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Internal Wrangles erupt in PF as PF Lusaka Province Committee drags Acting SG to court

Feature Politics Internal Wrangles erupt in PF as PF Lusaka Province Committee drags Acting...

PF Lusaka Province Kennedy Kamba led Committee which was dissolved on Wednesday has obtained an injunction to stop what it termed as an illegal decision to dissolve the Committee.

Lusaka Province Vice Chairperson Simoson Sunge said the the committee has decided to act in such a manner because what happened was illegal.

He said acting Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa has no powers to dissolve the comitte whose mandate has not come to an end.

Mr Sunge said it imperative that things are put in place instead of letting the illegality to continue.

Mr Sunge said the injunction will restrain the acting Secretary General from acting an illegal fashion.

“All District officials in Lusaka you are here, and what we have said you have agreed, so we are now rushing to court to obtain an injunction,”he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Kelvin Kaunda has called for unity in the party.

He said this is the time the party membership should unite for the it to fight come 2026.

Mr Kaunda said it is not the time for the party to start causing confusion.

He said it is important the Central Committee do not make any mistakes of causing confusion in the party.

“This is the time for us to be as one, let’s unite for us to go for the convention and elections in unity,”he said.


  1. Wait and see. They will eat each other as they are very violent people. PF are good at divide and conquer. Good that Zambians rejected their nonsense.

  2. Whether UPND or PF can’t these Cadres find better things to do than being a Cadre…look at UPND cadres….look at PF cadres….same thing will happen once HH is voted out of office….Cadres will eat themselves fighting for positions and UPND fights will be intense because their manifesto says only a Tonga can be UPND President hope they change their manifesto

  3. These are lost , violent hyenas who used to make money from extorting the Zambian people………..

    Now the funds have dried up , see them fighting for crumbs because they know no other way to make a living…….

  4. We told PF, that they needed to focus on its internal rebranding…….LUBINDA started CRITICIZING HH after just 2weeks in office expecting the famous “Free Education”, it was at the point when he thought he will lead PF………….. WHERE IS HE NOW? Since CK’s name started circulating Lubinda has disappeared.
    The PF Post-Mortem report was trash….Listen to Kamba, what is telling PF leaders, its CLEAR, PF has a leadership crisis….the criticisms on HH is just meant to distract attention.
    Ba PF, please FIX yourselves before starting criticizing the new government.

  5. Kennedy Kamba must count himself as very lucky because he should by now been serving a term in prison for the terror that he superintendent as PF Lusaka province youth chairman. He’s mentioned in the Police Report for his in Mumpanshya by-election violence when bus loads of cadres were ferried from Lusaka. Let him not push his luck

  6. Hey stup!d KZ, we’re all waiting for your ridiculous comments, while your corrupt incompetent friends are killing each other. I’m enjoying the view! Hahaha Kikikiki hehehe hohoho

  7. Only ignorant f00Is believe anything that is written by a pro upnd new site such as LT. Keep lying to yourselves instead of putting to action your plans you promised Zambians ba one term govt

  8. Ah come on stup!d KZ, you can do better than that! Tell us how Edgar China Lungu is now shaking in his boots! And why we suddenly don’t hear nothing no more from that arrogant GL and CK! And have you packed your luggage already for your one-way trip to Lusaka Central Prison?

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