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Bizwell Mutale writes to Investigative wing to conduct a Forensic Lifestyle Audit on all the Ex-Government officials

Headlines Bizwell Mutale writes to Investigative wing to conduct a Forensic Lifestyle Audit...

Patriotic Front (PF) Member Bizwell Mutale has written to investigative wings to consider conducting a Forensic Lifestyle Audit on all the Ex-Government officials that served under the previous government.

Mr. Mutale has said that the audit should be carried out with immediate effect, explaining that this will exonerate the Patriotic Front Party and the innocent members from the public accusations of being a party of wrongdoings.

Mr. Mutale said that the audit should determine the source of income for the ex-government officials, before joining the PF party, government and after they joined alongside the assets acquired.

He says those that will be found guilty, the law will take its course in their own personal capacity with their closest associate and NOT the Patriotic Front Party.

Mr. Mutale said that the accusations coming from the Public; do not reflect the Patriotic Front Party as an entity and the members of the PF Party.

The letters have been sent to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Anti-corruption commission (ACC), Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and the party President Edgar Lungu.

And in a separate letter addressed to the Deputy Secretary-General, Nixon Chilanga, Mr. Mutale has requested all PF members that were allocated campaign motor vehicles at all levels to be returned to the Patriotic Front Party Secretariat Head Quarters in Lusaka.

He also said that there is need for the allocated campaign funds to be accounted for by the party since all the Party campaign activities are over.


  1. Good Idea, let people get investigated. We can’t have such lunacy that within just 7 years, people are from Zero to Billionaires? It’s not right when we have health institutions, especially in rural areas with no medicines. We can’t have such greed and call ourselves a Christian Nation? This should be done and the guilty ones should be arrested. It should be a lesson for all people aspiring for public offices that when “YOU STEAL YOU GET JAILED”.

  2. Our GRZ has the most discriminative Constitutions or rules on how to treat its Citizens. Some politicians go into politics to undermine people like me. Whom never finished grade seven.

    “A populace that is required to pay taxes to a government authority without having any say in that government’s policies.”

    “Bizwell Mutale writes to Investigative wing to conduct a Forensic Lifestyle Audit on all the Ex-Government officials”-LT

    “To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48). If you have heard that line of wisdom, you know it means we are held responsible for what we have. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, and the like, it is expected that we benefit others.”

  3. From MMD to PF , joining politics was a gate to wealth…….

    That should not be the case…….

    This mindset and trend should be reversed…….

  4. The character is a UPND plant who is loyal to his tribesmen and women in the UPND. I say so because if he wants a lifestyle audit for those who serve in government, it should not only be for former PF leaders. It should also be for those currently in government. Besides, Mutale should tell us which section of the law he is using to demand for a lifestyle audit of only former PF leaders.

  5. All he is interested in clearing the path for him to the top seat….when his party was in govt he was forefront spewing tribal hate I am sure if you check carefully on him you will find that he served as board member on countless govt companies accruing allowances and a salary.
    When such investigations start he will say its a witch hunt.

  6. Yes national wide audit even HH should be audited so that we know his source of income……if HH is audited even Lungu should be audited also

  7. I have seen most of ex-PF officials, they look so poorb just within 3 months. Likes of, Lusambo, Stephen, Davies Chama, Tutwa, and where is
    Charity Katanga?

  8. ECZ refused publise how much lungu was worth. Because they did not want to exponse lingu’s monumental, exponential rise in his value, they muted. That was an occadion to reveal what hh is worth.
    Lifedtyle audit must start with him all the way down to Amos. Alesabayila! He is too rich for a former civil servant. UPND is right, ba PF ba zixokolela.
    In this case, Amos thinks that he is socering. He is making his case bad. If i was his counsel, i would tell him to “SHUT UP”.


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