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President Hichilema calls for a thorough investigation into the death of Kabwata Member of Parliament

Headlines President Hichilema calls for a thorough investigation into the death of...

President Hakainde Hichilema has said that he expects law enforcement agencies to do a thorough job by investigating the death of Kabwata Member of Parliament, Levy Mkandawire.

Mr. Hichilema said that the death of Mr. Mkandawire was unusual and requires thorough investigations. The President said that he was shocked to receive the news of Kabwata Member of the Parliaments’ tragic death because he was one of the most Loyal persons in the Party.

He said Mr. Mkandawire was not an opportunist because he joined the UPND when it was not fashionable to join the party.

Speaking after visiting the funeral home in Lusaka’s Woodlands Extension area, Mr. Hichilema said the party will greatly miss Mr. Mkandawire and his great contribution to party activities.

Mr. Hichilema has further urged Mr. Mkandawire’s family to remain strong and leave everything in God’s hands.

And, a family representative thanked President Hichilema and the UPND for their support towards the funeral.

Mr. Mkandawire, 60, will be put to rest Monday at Lusaka Memorial park.

Meanwhile, Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali has called upon the Road Transport Safety Agency(RTSA) and the Zambia Police to accelerate interventions to drastically reduce traffic accidents.

Mr. Tayali said that RTSA and Police should implement initiatives that could enhance road safety awareness to motorists, particularly on overspeeding.

He noted that most fatal accidents have occurred on the Great North Road between Lusaka and Ndola. Mr Tayali said that government is concerned about the state of the section of the road and pointed out that construction of the Lusaka Ndola Dual Carriageway will start in earnest.

The Minister was speaking during the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Accident Victims, which was held under the theme “ACT for LOW SPEEDS/ACT for Low-SPEED STREETS at the Cathedral of Holy Cross in Lusaka.

A minute of silence was observed for the late Kabwata Member of Parliament Levy Mkandawire.

Meanwhile, RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Gladwell Banda disclosed that a total of 585 people died on the road in the third quarter of 2021.

Mr Banda said the number represents a 21 percent increase compared to 4 Hundred and 83 lives lost during the same period 2020.


  1. Please don’t forget about the killing of Mr Kungo and his friend in Solwezi. Death is death no matter who it involves.

  2. . The President said that he was shocked to receive the news of Kabwata Member of the Parliaments’ tragic death because he was one of the most Loyal persons in the Party.

  3. And these are the signs of a failed leader…..you don’t wedge yourself into such a sensitive issue…let the Police do their Job…thats why you have inspector General of Police….remember some UPND members issued a fake statement that he had died just a week before his actual death….so better look into your own camp first and stop wasting tax payers money with your unnecessary traveling and nonsensical overseas trips

  4. I hope the death of Mkandawire wasn’t politically motivated because if it were then it’ll be difficult to get to the genesis of the crime. The politicization of the Zambia Police is making it difficult for the Service to fight crime. This trend started with the MMD. when we saw them reward those officers that favoured them when they were in opposition. A case in point is that of Darius Kalebo who was promoted to IG and that was how many cases especially involving West Africans failed to make any progress. It’s still happening and we have witnessed Bally reward rogue officers as long as they helped him. Some have been known to be sitting on some cases. This will encourage others to do the same with hope that may be Sean Tembo will also reward them. And that being the case, my conclusion…

  5. “If you want to see true colors of a man give him power”…….Now Zambians know that HH is not a messiah they thought he was….and the majority of voters are not even paying attention to him anymore….just notice on the number of comments on any article that has HH in it….maximum 10 comments…Malanji and Lusambo can easily get 50 comments on their articles…….these are tell tell signs that HH has failed

  6. How did Zambians end up with this clown HH as a President…..just what went wrong….asking myself the same question how did Malawians end up with clown Chakwera as a President……soon you will start seeing protests in Zambia….HH MUST GO…5 years under HH’s rule will be brutal for many Zambians

