Refrain from making statements that have the potential to cause panic in the country-Minister of Information

Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda
Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda

Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has called on stakeholders to refrain from making statements that have the potential to cause panic in the country regarding the food situation in 2022.

Ms. Kasanda who is also Information and Media Minister says the government is hopeful that the rainfall pattern will soon stabilize to enable farmers to plant.

She says the Meteorological Department continues to report the delayed onset of rains in many parts of the Country. Ms. Kasanda however says despite current adverse climatic conditions, Government envisages a good harvest translating into stable food prices.

She notes that Government has rolled out farming inputs to over one million farmer beneficiaries countrywide under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) of which each beneficiary is receiving six bags of 50-kilogram bags of fertilizer and one 10-kilogram
bag of maize seed.

She noted that the move represents Government’s commitment to ensuring household and national food security.


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