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Meteorological Department advises Farmers not to begin the planting Season as the dry spell will continue

General News Meteorological Department advises Farmers not to begin the planting Season as ...

The Zambia Meteorological Department has projected a dry spell to continue for the next ten days in most parts of the Country.

The Department has since urged farmers not to plant any crop until there is adequate moisture and further advised farmers who are not practicing conservation farming to continue preparing land and to apply basal dressing fertilizer at planting time.

“Farmers who are not practicing conservation agriculture (Minimum Tillage) should continue with land preparation and take advantage of the little moisture in the soil from the rains received so far. It is strongly advisable to apply basal dressing fertilizers at planting time to ensure vigorous crop emergency and good root development” read the bulletin

The department disclosed that the dry spell experienced in the last days could have led to reduced soil moisture, which is likely to affect germination and have therefore advised farmers not to plant any crops, apart from Cassava until the rainfall improves in the Country.

The Zambia Metrological bulletin released to ZANIS, states that most rainfall activities were confined to the northern and Western parts of the country and that the rest of the country recorded less rainfall with high temperatures due to atmospheric wind circulation that suppressed cloud development and rainfall.

“Most of the country experienced less rainfall due to atmospheric wind circulation patterns that have suppressed cloud development and rainfall activities over the country” read part of the bulletin.

The department has also urged farmers to look out for any pests and disease outbreaks, especially the fall armyworms which are likely to increase as a result of the dry spells being experienced.


  1. Although the previous government was called all sorts of names such as thieves, the PF would still find time in times of drought to pray to God for rain and God would answer but the government full of angels cannot even pray to God for rain.

    A country can only be governed with the guidance of God.

  2. Why advise now when most of us have already started to plant. You supposed to forecast the coming weather pattern well in advance and advise accordingly.

  3. That is what happens when you chase God away and bring in demons, it is a lesson to learn they were condemning prayers, they said no prayers and they said no Christian nation and they scandalised the prayer days.
    Now we can ask baal to bring rain ask Tonga ancestral spirits who was given this nation right being sown in and the spirits of the dead Mazoka.

  4. #1 is an example of a superstitious person.. truly i dnt believe in what you just said in the physical world,,, i believe in God’s existence though but he has nothing to do with your irresponsibility of emitting dangerous gases that are causing problems with the climate..

  5. This Meteorological Department should work in liaison with the Extension Services of Agriculture to inform farmers who depend on rain fed agriculture when it is viable to plant seeds. Late advice when farmers may have already planted should be avoided. Most farmers donot have smart phones to check the predicted weather for two weeks or more!! Relevant government departments should provide needed information in a timely manner to help farmers make informed decisions. So when should farmers who depend on rain fed agriculture plant their seeds this farming season??

  6. Sight.
    You must be reasonable in your your thoughts all you must know is that you and I are all limited in what we know and what we can do, you are calling prayer to the creator God as superstitious.

  7. #11.
    The way # 1 put it..its like he wants to justify his claims of saying the upnd is a evil government and therefore God wont let his rains out.. that’s how i understood it and to be honest the test of a reasonable person would look at that as mere superstition…

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