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President HH is In Bed With Vultures Who Raped Mother Zambia: Is he Immune to Sympathy?


By Kapya Kaoma

Under the UPND Dark Regime, Zambia is going forward, but the only problem is, it is hanging on a cliff! HH knows it, but his narcissistic inclinations make him immune to sympathy for poor Zambians. If he didn’t care in the 1990s when masses lost jobs, life savings, committed suicide and died without getting their benefits, what makes us believe his $1.3 billion IMF loan has Zambia’s interests at heart?

The vultures of the Bretton Woods have never developed any nation–they exist to make money from poor nations. The IMF loan’s conditions are meant to inflict more and more economic woes on poor Zambians–another reason why President HH has not disclosed the terms to the public. It is kaloba–and who boasts about kaloba unless one is out of their minds?

President HH made billions out of our IMF/World Bank inflicted misery in the 1990s. Now as Capitalist in Chief, profiting from the Presidency is his opus operandi! He may sing Zambia’s interests as much as he wants, but in the end, his capitalist interests drive his values. HH business practices, companies and partners will remain mysterious–allowing him to profit from the office of the Presidency. When we ask for transparency, we become the evil ones as HH continues to make money at the expense of Zambians. Since he is President, lying is his valuable asset–he will weaponize it by terming his critics as corrupt, while hiding his unethical business practices.

President HH believes Zambians voted for him because he was the most qualified. On the contrary, Zambians voted out of despair–rejection of Lungu was much more important than choosing a capable leader. This is at the heart of the problem. In his Master’s Thesis at Warwick University, UK, the man who made HH a billionaire, the late President FTJ Chiluba made an important observation about power. He argued that the manner in which one obtains power directs how that power is used in public life. Rarely do I agree with Chiluba, but on this point he was right. The New Dark Regime populist campaign was nothing but deception after deception.

The deadly ballyvirus’ (the illness that erases the minds of UPND cadres) origins are traced to President Hichilema. He doesn’t remember that we have today because of yesterday–so he is proud to tweet about securing the IMF loan. Yet yesterday he said Zambia should put a moratorium on borrowing. So how does he justify adding another $1.3 billion to our international debt? And who doesn’t know the IMF loans are riddled with anti-poor people conditions?

Yesterday the Capitalist in Chief promised to reduce the cost of living, today even Bally worshipers’ baskets are becoming smaller and smaller–Lungu is to blame. The good news is, with the new IMF Loan, the worst is still to come. O you Bally worshiper, prepare yourself, tighten your belts, for Bally is coming for you.

Yesterday he vowed to sell that Presidential Jet and use the money to pay UNZA Students their bursaries, today he is proud to fly in it. As for those wise students who chanted, “Bally will fix it,” today in shame they watch as their god in that once cursed Jet now in clouds ascending.

Yesterday he promised to depoliticize the Civil service, today, UPND cadres are in all positions of power! As for corruption, unless you worked for the PF, his cadres and their families are having it big.

Yesterday we were made to believe the 48 houses belonged to Tasila Lungu, today, the owner is not PF. You know the rest. The millions who sacrificed to this new god, and covered social media with his face in pride, today in shame they hide–hoping nobody remembers yesterday. Alas the once sacred “Bally” has morphed into the evil Lungu–another cycle of raised hopes, shattered dreams! So in deep darkness Bally worshipers push Zambia forward as she barely hangs on a deadly cliff.

Will the nation have enough courageous and independent minds to push back to save Mother Zambia from these deadly vultures who raped her in the 1990s?

I can only pray.


  1. This Author’s narrative is mostly devoid of sincerity and is deliberately jumbled up and slanted to justify and suit his narrowed and targeted unsavoury figment of our President’s character.
    The Presidential Jet which was the subject of contention is the more recently acquired “Ferrari in the Sky” which President HH has not used to this very day, contrary to the Author’s wild assertions.
    At the height of the ACC’s shocking formal proclaimation that the 48 Houses had no Owner, HH offered the ACC the information that the Owner was a Civil Servant Accountant.
    Need we go on?

    • Just put it as it is, this author is a liar. just envious of the innovation and already demonstrated quality leadership from HH

  2. You sound bitter for some reason and as a result some of the points you raise are clothed in some scaremongering hype typical of the rhetoric of the last PF regime. I still believe its yet too early to condemn Bally so viciously. His pronouncements and his deeds so far are still in synch. Some of us are therefore still hopeful he means well.

  3. Kapya Kaoma if you have concrete proof that HH profited from IMF-led privatization then sue him on behalf of Zambians or stfu with this garbage article.


  5. There’s a huge debt burden to deal with. How do u seek understanding with your creditors if u cannot meet them to reassure them that u intend to be honest and transparent in your spending of public funds?

  6. This man still can’t belive a tonga is the Zambian president………..

    Seek counselling, your hatred is killing you…….

  7. Let the writer alone. He is entitled to his opinion. Why you Zambias do you want every one to clap for HH. Never is only God will develop any country coupled with hard work. HH need to create more industries but if he concentrates on corruption he will definitely fail and it will be one term

  8. In life I’ve learnt to pick sense out of nonsense! The writer is right in highlighting , “the privatisation boys are back”fili-uko tuleya!!

