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Nullification of PF Seats shows that they were not won on merit-Mweetwa

Feature Politics Nullification of PF Seats shows that they were not won on merit-Mweetwa

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that the continued nullification of PF parliamentary seats by the courts is an indication that it conducted its election campaigns within the confines of the law.

Addressing a media briefing, UPND national spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said that the UPND has been vindicated by the nullifications of PF parliamentary seats.

Mr. Mweetwa said that this shows that most PF candidates did not win on merit but through violence and corruption, stating that this should serve as a lesson to political parties that winning through violence is not a good ingredient of democracy.

Mr. Mweetwa’s sentiments were echoed by President Hichilema who, on his way to DRC said that there is no invisible hand of the executive in the nullification of some parliamentary seats belonging to PF Members of Parliament by the courts of law.

The president said that people should be consistent in their politicking because the same courts they are accusing of being interfered with have upheld the elections of many opposition parliamentary seats that were petitioned by the UPND.


  1. Mweetwa what you are doing is wrong you are putting this beautiful country in danger, do you really know what Zambians are thinking we fought against the one party state but that is what are bringing back.
    In fact there were more corruption in the three provinces you are not touching, in your own province your people chased away your opposition election monitors was that not corruption. In Solwezi Kungo was killed on the election day is that not wrong.
    What you are doing is wrong many people are hurt in those provinces you are nullifying people will not be voted for again, you have have shown people your true colors, no one can rule well with out opposition you did a good job in opposition that is what Zambians want .
    Now you are selfish.

  2. #1. It is corruption, electoral fraud and malpractice that puts the country in danger. If PF seats get nullified for misconduct and we end up with what looks like a one party state, the same Zambians will correct the mistakes of UPND policies if they happen in the next election. It appears to us that the Judiciary is now working independently. This is what has been missing in the past. You forget that loosing candidates are asking for a fair court process and it is being delivered.

  3. Kikikikiki all the IMF kaloba will be spent on by elections…..African politics and HH is trying to make Zambia a one party state and soon he will start tempering with the constitution

  4. Let’s suppose allegations of malpractice are true, how come PF lost Chililabombwe, Nchanga, Chingola, most of Ndola? Anyway what can you expect from a country run by an African? You think we have put decent in government only to find that they are more dangerous than the previous savages.

  5. It’s just at the High Court leve. What if appeals to the Constitutional Court succeed? Cornelius Mweetwa has probably spoken too early.

  6. I want to laugh but I’ve just realized this is not a laughing matter…..guys let’s defend our beautiful country HH has some hidden agenda…..I seriously feel something is not right….yes now UPND wants to hold on to power forever….where is Laura Miti and Pilato…so they’re fake activists

  7. Apparently all seats won by pf were not won on merit but the presidency and all upnd seats were, according to this little slime ball

  8. Be careful with what you do to the Zambians who want democracy to prevail and not you started, we were expecting you to investigate those you call thieves and get the money back but it is laughable that you are not doing our expectations, are these people confused they are turning a blind eye to what is important and following the wind.
    Is it really seats in parliament people voted for , no it was to fix the economy you have left what people employed to do now it all a disaster to our nation.
    You need those opposition make you sit up.

  9. @10 Nshilimubemba
    All those who were vocal in parliament are having their seats nullified…..this is the first time in the history of Zambia that so many seats are being nullified all at once….this is not respecting the will of the voters….elections are not won in court….and am surprised Zambians think what’s happening is small….no wonder it took HH forever to assemble his Cabinet…he was looking for yes bwanas….and where is the so called US Embassy…imagine if it was Lungu doing this….this is pure corruption at play……..

  10. The level of dallness is appalling, the stench of electoral malpractice was all over by the PF, who does not know that PF was violent, questionable money was being distributed, ZNBC and public media was exclusive to them, they could assemble and the opposition were denied and a sane mind should come and say PF won the elections, just how. We can have multiparty with such blatant injustice, with such injustice a one party state is even better, please nullify for all to learn that we need fairness in this country

  11. I tend to agree with Nemwine (No. 5) that Mweetwa has spoken too early. The nullifications he is talking about are at High Court level. There is the ConCourt bridge to be crossed because all the losing PF candidates have appealed against the nullification of their seats and, what is more, they will continue featuring in parliament until their cases have been disposed of. But to be frank about it, I am very disappointed with UPND . I expected the UPND in government to reduce on by-elections because they were very vocal against by-elections while in opposition. What has changed now? By-elections are a huge drain on the country’s meagre resources and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.


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