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Youths urged to utilize Government’s various empowerment opportunities

Economy Youths urged to utilize Government's various empowerment opportunities

The government has urged Youths in the country to utilize the various empowerment opportunities in its line ministries in order to foster economic growth.

Stressing that government is committed to sponsoring youth empowerment activities, Minister of Sport, Youth and Arts Elvis Nkandu has called on Youths to form cooperatives in groups in order to actualize their economic growth.

“We have heard us talk about coming up with cooperatives. The reason is very simple, sometimes when people come together in groups it is very easy to be assisted and also as government our primary objective is to reduce unemployment among Young people no wonder we are promoting people to be in groups” he said.

The minister said this when he officiated at the National Youth Economic Empowerment and Opportunity discovery symposium organised by the World Youth and Leadership Foundation Limited in Lusaka yesterday.

He further disclosed that government is organising a national youth indaba in March 2022 aimed at engaging Youths and formulate a national youth policy.

And Speaking at the same event, World Youth and Leadership Foundation ( WYLF ) Director General Nalishebo Nyambe says the foundation is happy that government is committed to empowering youths by supporting youth empowerment initiatives.

Mr Nyambe has for this reason called on Youths to work extra hard to create opportunities and employment for fellow Youths.

Meanwhile senior citizen Dante Saunders says government should consider re-introducing a Capital Bank to provide capital to young people that have viable business projects.

Stating that such initiatives worked well during late First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s reign, Mr Saunders said setting up a capital bank will help to foster economic development and employment opportunities for young people,.

Mr. Saunders who is also a political activist has further called on Youths to seriously consider joining savings groups popularly known as ‘chilimba groups’ as they have proven to be a source of financial empowerment for most Youths thought the country.


  1. And now they sound like a broken record….kikikikikiki youths this youths that..we told you that HH is just talk nothing will happen and there you have it…meanwhile loadsheding is on the increase

  2. The youths are in various groups, those with skills who are few, the educated but without skills and the uneducated both of whom make up the majority. Bwana Minister as a marketeer and leader of ZANAMA you have a lot of experience in dealing with the last two categories. It’s obvious that you can’t have the same approach to mitigate their challenges. Those youths that spend the whole day playing pool at Chisokone market are waiting for you. You know their problems so what plans to do you have for them?

  3. ” Just vote for me and in 2 weeks I will create employment for the youths…in 2 weeks fertilizer will be K250…in 2 weeks loadsheding will be no more….kikikikikiki talk is cheap….am told massive power Cuts coming soon expect to go weeks without electricity and also fuel increase and shortages……dununa reverse reloaded….and HH will increase on his globetrotting trends

  4. The idea that the government will be rounding up the youth in Chisokone market or Soweto market and give them jobs individually, is faulted one. Never happened NOT even in the biggest socialist countries like Cuba Or Russia
    Zambian Youths need a mind shift !! Government’s job is to create a conducive environment and OPPORTUNITIES. It’s up to the youth to utilize those opportunities. The CDF is an opportunity, those WHO will be ready come January will benefit, and those who have not realized this opportunity, will remain complaining. Diasporan, Zambians who are home supporting these youth, starting focussing your support of your family members, in the way that they improve their skills.
    That way you will teaching them to fish, and not just giving them fish to survive a day.



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