheleni to heads of government departments in Chilanga district yesterday.

He pointed out that it is time for the district to upgrade to a municipality through infrastructure development across the 12 wards of the district.

The Provincial Permanent Secreatary also urged the local authority to ensure that Ward Development Committees are put in place before January 2022 so that the development proposals are made from the where people know what they are in need of.

“Those in charge of the funds should ensure that the procurement process is in order and that prices are not inflated to enrich some individuals but should be at a competitive market price which is acceptable by government. The aim is to bring the much needed development in the wards and provide a better life for the people of Chilanga,” he said.

He added that without ward development Committees it will be very difficult to identify the needs in the wards hence the need to have the structures in place.

New Chilanga District commissioner David Sheleni expressed confidence that he has a strong and effective team that will help bring the much needed development in the district.

Mr. Sheleni added that he will endeavor to create a workable relationship with officers both in government and private sectors so that we attain positive outcomes for our district.


  1. That is why the clique and their disgruntled tribal supporters are not happy……..

    Money is moving from Lusaka and other centers of power directly to the people……..

  2. @ KAIZER: Did you pass condolences to crying Baby Lusambo? The Bulldozer has been reduced to a Dumper. Next is Kampyongo we need to know who was gassing innocent poor people.

  3. The Prince, condolences for what? We don’t cry over political persecutions and corrupt court judgments. Mr lusambo shall appeal and even if we go to polls you know that my brother will carry the day.

  4. Zambians are masters of loopholes, we always seem to find ways of milking a rock. Tighten the process of releasing funds and make the process transparent so that it can be open to scrutiny. We also need to tighten up by doing on the spot random audits, including life style audits of people trusted to distribute these funds.

  5. Three quarters of those 25.7 million kwachas per constituency have already been allocated. To the lining of POCKETS! And Lusambo is – like GL, CK, ECL, KZ – YESTERDAY’s politician. And none of these guys realize that Zambians don’t want them anylonger. The only one who has read those signs properly is GBM, he has been quiet ever since August 12, and right he is.

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