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Please do not destroy our livelihoods just because the Western world is panicking

Economy Please do not destroy our livelihoods just because the Western world is...

The announcement by South African scientists that they discovered a covid variant with about 30 mutations last week led to hysteria in the developed countries.Despite the variant being identified within their own borders, they were all quick to implement travel bans on Southern African countries. I don’t mind them panicking but if their over reaction starts affecting the livelihood of hardworking Zambians then our elected leaders need to find their voice and show courage.

The 4th wave is not here in Zambia. Why are we having restrictions imposed on businesses very abruptly. People booked functions weeks ago and the Ministry of Health has abruptly restricted the number of people that can gather.

This means lost income for businesses. The buses are expected to carry half the passenger capacity -this is  lost income. Is government going to give small businesses Covid relief funds like the developed countries did for small businesses? We can not implement Western mitigation strategies without also supplying the solutions those countries provided.

Countries like the USA and UK with covid numbers through the roof are not restricting businesses but we in Zambia with zero cases want to affect the livelihood of poor Zambians. If we lose money now before a wave even hits what are we going to do when the 4th wave actually hits? The government should focus on encouraging social distancing, wearing of masks and vaccination. We have other diseases in Zambia causing more deaths than covid-19. We should not cower to the Western countries agenda. It is clear that scientific facts are not being followed.Here are todays covid figures.Please show me the justification for the covid restrictions in Zambia.So far omicron variant has not led to several diseases or death in South Africa so why are we panicking?


Country New covid cases 7 day average covid Deaths 7 day average
Zambia 19 11 0 0
South Africa 4373 2756 21 30
U.K 39 713 42 338 159 119
USA 216 312 80 002 1878 884
Netherlands 22 154 22 133 65 52

By Concerned Small Business owner


  1. Indeed, “follow the leader” type reactions and crying wolf at every opportunity is not helpful at all.
    Yes some people died from COVID-19, but we have always and will continue to die from one thing or the other!! Perspective is key…

  2. Fair comment and straight to the point. This is where you see serious leadership. You can’t just copy and paste other countries’ measures when you have totally different demographics.

  3. F00Iish Africans, always crying and begging. It is hard being an African in the diaspora when you are having to defend this type of behaviour day in and out

  4. The UPND govt should stand up for Zambian businesses. When Europe catches a Covid cough it doesn’t mean Africa should sneeze. Let them deal with their problems,we have our own. There is no need for restrictions in Zambia. Covid is not affecting us like it is the Western countries. They are already punishing Africa for alerting them to the new variant ,which most likely came from their countries judging by their numbers. NO TO RESTRICTIONS!

  5. Certainly knee-jerk reaction by MoH.The restrictions will unnecessarily harm small businesses. There should be graduated responses dictated by scientific facts not fears and emotion.

  6. The author of the article is very dull . How many PCR covid tests are being done in Zambia per day?
    There is gross under testing in Zambia so those stats you are giving present a wrong picture of the situation in the country.
    Zambia – under 3,000 tests per day
    South Africa – 34,000 tests per day
    UK – 990,000 tests per day
    USA -280,000 tests per day

  7. At the rate Sylvia Masebo is going and over working, implementing this and that, i can sense danger. Too much of anything is bad, even if you want to be seen working and implementing Policies. I think Ministries should liaise and see how they can help each other. Ministry of Commerce is of course affected by Covid restriction, even Ministry of youth(youth unemployment). Madam Minister of health, slow down, you are moving too fast and working too hard.

  8. Let’s just comply so that we don’t give Uyu Ndani the opportunity to lock down the whole country. When in opposition he always urged ECL to lock down. He even talked about creating bed spaces in stadiums to accommodate patients. Please let’s not help h is dream to come true by being careless. It’s not difficult to comply, just put on that mask and use their slippery sanitizers.

  9. The only small businesses under threat are bars and those can still maintain their business by selling take aways only.

  10. When he was in opposition he said covid was a hoax even when people could see deaths across the nation. Today with very few cases abilima

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