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The Value of a National Airline: Kenyan and Ethiopian Women Flying Large Commercial Jets

Videos and Audios The Value of a National Airline: Kenyan and Ethiopian Women Flying Large...

The all Female Kenyan Crew flying the Kenya Airways Boeing 787 Nairobi to Kinshasa in Congo DRC

The all Female Ethiopian Crew flying Ethiopian Airways Airbus A350 & 737-700 From Addis Ababa to Abuja Nigeria



  1. NO! This has nothing to do with a national airline. Any woman can train to be a pilot if they want to. It is like saying that we do not have female engineers because the government does not own an engineering firm, or that we do not have female bus drivers because the government does not own buses. What none sense is this! Do we have female train drivers in Zambia? Flying an aeroplane is not as difficult as people think it is. Teenagers fly planes!

  2. Most if not all national airlines are loss making. And would only work if they would fly on routes that nobody else flies to. But that never works: if you want to fly to for instance Dubai, then Emirates ALSO wants to fly on that route. And if both Emirates and Zambian are flying on a route, what airline would you choose? I would go for Emerates, unless Zambian is 50% cheaper!

  3. Kenyan and Ethiopian achievements.Meanwhile Zambia Airways was killed by UNIP,MMD and PF incompetence and corruption.

  4. How do you even endeavour to envy other countries airlines and use the excuse that they do it better than you? Nkwazi was one of the top airlines in africa and the world. Europeans used to fly Nkwazi even at the time when BA flew directly into Lusaka. A national airline has the potential to empower women and kickstart our economic revolution. No one is looking for expensive routes but you can imagine how flying to various parts of our country can reduce the cost of doing business especially if you want to de-centralise the distribution of wealth. It may even be cheaper to fly to some parts of Zambia than drive.

  5. @FutureZed. You are trying to convince people that don’t use air travel frequently. I normally fly into Lusaka every 8 – 12 weeks and really hate these connections before you get home. If we can fly directly from KKIA to Heathrow, like we used to, I’ll fly Zambia Airways any day all the time and am sure I speak for a lot of people out there. Who wants to spend 7 hours in transit at a filthy airport

  6. The Value of a National Airline: Kenyan and Ethiopian Women Flying Large Commercial Jets. So why dont we build rockets to the moon and to Mars and let our women drive them?

  7. @1 Just because you see women flying aircraft you come up with the statement that Flying an aeroplane is not as difficult as people think it is. Teenagers fly planes! Meaning because women and t eenagers fly planes it is not difficult. So because there are no women miners in Zambia it is difficult? There are very few women member in HH’s cabinet it must be difficult job eh? And I havent seen women garbage collectors in Zambia. this must be a diffiicult job

  8. If you owe somebody K20,000 but you have assets worth K120,000, can one say you are broke? Obviously not because you can easily sell some of your assets to pay off the debt. And that is exactly what happened to Zambia Airways. It was not liquidated because it was broke but simply because the Chiluba’s MMD government did not want to have anything to do with anything associated with KK. There was no earthly reason for shutting down Zambia Airways when the airline reportedly had three times more assets than what it owed its creditors(liabilities). Let’s give chance to the Ethiopians to help us revive our flag carrier, Zambia Airways.Those opposing this project do not mean well for our mother Zambia,

  9. With that statement if it was in the USA HH could have been impeached by the end of the day tomorrow…..thats obstruction of Justice and interfering with Police work and abuse of office….

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