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Uncoordinated handling of national affairs shows UPND was not ready to form government

Feature Politics Uncoordinated handling of national affairs shows UPND was not ready to form...

Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament Hon. Stephen Kampyongo says the uncoordinated approach in handling national affairs clearly shows that the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema were not ready to form the government.

Speaking when he addressed residents of Chibamba village in Shiwang’andu, Hon. Kampyongo said President Hichilema is doing the exact opposite of what he promised while in opposition.

He said upto now farmers that supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency FRA have not been paid while others had their maize destroyed by rains.

The former Home Affairs Minister said Zambians will soon know that the Patriotic Government meant for the country.

“Zambians will soon know that the PF meant well for the country. Upto now farmers have not been paid for the maize they supplied to FRA. While social cash transfer beneficiaries have equally not been paid,” Hon. Kampyongo said.

Hon. Kampyongo adds that the UPND ascended into office using lies which are now haunting them.

“They lied to you that they will increase bags of fertilizer under FISP but hey have failed. We will not relent and will ensure that they fulfill the campaign promises” He said.

And Hon. Kampyongo said the PF is intact and remobilizing on the ground to ensure it bounces back into office in 2026.

He advised genuine members not to be swayed into joining the UPND and other political parties.

“PF is still intact, we are mobilizing on the ground so that we are ready for the 2026 general elections, So stay in the boat and don’t defect to other parties. When government officials come here tell them to talk to you about policies and not politics,” Hon.Kampyongo said.


  1. That is exactly how your godfather MCS started. Its just 3 months and they are still settling. Give them time. We still have forever with them if no opposition party rises. They will stabilize. For now PF died with the founding father 7 years ago

  2. Go Stephen go… Let the UPND useless soothsayers and praise singers say what they want. The truth is HH is proving to be an outright deceitful person who is doing the exact opposite of what he promised. Instead of bring the cost of borrowing, doing business and living down, he is escalating these. Bank interest rates are going up soon. So is the cost of fuel and electricity. HH’s lies are what will bring down his downfall faster than even his praise singers on this platform realise. HH has prepared a bed of thorns for himself and Zambians will make him lie in it.

  3. He has Balls to even pass such statements. Kampyongo should be arrested. He killed Innocent people. Tell us who was behind the Gassing of Poor people in the Compounds.

  4. Was PF ready to form government after having unfulfilled promises for 10 years, you promised more money in peoples pockets and by the time you left office after 10 years there was none. Don’t try to be clever for nothing

  5. We saw complete cancellation of civil liberties under Kampyongo where he instructed the Police to abuse the Public order Act to the fullest against opposition parties and Kambwili was right to say you cant have Kampyongo as Minister of Home Affairs and expect normalcy in the country

  6. Who is investigating the cases where PF cadres were always armed by their leaders to stone opposition helicopters during every election since 2015, in one instance Mrs Mwanawas who was aboard one of the helicopters as a member of the UPND entourage then gave a moving testimony how terrorist PF cadres almost brought the helicopter down using stones, catapults and all other arsenals

    • I remember these series taking place all the time in Shiwang’andu every election and bye election were Kampyongo was MP

  7. Even thieves like Stephen Kampyongo will now look at like heroes to the ignorant…give him 2 years and he will look like a saviour because ACC and DEC are sleeping.

  8. There is a lot of sanity and orderliness that you can see that HH is trying to bring, Zambians are extremely happy with the way things are beginning to go, obviously the damage done by the PF was too much and we don’t expect things to be fixed in 3 months by HH. PF themselves took ten years without fulfilling all their 3 main campaign promises of more money in peoples pockets, more jobs, lower taxes, and by the time Zambians were ejecting PF from office none of their promises were fulfilled and strangely they want the new government to fulfill promises in 3 months

  9. This katondo thug was the worst ever Minister of Home Affairs. The thug was arrogant, stubborn, insolent, rude, impartial, and dumb in all his actions. I don’t hate him, I love him as a brother who deserves to be questioned, I am just highlighting what he was. Never ever again should Zambia have such a character as Minister of Home Affairs, and even Amos Chanda has revealed that part of his resignation then was to do with his disagreement on the heavy handedness of how opposition members were treated

