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Unsafe abortions still high in Zambia


A Study by the Zambia Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (ZAGO) has revealed that Zambia records a relatively high rate of unsafe abortions which stands at 7 per cent per annum.

The study has also revealed that Copperbelt Province has a higher rate of 14 per cent which is twice higher than the national rate.

Presenting the study findings in Kitwe today, ZAGO President Swebby Macha said the abortions are more common in high density areas.

Mr. Macha who was represented by ZAGO Vice Publicity chairperson Mwansa Lubeya said the study which was conducted on 364 women in Lusaka and Copperbelt between July and August 2021 revealed that the scourge continues to be high due to ignorance on the legal framework on abortion services in the country, fear of stigma from the community and lack of money to access proper abortion services among others.

Dr. Macha said the study further revealed that women use a wide rage mechanisms to aid them conduct the abortions within their communities which include herbal concoctions, sticks and other sharp objects.

The study also highlighted challenges such as insufficient manpower in health facilities, stigma from society that regards health officers as murderers, inadequate professional skills among health staff and lack of public awareness among members of the public as some of the reasons contributing to the low turn out to health facilities by women in need of abortion services.

The association has since recommended for intensified public sensitization on the legal abortion services availability in the country


  1. Life under upnd. This is what happens when you have an evil govt that sees nothing wrong with abortions. Soon expect gay rights

  2. There is no abortion that is “safe.” A child dies who was created in the image of God. All abortions are unsafe to the child, and the mother.

  3. Abortions happen, because pregnancies were not prevented to start with! In this day and age, with various contraceptives readily available, I cannot understand why women might leave it to the eleventh hour, then resort to using harmful means to rid themselves of the pregnancy. And, I think, rather than tell us the rampancy statistics – after the events, health authorities themselves should take the lead in reaching out to women who might not be aware of preventative help available. You need to set up ‘sex health’ clinics in compounds!

    #plant a tree now!

  4. Mr Zulu, it has been the law for a very long time that abortion is legal. It was the same law under PF and I don’t recall any effort by it to repeal the law while in government.

    Big J, there are abortions which are safe such as medical ones. Then there are the ones where women insert foreign, sometimes sharp, objects which can cause considerable damage or kill them. Medical abortions in contrast lead to significant complications less often. There are safe and unsafe abortions and as a society we can offer women a safe one. Remember that many women have an abortion because they already have too many children. I for one would rather that the mother lived to raise her other children, wouldn’t you? As you are religious remember that it is for god to judge and for a person to account to…

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