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It’s now clear that Mr. Hichilema has a list of MPs he wants to fix while in office-Nakachinda


Patriotic Front member of the Central Committee in charge of information and publicity Raphael Nakachinda has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to honor the K1, 500 salary increment for police officers as opposed to using them in settling political scores.

Hon Nakachinda says it is now clear that Mr. Hichilema has a list of Members of Parliament he wants to fix while in office, more especially those from the former ruling party Patriotic Front.

The PF member of the Central Committee in charge of information and publicity said this when he and other senior PF members went to visit former Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kapyongo who was detained by the police at Chelston Police Station.

“It is now clear that President Hakainde Hichilema has a list of Members of Parliament he wants to fix. Let him just honor the K1, 500 salary increment he promised the police officers unlike using them to oppress political opponents. So in the next few days, you are going to see an increase of arrests because Mr. Hichilema is using law enforcement agencies by giving them instructions everyday, ” said Hon Nakachinda.

“When he (Mr. Hichilema) wakes up in the morning, his heart turns and says where is Stephen Kapyongo, Chitalu Chilufya, and when the police tell him there is nothing we have found, he says you have to find something. What is going on here at Chelston Police Station is real drama and like the leader of opposition in Parliament has said, the real answer is the court.”

And the leader of the opposition in Parliament Hon Brian Mundubile said the new government is not giving chance to PF MPs to speak for their people on many issues such as the eminent increase in fuel and electricity costs and other pressing issues.

He charged that these arrests are political and that the people of Zambia are seeing whatever is happening in the country.


  1. The witch craft story continues, not sure what is wrong with these PF cadres who even when things are straight forward where citizens witnessed complete lawlessness where every body saw stones flying towards the helicopter almost bringing it down then somebody should stand up and start blaming the President. What is just wrong with these PF guys, what is wrong with calling a wrong a wrong, anyway that is what happens when people are used to lawlessness, they sawnothing wrong with what happened and what was happening

  2. I am PF but I can attest that these detentions have nothing to do with the President, we were all in this country and witnessed what was happening in Shiwan’gandu with Police playing a blind eye, even a brother to a minister in Shiwang’ando who seriously assaulted a parliamentary candidateleaving him for dead was only arrested when Police command changed hands, and now Nakachinda must as usual try to mislead weak souls. This country had degenerated into out right lawlessnesss under PF and I repeat, for clarity, I am PF member but a very objective one. I don’t defend wrongs

    • If Kampyongo did not throw a stone, why was itthat this issue which was widely publicized did not get Kampyongos attention when he was Home Affairs Minister to have it investigated and closed, he should then be charged with negligence of duty or derelection of duty or sleeping on duty, which ever way you look at it, we saw stones flying towards helicopters in Shiwang’andu and this issue can not be closed by a partisan eye but by an objective eye which is justice

  3. “….Hon Nakachinda says it is now clear that Mr. Hichilema has a list of Members of Parliament he wants to fix while in office,..”

    Yes, those with cases to answer …. .

  4. I don’t agree with Nakachinda but if what he’s saying is true then we shall never get out of this circle of revenge. Chiluba wanted to finish off KK. He himself fell victim to the very person he propelled to the presidency. Rupiah Banda is the happiest of all former presidents because he held no grudge against anyone. He was always a jolly fellow maybe it’s because he’s always been a social person. All the others have bitterness in their hearts for one reason or another. The next president will want to fix Hichilema…. whether he’s Upnd or not… remember Levy and FTJ.

  5. Water will always find its level. These thieves need to be locked up. Umulandu taubola. The chaps thought they were Kings when they were at the helm doing all the wrong things.

  6. When I heard that Kampyongo has been arrested I thought it were issues from the FIC report. Now it’s the 2015 helicopter saga. Honestly people let us be sincere with ourselves. If HH was not arrested for the mapatizya violence, the recent PF leader killed in Solwezi during elections and those killed in Chawama why would he bring the misconduct of cadres on the former minister and arrest him. To me it’s more of revenge than anything else. Find issues of corruption PF leaders were involved in then Zambians will support you. Amos Chanda it was the same. Thinking its money ati he insulted the ACC officers.

  7. How would anyone with the right mind even consider that Nakacinda is right with his rantings?
    Who is the boss between Nakacinda and Mundubile, and why is it that Mundubile is NOT quoted, when based on the interview video, Mundubile spoke first? But because Nakacinda is about “ATTENTION”, he spews this garbage in order to make headlines. If he has concerns, why doesn’t he address the Minister Of Home Affairs, instead of the President? The idea that the President will wake-up everyday, to check the list of who the police need to arrest is EQUALLY INSANE as the person saying that. Ba PF START reflecting, YOU ARE STILL CONTINUING WITH YOUR LIES. You have NOT learnt a lesson. If this is the Checks & Balances, you are mistaken.

  8. Deja Vu….stick to the topic. This case is about Kampyongo’ and what happened in Shiwangandu. If you don’t know, you don’t know. See you in court.
    With all the video evidence of many crimes committed by lawless cadres, I wonder how we still have low convictions. Since we are saving on fuel and zesco subsidies, please fund the Police.

  9. There is absolutely no revenge here, a crime is a crime and it is only justice that amends a crime, that is why you are seeing in Europe a lady was recently arrested in Germany for a crime committed in 1945 when she helped Germany soldiers by giving them information which helped exterminate the jews. So just accept that there was something that went wrong and people need to be questioned, that is what is called the wheels of justice

  10. Don’t worry, as hichilemas down fall is soon and it will be very hard hitting for him. This is a one term dictatorship.

  11. I miss this crop of Ministers of Home Affairs – Aaron Milner, Mainza Chona, Lameck Mangani, Newstead Zimba, Peter Machungwa, Chitalu Sampa, Lackson Mapushi and tother like minded individuals, but we had a total misfit under PF for such a sensitive ministry, a man punctuated with cheeky and arrogance, current UPND ministers need to learn fast from this episode, the man openly boasted at their PF ubomba mwibala alya mwibala party in Ndola that the detentions of opposition leaders were at his pleasure. How do you honestly run a country like that

  12. “It is now clear that President Hakainde Hichilema has a list of Members of Parliament he wants to fix. ” says Nakachinda. So you Don’t know that HH was voted into power to ”fix it” and to ” FIX YOU”

  13. Old Member
    that is Lungu for you making history for all the wrong reasons,apart from unprecedented looting,abuse of the law and state instituitions he shall be rembered as the president who appointed the worst Home Affairs minister


  15. Face the music if you are innocent.yoi will be aquitted. Thieves and hooligans from the terrorist regime (PF) must face accountability.

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