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PF Accuse UPND of Scheming to get the a two-thirds threshold in Parliament to change the constitution

Feature Politics PF Accuse UPND of Scheming to get the a two-thirds threshold in...

Mporokoso Lawmaker who is also the leader of the opposition in Parliament, Hon. Brian M. Mundubile has urged all well-meaning Zambian’s to ask of themselves some candid questions requiring honest answers regarding the nullified PF seats.

Mundubile who is also Chairperson for legal affairs in the opposition PF Central Committee, says it’s very possible that the nullification of the seats held by PF Members of Parliament is an attempt by the ruling United Party for National Development to Gunner 111 seats in the house which gives the required two-thirds majority to change the Constitution .

He said Zambian’s are by nature very forthright people who had rejected a one-party state in 1991 and that they now had a task before them to jealousy guard the multi-party democracy that they had ushered onto the political dispensation in the nation.

“I remember, as students then we stood up and said we have to go the Multi-Party Politics route. So let’s not be caught napping now . Let’s not allow people to take us back to those days and those politics of one party which we rejected, ” he said .

Mundubile said had the UPND a good agenda for this nation, they wouldn’t have gone about petitioning all the seats as they had done because it was really retrogressive for them to have done so.

He said former President Edgar Lungu had refused to petition the election results because he knew that doing so would possibly cause chaos in the nation.
“We had grounds on which we could have petitioned. Our Members were brutalized, Our Provincial Chairperson for North Western Province, Kungo was killed. We saw ballot boxes in the bush. All these were grounds for appeal. But President Lungu looked at the bigger picture. He put the nation and the Zambian people first. He looked at the welfare of the Zambian people who need development. He considered that elections all the time in the nation would be a drawback to development. So , he decided against appealing, ” he said .

Hon. Mundubile assured the People of Zambia that the PF would take on the UPND legally and ensure that they retain the seats that had been nullified . He said the PF had appealed the nullification of the affected seats to the Constitutional court because of the flimsy grounds on which the said seats had been nullified.

Mundubile said this on radio Icengelo where he featured with former Nkana MP Alexander Chiteme, this afternoon.


  1. I have never seen such massive nullification before. However, my firm assurance is that God has always and will always be in control. The Lord is surely watching because He is the one who approves of sound leadership.

    • These PF guys, no strategy, no rebranding, just issuing statements, Amos Chanda has correctly advised that you cant continue just issuing statements and call it rebranding

  2. When in opposition, the UPND decried by-elections as a drain on public resources. Now that they are in government, the very things they spoke against are the things they are doing. What a group of hypocrites we now have in government! Should the nullified seats require by-elections, Zambians would need to severely punish the UPND for opening their mouth one moment and putting their foot in it the next moment. Zambia cannot continue with the continued trickery and deceitfulness of the UPND in the management of national affairs. BALLY WABUFI, KABILI WAMAPUTU; BALLY NI PUTI.

  3. I thought you said from your postmortem, gross indiscipline, cadrerism and lack of orderliness caused your loss. These are issues the Courts have verified discoveries from the petitions.

  4. What Hon. Brian Mundubile is talking about former President Edgar Changwa Lungu telling those that lost the lections to petition some seats is far from the truth. AS a former President he was very much aware what was happening on the ground before, during and after elections and realized not worth petitioning. Every one knows very well how PF compromised a lot of Govt institutions such the ECZ, Zambia Police Service, and Defense and Security wings to ensure it had advantage to win the elections at every cost but never realized that the Voters had laid an ambush for them. The UPND was never taken seriously and PF was in charge of govt machinery and in a better position to rig the elections. The best what Hon. Brain Mundubile and others who still doubting that they lost is to take a brief…

  5. Why should there be conspirancy theories to everything that is done by the opposite Party? Mr. Mundubile, the constitution of Zambia allows for petition where a losing candidate has some doubts. That is a fact. It is also a fact that Some PF candidates used dubious means including threats and harassment of opposing candidates, and thats how the won. So the Court will have to make that decision based on evidence. If there is enough evidence and those seats are nullified and UPND ganners 111 seats majority, its NOT UPND`s fault, but PF `s for using unconstitutional means to win those elections in the first place. Lungu did NOT petition, not because he was forward-looking, but because it was impossible to scrape off more than 1mil votes. period. PF leaders are being CRYBABIES and acting as…

  6. I Hope upnd know what they are doing. At the rate things are going, they may end up being embarrassed in the forthcoming by elections by losing most of the nullified seats. Nipano tuli.
    Personally, I don’t see them winning Lunte, Kasama central, kwacha, chimwemwe and even Kabushi should Bowman stand.


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