  7. Do we now have Zambians with a mind of a suicide bomber? How would a woman and a husband get into a vehicle with a view to killing another person and risking their own lives? Only suicide bombers who think a reward awaits them in the afterlife and that the families they leave behind will have their socio-economic status enhanced in society risk their lives and kill others. HH is Head of State and should avoid stirring people’s emotions and suspicions unnecessarily. Why is HH not talking about the domestic worker, Shadrick, whose bicycle was hit into from the back by the same vehicle though he escaped unhurt? Was the hitting of the same BMW X5 vehicle into Shadrick’s bicycle also something unusual? Let us be serious, Ba Head of State. That looks like just a mere accident by a speeding…

  8. Police have already messed up with this case ..they should have had that lady in custody within hour after the accident so they could have tested her for alcohol but she only availed herself more than 24 hours after the accident.

  9. Some people just having nothing to say on LT except see their new appear ……….

    Every leader, the world over , calls for the police to carry put intensive investigations when a serious crime that rocks the nation happens ………..

    Now someone above is saying HEHH should not say anything ???

    Really ????

  10. #10 Spaka…it was the same with Edgar Lungu….. HE’S INTERFERING WITH POLICE WORK people used to say. Know what? You are all the same.

  11. Death is traumatic and it leaves deep holes in the hearts of innocent people who may not know how it came about, however politicians can do evil against each other let us suppose this departed soul was not in politics, was he going to face the demise we don’t exactly know but we may suspect that since he was a winner in parliamentary elections as a politician, then this could be related to his political career knowing that he had competitors.
    But we cannot end there looking at what the driver of the same vehicle did to the previous person she hit with same car, we may think she was drank or taken drags to drive so senselessly at highest speed in a built up area.
    We can also think that the late was at the meeting with politician friends, they are the only ones who knew…

  12. So is the President now going to be involved in Police investigations and giving commands on which cases to investigate?? This is abuse of office and interfering with Police work….Mugabe was once asked to comment on one of the Politicians arrests and he refused to comment he said that was the job of the Police and the Presecutors to decide…..now we have a clown of a President chimbwi no plan who doesn’t know what he is doing

  13. Years (1994?) back there was a councillor for Kabwata who had aspirations to be MP for the area. He died in vehicle accident where other MMD officials came out unscathed.

  14. The comments above from cadres from the rejected PF cadres are not surprising, that is what bitterness does. They were sure that they were winning elections after dressing dogs, crocodiles, trees, lampposts with their regalia and coming to a crushing defeat, they are hurting, you will hear them Bally this, Bally that. They forget that when they were in power a dollar was K23, a shelter and a booth called a toll gate was costing the Zambians 4.3 million dollars each, since these avenues are closed, you will get a lot of their lamentations here as evidence above

  15. Only seven Presidents we have already found the best President Zambia ever had who happens to be HH and the worst one, already sent back to sender, to Chawama

  16. Clearly, LT is sponsored by the same Tribalist and hegemonic clique that has looted our public resources although they have been systematically hiding their true character of being a PF mouthpiece but it is now clear to everyone.
    LT tries to demonise the UPND leadership at any given opportunity. Today you can see it from the pictures of HH and Douglas Syakalima that they have posted. They have deliberately used a darkened picture of HH with artificially goged/popped out eyes to demonize the Head of State. Unless you are picture savvy, you would not notice this but those into photography would easily see what is happening.
    Thank ypu LT, we have seen and we are not blind to your machinations.

  17. LT posts a defamatory picture of hate for HH, portraying him as a devil.
    Look at the picture LT have posted for the Head of State for this article – deliberately darkened with eyes artificially gogged out.
    Clever LT, owned by the clique.

  18. #1.1 You think so? Take a trip to Solwezi and see for yourself. These guys are roaming freely. I can bet your last ngwee the case will never take off until 2026 depending. You can prove me wrong and I will humbly apologize.

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