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Bowman Lusambo and others seek Judicial Review over banishment from Parliament

Feature Politics Bowman Lusambo and others seek Judicial Review over banishment from Parliament

Bowman Lusambo and seven other Patriotic Front members of Parliament have applied for leave in the Lusaka High Court, seeking judicial review against Speaker Nelly Mutti’s decision to chase them from Parliament.

Speaker Mutti in a ruling on Tuesday ordered Lusambo and other MPs whose seats were nullified not to be attending Parliament business until their appeals were heard and determined by the Constitutional Court.

She said Lusambo and others could not continue taking part in the business of the House nor enjoy parliamentary privileges.
But Lusambo who is MP for the nullified Kabushi seat, Nakonde’s Lukas Simumba, Chinsali MP Kalalwe Mukosa, Mutotwe Kafwaya Lunte MP, Lubansenshi MP Taulo Chewe, Mkushi North MP Christopher Chibuye, Kwacha MP Joseph Malanji and Chimwemwe MP Allen Banda have sought judicial review.

This is according to ex-parte summons for leave to commence judicial review proceedings in the court.

The applicant’s application is anchored on the Provision of Order 53 Rule 3 of the Rules of the Supreme Court.

Sibongile Mwamba whose Kasama parliamentary seat was also nullified is not among the MPs who have applied for judicial review.

Judge in charge Gertrude Chawatama and judges Mwila Kombe and Susan Wanjelani have set Friday for hearing the judicial review application.


  1. Although it’s the right thing to do my view is that the affected MPs should have gone back to the ConCourt where their appeals lie because there’s already a judgement on the same matter by the same Court. An appeal to the ConCourt acts as a stay as ruled by Judge Mulembe so all they required was to seek an enforcement of the same judgement. I don’t see the need to take to another Court a matter that has been adjudicated by the ConCourt. They should just make applications to cite the Speaker for being in breach

  2. They are trying to silence you my brother because they can feel the heat you are bringing in parliament. The people in kabushi will always choose you and upnd know this. Hh is a very angry vengeful man

    • Also the same man who was showing huge stacks of man at PF rallies, questionable money of course before his President smelt the coffee and stopped him, his President saw that the Zambian people were sharp and had started questioning the source of the monies, and the man wants even wants appeal against the loss of his seat, just how

  3. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    At this rate, UPND and HH will end up being worse than Lungu and PF. Something really wrong with this country… a bunch of misfits with an IQ of less than 50 who can’t govern.
    But I blame it on the worthless paper called the Constitution which appears contradictory and appears like it was authored by a bunch of 5th graders. In one article, it says High Court can nullify an election of an MP but it another it says only the ConCourt can… so which is which? What happens if there’s no appeal of the High court ruling?
    Wrong analogy but what happens when a convicted criminal appeals? Do their status revert to innocent suspecr or they remain as convicted criminal until the appeal is successful?
    Can someone please copy and paste the Constitution articles that this case relies on?

  4. They should have simply applied for stay of the judgement pending hearing in the ConCourt. The Speaker can not read from the streets or media that you have appealed to the ConCourt. What the speaker has in the office is that the high courts declared them not fairly elected. Bowman save money. Lawyers will rip you off slowly but surely. By the time 5 years ilepwa, that mansion will be on auction sale!

  5. Lusambo should count his Days. He has more questions to answer. Facts are that his seat is nullified so why enjoy the privileges? Wait until you are cleared. For now, No more eating Taxpayer’s money for free. You will remember those monies you were busy flashing out to taxi drivers.

  6. Bowman save money. Lawyers will rip you off slowly but surely. By the time 5 years ilepwa, that mansion will be on auction sale! You are beating hard a dead horse. Kabushi is gone. You will just be one of us the commoners. In a country called Zambia, you had the privilege to become Minister. Have gratitude for that achievement. The skills level required for future leadership has been raised and the millennials have decided to move on from politics of bullying and ichimwela.

  7. I thought Lubinda instructed all those 9 PF MPs yesterday, to disregard Mutti’s decision and CONTINUE TO ATTEND the sessions. What happened, now that these guys are seeking the Judicial Review ? That TELLS ALOT what is going on in PF. Chipante….pante culture.

    MWA NYELA !!!

  8. Malanji’s Mission in Turkey unveiled: minister used challenger to collect money
    By Julia Malunga,
    9th December 2021

    FORMER Foreign Affairs minister Joe Malanji is under investigation for allegedly flying to Turkey with the Presidential challenger jet to collect money believed to have been sent to the Zambian Mission for purchasing an embassy building in that country, sources have told News Diggers.

    On Tuesday, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) jointly charged and arrested Malanji and former Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba for failure to comply with the law whilst they served in their positions.

    Malanji and Yamba are alleged to have directly or indirectly influenced the transfer of K154,201,197 to the…

  9. I thought Lubinda instructed all those 9 MPs yesterday, to disregard Ms. Mutti’s decision and CONTINUE TO ATTEND the parliamentary sessions. What happened, now that these guys are instead seeking the judicial review ? That TELLS ALOT as to what is going on in PF. Chipan.te….pan.te cu.lture.
    Lubinda even went to an extent of insaulting Mutti by reffering her to a social studies schooler.
    Why are these PF acting so desperately?

  10. The same court that nullified your seats? I have no idea how that works. Hope the high court goes against what it decided already, huh, we shall see

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