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Government grabs back land that was illegally obtained from Palabana Daily Training Institute

General News Government grabs back land that was illegally obtained from Palabana Daily Training...

The government has repossessed land that was illegally obtained and demarcated from Palabana Daily Training Institute for the creation of small holdings by the Patriotic Front Government.

Lands and Natural Resources Minister Elijah Muchima has said that the 669-hectare piece of land has been repossessed because there was some illegality and fraud involved when grabbing it from the Training institution.

Mr. Muchima is shocked that some documents show authorization from senior Government officers despite having not followed the right procedure to demarcate the land.

He says Government will follow the right procedure to ensure the land is given back to Palabana Daily Training Institute which was earmarked to be expanded into a University.

Mr. Muchima was speaking when he called on Palabana Daily Training Institute Principal Kelvin Musonda at the institution this morning.

He added that Government is ready to face anyone in the courts of Law who benefited from the land and constructed structures.

Meanwhile, Livestock and Fisheries Minister Makozo Chikote questioned why land was demarcated from the Institute when the college was earmarked to expand into a university.

Mr. Chikote said Government will ensure everyone who was involved is engaged and that the law will be followed to the letter.

He also said it is clear that majority of the people that benefited from the land were politically connected to the previous regime.

And the Principal Mr. Musonda thanked Government for intervening in the matter. Mr. Musonda said his life was threatened in the course of pushing for the repossession of the institutional land.


  1. Why not tell us which former government officials signed off on this illegality?

    Can we have some arrests please?

    I feel better now that in the last 3 days, arrests are piling up.

    But please recover stolen money first before increasing prices of fuel/electricity. Use this money to pay retirees and maybe 70% of existing debt.

    And the country SHOULD do lifestyle audits on all previous government officials and cadres. This is the only way we will get to the bottom of the rot!.

    Faka pressure.

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