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Crusade on corruption not witch-hunt

General News Crusade on corruption not witch-hunt

Kitwe Pastors Fellowship has rubbished the calls by some politicians and chiefs calling the crusade on recovery of stolen public resources as a witch hunt targeted at people from a certain region.

Kitwe Pastors Fellowship Chairman, Raddy Lewila said the issue of tribal witch hunt does not arise in this case because people given the responsibility of managing public resources must be ready to account on how they executed their jobs.

“There is no connection between ones’ tribe and accounting how one managed public resources or how they acquired resources that are way above their earnings, so issues of tribalism should not be brought into the fight against corruption,” Reverend Lewila said.

He said those running public offices should be willing to open their houses for searching if they know they have not committed any wrongdoing.

He further noted that there is nothing strange about the government trying to recover stolen resources as this has happened in the past.

He has since called on Zambians to desist from the tribal talk which he said will lead to further division of the country.

Reverend Lewila noted that even the Bible admonishes people to be faithful even in managing little things.

And speaking in a separate interview Veteran politician, George Mpombo prodded President Hakainde Hichilema to strengthen the crusade against corruption and recovery of stolen public resources.

Mr Mpombo said the crusade should shift from mere talks to actions that see suspected plunderers being taken to court with air tight cases that end in convictions.

“When people begin to be convicted for stealing public funds is when the tribal witch hunt talk will end because if the convicted is a Namwanga for instance, no Namwanga will support proven theft and the issue of tribal mantra will end, otherwise there is nothing wrong with the crusade,” Mr Mpombo said.

He explained that people are expecting to see suspected plunderers being taken to court so that the pronouncements on stolen public resources are justified for people to stop taking the recovery crusade as a tribal or political witch hunt.

He said once convictions begin to manifest, all people criticizing the president will go quiet.

There has been increasing criticism on President Hakainde Hichilema regarding the crusade against corruption and recovery of stolen public resources as some politicians and traditional leaders have alleged that the crusade is a witch hunt


  1. Yesterday, we saw another headline grabbing arrest that’s probably heading nowhere! More than anything else, this is what’s concerning to all who want answers! People are now beyond sensationalist arrests, that should really be conducted quietly. The whole parading of supposed offenders, is beginning to look like staged harassment. If this radical action, is genuinely without malice, why haven’t other criminals been subject to the same treatment – e.g., terrorists who gassed innocent citizens? These criminals are still free and mingling with the same people they sought to murder! Peculiarly, the UPND government appears not to be in a hurry to solve this crime, why? We want to see the law applied justly across the board; not dependent on depth of dislike for the individual…

  2. The Pentecostal church is full of hooligans who can’t comment on national matters with authority. Where were they when their colleagues from these same churches made the Christians for ECL movement? They’re full of street language! Zambia is now a society where everybody is partisan. When the Law is bent against your opponent then you won’t see anything wrong with that. By their statement the men of God have sent a message to Bally that he must not forget that they need to eat. That’s why FTJ used to toy with them using brown envelopes. Do they know the church is a refuge even for convicts? How will they treat Malanji if he goes to their churches? They have benefitted so much from his donations, don’t they have any shame?

  3. Just a bit of observation…why didn’t the ACC act on these cases way back? I know the fake pastor will say these Officers were afraid of the goverment. By the same measure these Officers are acting out of fear of the current government. They are not professionals but people only to have a job. It means if Lungu had one these cases were not going to be acted on? I feel sorry for us….we not protected by our law enforcement agencies. It’s a disservice to the nation to have a political police service etc.

  4. Zambia is a potentially rich country with abundant resources. It is sad that most people are still poor because of the greed of some degenerates.

  5. It was expected – they have done it before. It has now become a tradition for this clique of thieves to run to tribe for protection. Stay away from Public resources they know no tribe – they are for all Zambians. Shaaa..!

  6. I agree, it’s not a witch-hunt because in Zambia we have nfiti, not witches. A nfiti is much more powerful sorcerer than it’s European counterparts. there is nothing wrong with hunting down these nfiti, especially the ones who have blood on their hands.

  7. Malanji gave away most of his loot to buy bosses and donated them to churches.
    Will HH grab back those busses from churches?

  8. Zambians are intelligent enough to know whether the crusade on corruption is genuine or not and therefore do not need lectures from from people with narrow and selfish interest. They are the ones who have a complete list of big thieves who have crippled this country. Lest we forget we forget, God is watching.

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