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Zambia’s Inflation falls below 20% for the month of November

Economy Zambia's Inflation falls below 20% for the month of November

The Zambia Statistics Agency (ZAMSTAT) has announced the decrease in the annual inflation rate for the month of November, 2021 from 21.1% recorded in October 2021 to 19.3%.

ZAMBSTAT Interim Statistician-General Mulenga Musepa has said that the development has been driven by price reductions in both food and non-food items.

Mr. Musepa says food inflation decreased to 25.4% from 28.1% in October 2021 mainly due to price decreases in food items such as cereals, vegetables, fish, meats and sugar.

He adds that non-food inflation decreased to 12.2% from 13.2 % in October 2021 largely due to decreases in prices of major household appliances, purchase of vehicles, charcoal, iron sheets and floor tiles.

And Mr. Musepa says the November 2021 overall monthly inflation was recorded at 0.6%, an increase from 0.4% recorded the previous month and he attributed this to price movements in food items.

He was speaking during the launch of the monthly bulletin for the month of November today.


  1. Price reduction on food….this is a lie…..everything is getting very expensive in Zambia typical of a lying government..

  2. Which food has the price been reduced? Even amasuku are slightly more expensive than last year. Maybe Mr Musepa is trying to avoid the invisible chop.

  3. We do not need you to tell us about reduction of prices on food items. We see it and we feel it. Stop dancing the liars New down Government tune.

  4. Congratulations to the UPND New dawn govt. The reduction, no matter how modest is a step in the right direction. If I recall correctly inflation was 10% to 11% when PF took be over in 2011. Ten years later I am extremely disappointed/ economically maimed as an ordinary citizen that inflation has catapulted to greater than 20%. It is not only the poor but also the hardworking honest middle class who feel the pain of inflation as their static wages get eroded by rising prices. NUMBERS DO NOT LIE. PF miserably failed on this score among many others. The middle class which has been proved to be a driving force in economic growth around the world was being wiped out in Zambia by the PF’s blantant disregard/ignorance of basic economics.

  5. @Bashi chite you are definitely on point..pf stooges here just can’t admit that the economy was wrecked… coming to the man musepa congrats for that precise statistics update.. i can confirm that a bottle of d’lite cooking 750ml i bought at K38 before 12 august is now at K34..

  6. This is true but it could be only for a short time with the looming pump price of fuel and electricity the prices of goods may again rise…but nevertheless i still think bally has a good counter attack.

  7. HH’s new gov’t is surely working to repair the economy.Its a modest +tive but we must desist from politicizing economic fundamentals bcoz thats how PF ruined Zambia.


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