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UPND Administration to Engage Chinese government on Infrastructure Debt Inherited from PF-Milupi

Economy UPND Administration to Engage Chinese government on Infrastructure Debt Inherited...

Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister, Charles Milupi has said that the UPND Administration will engage the Chinese government to find an amicable solution to the infrastructure debt inherited from the PF government.

Mr. Milupi said that currently, the government is struggling with a huge infrastructure debt, in which a major component is owed to Chinese financiers and contractors.

The Minister said that the government is looking forward to effectively engaging the Chinese on a win-win solution to the infrastructure debt problem.

Mr. Milupi was speaking during a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia LI JIE in Lusaka today.

And Mr. Milupi said the new dawn administration under President Hakainde Hichilema remains committed to strengthening the bilateral relations with China.

He however explained that Zambia has benefited immensely from the generosity and friendship of the Chinese people hence the need to strengthen the relationship.

Meanwhile, Mr. LI said Zambia remains one of China’s investment destinations in Africa. Mr. LI further said his government will continue to work with the Zambian government to enhance social and economic development of the country.


  1. China needs to stop its people working in Africa to stop corrupting govt officials. if china wants to be taken seriously and accepted in Africa, it’s got to have the same approach to corruption it exhibits in its own country. Poor Chinese citizens who come to Africa bear the brunt of peoples anger and disdain against the Chinese due to people’s belief that everything they do is due to the corrupt collusion between china businesses and politicians. It’s sometimes evident that the poor workmanship in some projects is also due to these businesses trying to recoup the 10% corruption fees they pay politicians and govt officials.

  2. Also engage former ruling party PF thieves who gained from those shady contracts.Money must be returned and illegal gains surrendered.

  3. You guys what are you telling us , you are now with the mantle forget about PF and show us that you can achieve , talking about your predecessors , those achieved what can be seen by every Zambian please give us a break get down to work, every government that comes into power finds what previous or out going government did and there is always a continuation that is how government is run, complaining is a strange phenomenal we are now being shown , it all melts to you being at fault not that already gone party.
    Zambians expect more from you but you are running at a snails pace , wake up we want results from you if not just resign

  4. As long as you do good to the Zambian people. Not those people who misappropriated funds in the morning, day, and night. Today they are on a hill shouting to know more than they did when in power, hypocrites!

  5. Results are there already showing, freedoms first, the rest follow with time. I still believe in this government, they will do stuff at the right pace. Consequences are waiting if they rush, slow and sure does it.

  6. Nostra behave yourself young boy. That is my relative who is a very learned and successful man. Show some respect

  7. You can only examine it. It cant be cancelled. That is law for you. So it isn’t a PF or UPND debt. Its a Zambian debt regardless of how you tricked your country into it.

  8. Just work no finger pointing the Zambians are waiting to see what you can do , if you go back every one past government did something good and somethings bad the same it will be with this government we all know that all human beings are corrupt and there is no question about it.
    However every one needs opposition to check that they do no wrong, when in opposition you did well but you are in power you need to be checked or else you even the worst , I said you politicians are the same you into power to enrich yourselves .
    Your opposition works for you so you should respect each other as partners in governance of the Zambian nation.

  9. Nostra stfu behave yourself. Let’s judge politicians based on their issue-based politics,their track record and integrity and NOT on looks.

  10. There we go again. That’s what goverments do. Borrow and develop. Zambian goverment borrowed and Zambian goverment must pay. It’s not Upnd that will pay for the anticipated IMF loan, it’s the Zambian goverment.

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