PF must prioritise and embrace discipline in all structures as it rebrands-Mundubile

GOVERNMENT Chief Whip Hon Brian Mundubile
GOVERNMENT Chief Whip Hon Brian Mundubile

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee (MCC) Dr. Brian Mundubile says the former ruling party must prioritise and embrace discipline in all structures as it rebrands.

Mr. Mundubile, the PF Chairman for Legal Affairs, said the internal election postmortem has shown that lack of discipline and hooliganism made the party unpopular prior to the last August general elections.

He said there is more to the PF rebranding than finger-pointing and witch-hunting.

Mr. Mundubile said the PF must strive to regain its lost popularity among the Zambian people ahead of future elections.

He also spoke on the planned holding of the PF Convention saying it is vital in ensuring that the former ruling party becomes popular among the citizenry again.

“Rebranding is a much more complex process than just removing some people from the party. We have listened to people, especially people from outside the party. Prior to the postmortem we asked people what made Zambians not to vote for us. One of the things we are working on in rebranding is discipline because the issue of hooliganism was top on the agenda to say as a party you stopped being attractive,” Mr. Mundubile said on Radio Icengelo.

“People said as a party you started instilling fear in people be it in the markets, civil service and bus stations. That fear made even the people that loved the party and what it did got fed up. So number one step is instilling discipline across all party structures. This rebranding is supposed to start with discipline at branch level with an individual member checking themselves.”

“It is easy to point fingers at others but as PF members we must ask ourselves what we did to avoid the election loss. So this issue can’t revolve around one person seated in Lusaka or three or four, five people seated in Lusaka. How about that one in Mporokoso who made votes go to the other side, what did they do to prevent us from losing the election so that rebranding is starting right at the bottom, section level, branch coming to the ward. There will also be restructuring, party structures will not be the same, party structures are going to be expanded,” he said.

Mr. Mundubile is one of the people tipped to become PF party president when former President Edgar Lungu leaves the party presidency.


  1. I am PF, we just need to disband as PF, rebranding is not achievable, we have just done too many wrong things and we don’t even have competent leaders. We grounded the economy, we suspended civil liberties and rights of citizens, we literally hijacked ZNBC to ourselves, we abused the Police. Rebranding?

  2. The PF is at a crossroads, the indiscipline that they had embraced has now come back to haunt them. The departure of senior leaders before the transition is over has made it difficult to hold the Party. ECL’s activities are limited by the Law on former Presidents. Mama Inonge is gone, SG Mwila is gone and so is National Chairman Mukupa. These have left a serious gap. With many senior members facing the UPND brutality it makes it difficult to keep the Party together. The onslaught from Kambwili who wants to take over by means has also created another fissure. We’ll now see who’s who in PF

  3. PF is in trouble because the grass roots want Kambwili while the leadership do not because Kambwili has insulted Kampyongo, Davis Mwila, ECL, Alexander Chiteme and many more top PF guys, so If Kambwili leads the PF many in the top leadership will leave and if he doesn’t the grassroots will leave to follow Kambwili in his new party so either way PF is F4&ked.

  4. Ni Doctor Mundubile olo Mr. Imwe LT make up your minds. Koma pa Zed pali ma doc ni zoona. We should be a developed country by now…

  5. “priorities and embrace discipline” Indiscipline started after the death of MCS, structures where operating according to party constitution but after that it became free for ALL. Compliance to the rules set is the beginning of discipline in any organisation. Top structures role is to show direction and lower structures to follow. KPI for SG

    “We have listened to people, especially people from outside the party.” Have you also listened to people about new President to take over from ECL? Those who are saying CK are within the party. What of those outside? CK contributed to failures of PF. He undermined the Party and its President. He is team player, he went to sleep with HH for his personal gain and when he could not get it, he u turned rejoining PF and wanting to be the Party…

  6. Rebranding painting over the cracks will Never Work ,the fact of the matter is ,Zambians have written PF Off .The Party that Michael Sata Founded became a Corrupt Criminal Enterprise.A Crime Syndicate. A party of thieves,by thieves,for thieves. 2.8 Million Zambians made the clear.
    Sata is turning in his Grave,incandescent with Rage.

  7. Don’t know what it will take for these pipo to realize that PF is completely finished. No amount of so called rebranding or changing structures or party hierarchy will ever resurrect it.

  8. PF is next to UNIP in the national museum, atleast MMD ruled for 20 years, PF only 10 years and dejected to the museum. UPND a lesson for you. Be sober minded and disciplined in government otherwise you will go the PF way, Zambians are not buying any joke from anybody anymore, somebody knows he is not eligible for a third term and he decides to intimidate the judges. Zambians are the ultimate judges

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