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UPND New Dawn government has achieved more in 100 days than previous regimes

Feature Politics UPND New Dawn government has achieved more in 100 days than previous...

UPND Lusaka province youth chairperson Mr. Anderson Banda said in 100 days, UPND New Dawn government has achieved what couldn’t have been achieved by regimes and gave examples of peace which has returned to the country since the day UPND formed government.

Mr Banda said without peace, freedoms and conducive environment, nothing can be achieved. He added that the current conducive environment is favourable for investor confidence to invest in the country and that even small business owners are enjoying doing business without any disturbances.

Mr Banda said the country was on auto pilot without proper direction and that the country’s economy was under ICU which needs alot of work to get back to it’s normal operation.

Asked on whether UPND government will deliver according to it’s campaign promises, Mr said the current regime has individuals who don’t believe in politics of lies and propaganda and under 5 year mandate UPND will deliver according to it’s campaign promises.

The UPND Lusaka province youth chairperson Mr Anderson Banda was speaking this when he featured on Muvi TV this evening entitled ranking UPND Government in it’s 100 days in power.

Mr Banda reminded the youths of Zambia that UPND Government is indebted to the support they demonstrated on the 12th, August, 2021 by voting for UPND and that 2022 they will be able to harvest. Mr. Banda said by creating an enabling environment, it has created a good platform for more to come based on Public and private partnership.

On Borrowing, Mr Banda said unlike PF which use to borrow for consumption, UPND government is and will borrow for investment in order to grow the economy of the country.

On why no arrest has been made over the claimed corruption under the PF Government, Mr Banda said UPND government respects the law and human rights, hence they will not arrest before investigating and that currently alot is happening and Zambians will soon see the results. He said unlike before were people were being arrested before investigating them, the new Dawn government is gathering credible evidence before making any arrest but that those who will be found wanting should not bring tribal complaint because they were doing wrong things without helping their so-called tribes.

Mr Banda thanked the Republican president HH for restoring order in the country immediately he resumed the office


    • Any body bitter especially PF and their associates must be the last to say anything. The PF government is he worst government we have had since 1964. Economic collapse, civil liberties suspended, cadres were ruling simply no order, serious police brutality, ZNBC and public media was theirs

  1. Kikiki Havasco Dagama has not done anything.he has just appointed his people in key positions.He has managed to fire all directors and permeent secretary who come from other eastern and northern regions but has left all dierectors who stole from southern,western and northwestern despite the absuing the resources.Good examples (energy,smart Zambia, etc).He has also travelled more maybe more than vasco dagma.
    He promised to bring down dolla .

  2. Laughable it is amazing. The tribal hooligans are in state house and they now claim there is peace. All along the world had hailed Zambia as a becon of peace and even our small god ( Vasco Dagamma) in state house has publicly acknowledged that. But now they say peace has only come when he is in state house. What a shame of confused lot. If zambia was ever in auto pilot it is now.

  3. Wasted my time and bundles. Why bring people who know absolutely nothing. Does he even know the meaning of borrowing for consumption? He doesn’t even understand what he is saying. In short, UPND has achieved nothing apart from firing people who knew what they were doing and replaced them with amartures. Advisors who get advice from the person they are supposed to advise …he he he !

  4. The best way to weigh UPNDs achievement is to compare with the promises they made. How much of those promises have they fulfilled. Unfortunately it seems they were not ready to form Govnt.

  5. UPND has not done much but one can tell that they are on the right path with clear plans. With what they have said so much I expect a five years filled with joy. But also I am okay with a UPND getting a modest achievement than have a thug craft that we had under PF, Just removing the PF is a great achievement, UPND can go and sleep if they want

  6. Only achieved persecutions of PF members coming from Northern and Luapula provinces.

    Also closing Indeni is an achievement for them. Increase in fuel and electricity will be a great achievement.

  7. Weo Henule pa @12. Anyamata enze kuba noti masowela! Don’t advance tribal arguments. Look at the substance of the cases they are accused of. Ngati you have your own suspects from elsewhere go and tell ba ACC. I think bazaweluza in the same manner. On Indeni I agree with you. We need a more pragmatic solution than closing.

  8. Ati than all regimes? What an ingrate this small brains Banda is. Without Kaunda even your president would have found it hard to get the type of education he got. Talk about the children regimes from ,1992 not KK’s regime.

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