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Youths advised to submit viable project proposals

General News Youths advised to submit viable project proposals

Matero Muchinga Ward 28 Councilor Lee Mukupa has encouraged youth entrepreneurs to submit viable community-based projects to their respective constituency offices.

Mr. Mukupa advises the entrepreneurs to come up with viable project proposals that can transform help their respective communities.

The councilor says the youth entrepreneurs’ should take advantage of the new dawn government’s empowerment initiative such as the increased Constituency Development Fund ( CDF ) at K 25.7 million from K 1.6 million.

Mr. Mukupa said this yesterday when he officiated at the laying of a foundation of a youth Music Studio at Matero Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ) in Lusaka. He added that the youth entrepreneurs should use these funds for better projects that could benefit communities.

He has, however, pledged to support the youths of Matero that wish to undertake projects in different sectors such as health and Sports, among others. He said young people should engage themselves in projects that can transform activities.

Meanwhile, RCZ Reverend Penias Mbewe observed that young people have different interests and passions that require support from their elders and leaders of their community.

He noted that young people are willing to empower themselves through various initiatives and music is one of them because the industry has full potential to generate income for them.


  1. Now UPND sounds like a broken LP…..long play record….blah blah blah blah blah blah after promising to create employment after just 2 weeks in office….it’s now almost 4 months and it’s now clear that HH is full of kaaaaka…now he has resorted to traveling wasting tax payers more money and enjoying flying the Presidential challenger.
    Just change of color from green to red

  2. Churches and music wont develop Zambia, sorry to say. Entertainment industry may be like it has been done in South Africa could be better. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. The church is designed to fleece the followers and enrich the Pastors. If you want to see meaningful development, please mobilize the youths to think of value addition opportunities to the vast raw materials our country is endowed with. Ifilimba no kushanina Lesa epela, Kwena ee! You can take a leaf from positive results from neighboring countries where the youths are engaged in providing cleaning services to local councils in a Public Private Partnership business arrangement. At the moment Lusaka city is littered with garbage everywhere. Long term, they can be engaged in construction services in road construction and…

  3. Government Business Plan is called Budget Proposal, which is currently being debated on in Parley.
    Those who dont take action will remain complainers…….misleading others with inaccurate information…..

    BTW: HH is not using the Challenger that ECL bought, he is using the older one that ECL did NOT want to use anymore. So HH is prooving a point to you, that ECL did not need to buy another challenge at the time, the countries was defaulting on its obligations.

  4. Business plans, simple as they seem, are not easy to write. In order for it to be deemed a business plan it has to contain the following:- executive summary; the business idea; the marketing plan; staff; organization and management; buying for your business; greening your business; costing; financial planning; required start-up capital and sources of start-up capital. If government starts off by offering short accessible courses for the youth to understand the outline and how to fill in such headings, it will be easy for people to apply. Let us not assume that every Tom, Dick and Harry has the know -how to structure a meaningful business plan.

  5. @Harrison Kashimu,
    That is the reason, we keep telling these people to focus on revamping their skills….
    And that is the mindset each one needs to have to look for opportunities…….One can already form a consulting agency that specializes in creating Business Plans that get approved, then you charge for consultancy service. That is a business right there.
    People here are waiting that HH will one day stand in their doorway with an employment offer.

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