  10. Please note the following, there will never ever be the following in Zambia again
    A shelter and a booth called a toll gate costing 4.3 million dollars never again
    There will be no vehicle called a fire tender costing 1 million dollars each in Zambia ever again
    ZNBC and public media will never ever be open to irritating abuse again
    Ministers staying n office illegally after dissolution of parliament will never happen again
    No debt for the country will ever be contracted again without parliament over sight
    No cadres will ever be in bus stops and markets stealing council revenues with the blessings of their party leaders
    Diplomats will not be insulted by cadre NGOs again
    HH and UPND are surely a breath of fresh air

  11. I agree honourable. They used dirty tribal tricks to win elections and were not ready to govern. Life under upnd has become worse. My friends are telling me that their side chicks are begging more for money to buy mere necessities due to harsh economic climate. I receive calls every day from people saying they regret voting upnd

  12. I think something wrong has happened to the head of state he was so articulate about how intelligent and skilful he was to run the government, everything he promised was express and to done at the lightening speed, now he is he is running at a snail’s pace.

    Known Criminal like Kampyongo now have the Ba….s to poke fun at Government.
    Government needs to Fast Track prosecutions of Historical Crimes

  14. Not sure why this candidate for prosecution is being given coverage by Lusaka times, Home Affairs had high profile and credible individuals in the past, people like Chitalu Sampa, Lackson Mapushi, Newstead Zimba, Peter Machungwa, Lameck Mangani but PF went to appoint real chaff and we saw the degradation of human rights and civil liberties in Zambia

  15. GOOD VERSUS EVIL. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You can’t say PF did nothing during the ten years they were in power. You even know in your heart of hearts that’s not correct. Certainly Zambia is not the same as it was in 2011. the first thing Sata did upon taking over the reins of power was to increase the salaries of government workers by 200 per cent across the board, thereby making it attractive to work for the government. Previously, people shunned government service because of poor salaries and unattractive conditions of service. PF also achieved a lot in the areas of education, health and massive infrastructural development across the country. What’s true, however, is that somewhere down the line, some PF leaders became big-headed, arrogant, tolerated…

  16. cadrersim and started engaging in widespread corruption and other vices and that was why we voted them out. But to say PF did nothing during the ten years it was in power is being economical with the truth,

    • People who set their standards too low think PF did something for ten years PF was in power, they will soon realise that we had ten wasted years from 2011 to 2021 of PF misrule. How can one say PF increased salaries for civil servants as if all Zambians are civil servants, do you know how many people are civil servants over the total population , how many people are civil servants in Zambia and how can increase in their salaries be an achievement surely


  18. PF inflation 22% MMD 7%
    PF exchange rate to a dollar K22 MMD K7
    PF reserves 3 months import cover MMD 1 and half years
    PF Debt 27 billion US dollars MMD 2.5 billion dollars
    PF civil liberties suspended MMD fully guaranteed civil liberties
    I am just giving some basic statstics above so that people may learn what we use to measure an economy, we don’t measure the healthy of the economy with things like “PF increased salaries for civil servants” ,are all Zambians civil servants? PF did completely nothing as the economy worsened under them, this should not be in dispute even to pretenders

  19. Assuming UPND was not ready to form government, there is no offence there. They will be ready now. What is the problem pamene apa. You were rejected by Zambians you are the ones who were not ready, why were you ejected out if you were ready

  20. We will see how people will react to upnd with the looming increase in electricity tariffs and fuel.
    When prices of everything goes up, let’s see who will still support them Nipano tuli.

  21. Losing is always painful, you can see it in how people react here. Especially when you didn`t expect the result of the government changing, people are always in denial. Nothing that this Government will ever do or say, will ever be accepted in the eyes or minds of some people here. let`s just learn to live with it. Some people are still hating and that`s understood !!!!

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