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Anti-Corruption Commission finally arrest and charge the owner of the famous 48 Houses

Headlines Anti-Corruption Commission finally arrest and charge the owner of the famous 48...

The Anti-Corruption Commission has today arrested and charged Charles Mukomena Loyana and his wife Susan Sinkala Loyana with two counts of corrupt practices involving concealment and possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime valued at over K 37 million.

In the first count, Mr. Loyana aged 51 and Mrs Loyana aged 46 of House Number 2728 off Shantumbu Road, Chalala in Lusaka have both been charged with One Count of Concealment of Property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 Sub Section 1 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010.

In the second, the duo is charged with One Count of Possession of Property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 Sub Section 1 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010.

Details are that on dates unknown but between 1st January 2012 and 30th June 2019, Mr. Loyana, Senior Accountant at the Ministry of Finance and Mrs. Loyana, an Assistant Accountant at the Ministry of Works and Supply jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, did conceal and possess Fifty -one (51) properties valued at Thirty-Seven Million, Nine Hundred and Sixteen Thousand Kwacha (K 37,916,000.00), properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The said properties are located in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

The duo has been released on bond and will appear in court on 14th December, 2021.



  2. What bs ACC! Did it have to take this long? What the hell is the problem with ACC? Total bs.

    Chitalu did well to sue you.

    Those apartments could have been built legally as well, who knows.

  3. There is more to this story and former top PF officials need to brought in ..even ACC top officers need to arrested or sacked!!

  4. Charles loyana was likely being used by PF bigwigs including ECL. First catch the small players and they will lead you to the big fish.
    Dont forget that ECL sold his fuel stations to Mount Meru to cover his tracks.Its just a matter of time.

  5. Look how desperate these f00Iish monkeys like tarino and this silly prostitute independent are. Your hate for ecl will lead you to your grave early.

  6. Kaiser, you are right. I hate Lungu. For someone who saw leadership in people like you is sick in the head. If PF had nothing to do with these houses, why did they shield these thieves? Why weren’t they prosecuted during your reign? Why weren’t they named? Exposed? Many many questions. Please shut up for once. You are not as smart as you think you are.

  7. Zambian detectives are so rubbish at their job. You like to alarm people with hot air. Please so a documentary on how the stealing was done.

  8. Tarino Orange….notice i have been asking about what happened to 48 houses…Anthony Bwalya is always on Lusaka Times and he told his boss HH that they need to make a fake arrest like always to silence Saulosi

  9. @Independent Isn’t the time given difficult to fit Edgar Lungu in? January 2012 Lungu could not have been able to orchestrate this operation. So when he became president in January 2015 he went to Mr and Mrs Loyona and said GUYS LET ME TAKE OVER THIS PROJECT?

  10. flag Wow! How Anthony Bwalya came from the backdoor, overlapped and knockout SLUGGISH and SLEEPY established media CRONIES of UPND to become HH’s Right Hand Man & Press Aid.

    Tarino Orange 16

    You are nothing but a bully who is so jealousy, frustrated and an embarrassment. Old Man Tarino, everyone is entitled to post comments without fear. No one has the mandate to tell other bloggers to get out of Lusakatimes. You have been doing this time after time – if you have not read responses, go read the comments many bloggers including your UPND colleagues have posted after you attacked #INDEPENDENT OBSERVER without merit on your comment number # 41 under today’s heading. … “ ZAMBIA AIRWAYS RECEIVES FIRST AIRCRAFT AHEAD OF DECEMBER 1 MAIDEN FLIGHT “

    Just imagine even Psychopath Blogger called #ZAMBIA TODAY” went hard after you.

  11. # 20 – Wow! How Anthony Bwalya came from the backdoor >>>>>>

    Don’t read too much into @@ TARINO ORANGE and his bed lover @@ SPAKA.

    These are bread crams that fall from the high table. I have seen how he has attacked
    guys guys like @ DE JAVU… @ SAULOSI asking them to get out of lusakatimes.
    I think in @@TARINO ORANGE’S mind the mother owns lusakatimes.
    He does not like people who outsmart him due to his dictatorial habits.
    Anytime someone posts comments that are wise, he finds a way to attack them sarcastically.
    Then again, he could be one of these frustrated guys who thought if HH wins they would get jobs, but nay !!

  12. Deja Vu

    Exactly the point. These diehards are just hell bent to console their miseries and the hate they have for Lungu. So Lungu started scheming the scandal from 2012 when was not a big fish in PF. Then Lungu continued after he became President Jan 2015. And then he stopped in 2019 if we base everything from the time line issued by ACC

  13. Not true findings something isn’t right about this whole fake story. Surely even when starting in a new clean unconditional page ba UPND government u decide to start lying and betraying the very same people u were assuring that u will root out corruption so as to plant a new mindset in the Zambian people. look at u now , even a kid with less knowledge would tell u that u are lying.

  14. One to start building, one has first to apply for land. This application doesn’t get approved overnight, it takes time. We start from there by retrieving the files at Lusaka City Council Civic center. If the file is not there, then the structures are illegal and must be brought down.

  15. Charles Loyana is Situmbeko Musokotwane’s nephew and these houses were constructed when SM was finance minister in RB’s govt. Your guess is as good as mine. This arrest is just a smoke screen, it won’t go anywhere. Another amnesty on the horizon.

  16. Faith Musonda has set the precedent.

    The houses will be forfeited to the state in exchange for the couple’s freedom.

    Chapter closed

  17. It beats any ordinary brains how the hell the PF could not investigate such a simple case as this. I still have all the reasons to speculate that this couple is just a front for a big PF Godfather. To build a house you need to apply for a plot from Councils or Lands or buy from another person. In all scenarios mentioned your papers are processed by ZRA for Property transfer tax. Your Title granted by lands, The Councils approves your building designs and carry out inspections at every stage of building….etc How dull can we be not follow this trail……. ?

    And cant we simply ask the couple for source of the money…… Where is DEC, ZRA or FIC in this ? If this couple has another source of income is it registered for taxes with ZRA ? Was it a loan – from which lender and provide…

  18. The problem we have is that no one has completely CLEAN HANDS IN THE ENTIRE NATION. When Levy started his fight against corruption hopes were raised but along the way the fight got lost in the bushes as certain people were left untouched even though they had participated in the so-called PLUNDER OF THE NATION.

  19. UPND used this lie that ECL built 48 houses as one of its strong campaign point and a lot of dalo tongas spread this lie..

  20. Very laughable that the pf surrogates are getting very emotional. I use reason and intelligence to blog and not some emotional issues.

  21. “Acting together with others unknown….” actually we know who those others are. They are not unknown but the charge has to be put that way because those cannot be charged.

  22. @Kaiser Zulu

    If there are no links to PF then what an incompetent regime PF was.
    It has taken UPND a few months to find out what PF completely and miserably failed to do

  23. Rubbish and impotent journalism. This is all I can say. First you take your readers down a rabbit hole and finally confront them with the bottoms of your farcical beginnings. I hope this government is not getting too comfortable. Muzayenda pa one term a mambala

  24. Who says if your maternal Auntie is prostitute then your mother is prostitute too. Even if he is, how can you judge Hon Situmbeko’s integrity on the basis of a nephew ‘s misdeeds.

  25. Some people here are become irrelevant..the hate ECL has made them become foolish. The case took long because ACC wanted to connect it to some one. But failed..the re order show no corruption…so they just sued the owner..pF seems to very far from this…Now ECL is not the president, others don’t have anything to write about…its hight time they go farming now

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