  9. UPND is cool, massive development expected to be seen, Very good foundation, UPND is working, the rejected ones are bloging

  10. Those so called vultures HH is meeting are the Eurobond lenders from whom both Sata and Lungu borrowed billions. And these ‘achievements’ by Sata and Lungu were celebrated then by all and sundry in the PF like the Kapya Kaomas. But when it came to paying back Lungu and his PF defaulted on two coupons leading to the fall of the Kwacha. All that HH is doing is to reassure the ‘vultures’ that he has a plan to pay back their money. That is why he is meeting them. If this makes HH a devil, so be it. This is the devil I want to be palling with.

  11. We warned about this and now you know who is running your country. They will prop him up and bin him when they are finished with him the same way his friend Cyril Ramaphosa is finding out. We are an experimental template on how the southern will be destabilised and eventually destroyed. Watch how Zambia will be overwhelmed with insurgency from DRC and Mozambique. We warned you…and yes we know these people are monitoring everything we are writing here on LT.

  12. I can taste the bitter saltiness of your ignorance all the way from my living room.
    I am unsure whether I should laugh at you like one does a clown, or if I should pity you as one does a fool.

  13. Let us all worship Jesus Christ and not man. I believe in HH but if only he can cleared his name from the privatization mess they tag him with. Remember a lot of families where ruined especially of the Copper Belt , men and women died of depression, children where scattered as a result and if we have short memories and then begin to worship people that where involved in this mess, then as Africans we are hundred years behind mentally. Look at the industry now, all ran by Indians ,Lebanese and other foreigners because all the Industries we built before FTJ was cheated was sold for a song. MOTHER ZAMBIA STILL WEEPS! GOD WATCHES EVERYTHING.

  14. Zambians please remember that we defaulted on a Eurobond and that means we will not be able to borrow on the international markets cheaply, HH securing a IMF deal of $1.3 billion does two things, firstly that money cushions our dire situation and secondly it allows us to negotiate with our international creditors so we can reduce payments and pay the loans over a long period that money saved can be used for developmental programs.
    This article has been written by a bitter PF cadre.

  15. flag Spaka December 10, 2021 At 7:57 am

    This man still can’t belive a tonga is the Zambian president………..


  16. Kapya Kaoma has been manipulated by one called @Kaizar Zulu.

    In addition, the author is entitled to his own opinion, but has no right to disseminate half baked stories and fake misinformation, without proof.

  17. Just the manner and style this article is written, it is totally off putting to anybody seeking some intellectually driven article that is meant to give a critiques perspective on some of the key decisions made by the new dawn government. It is Amazing that the editorial of Lusaka times would pass such an article to feature on their site….. it speaks volumes of your standards. Before you rant about 2.8/ 1.8 the issue here is not that you are criticising HH approach it is the manner in which it is being done

  18. Great writeup Kapya Kaoma! Only Bally praise singers and worshippers fail to see sense in what you write. Could be that they were in mummy’s nappies when FTJ made us go through IMF SAP. Or, they were not yet conceived. At least FTJ would ask us at his famous POPE SQUARE RALLY whether we were ready to sacrifice, and we said YES to him. But with Bally, he lied through his teeth that he was not going to borrow and only be prudent in the management of the country’s public affairs. He told us his was a group of economic managers. But what do we see after all Bally’s campaign lies is that they are not economic managers in their own right but mere IMF lapdogs who are ready to do the bidding of the Bretton Wood’s institutions and surrender the country’s sovereignty to them. What matters to…

  19. What matters to Bally and Co. is to cut deals with western financial institutions, give away mining royalties to foreign mining firms whilst they borrow from the IMF. One just wonders what kind of kick-backs Bally is getting in return from these foreign mining firms for giving tax holidays to foreign mining firms like he is giving them masuku fruits.

  20. I always say this, and will continue to say, no matter what insults you pile on somebody, the day of reckoning always comes. Ask PF .
    Going to IMF and effectively raising the cost of living for zambians is not in our interest. We have been down this route before and it left our country in deep trouble which we have never recovered from.
    So it’s just a matter of time. Zambians will react once the iMF conditions are implemented. So it’s a waste of time to attack someone who is merely telling the truth.
    Anyway, nizanu.

  21. @ Issacher,
    What you are saying is logical, except that there is no economical pathway to revive the Zambian economy, other than via IMF.
    The PF government was pursuing the same path, for 7 years, they were NOT successful and the country defaulted, with rising inflation, and no hope for the youth. The question becomes either “DO” or “DIE”. Have you seen any credible suggestions or recommendations from the criticizers on how to revive the economy? Nothing….Everyone is focused in KK Era how it was, but not providing any solutions for current. So, we got to support, what is in front of us and see where it takes us, then we can criticize.

  22. We warned you didn’t we? You prepared the bed, now slowly lay in it.
    Upnd Kapya don’t bring or put Lungu in your b*llsh*tness.
    Let’s just enjoy the forwardness of bali as he gives sovereignty to IMF. Government policies must strictly follow the foot paths of sick puppy IMF.
    In short, don’t put ECL mufimalyashi fyabupuba iwe yupeendi kelenka Kapya.

  23. Our economy under RB was doing just fine without the likes of IMF and Co. In fact we had a surplus and bumper harvests. You had champions like Mundia Sikatana, true and humble patriots.

  24. Freedom of speech and opinions sharing for discourse now given a pass by the New Dawn leadership should not be treated as passport for LT support for nonsensical skewed views bent on political and personal hateful perceptions! LT needs to step up on discernment with articles of fact shared with the larger Zambian readership.

  25. Freedom of speech and opinions sharing for discourse now given a pass by the New Dawn leadership should not be treated yuas passport for LT support for nonsensical skewed views bent on political and personal hateful perceptions! LT needs to step up on discernment with articles of fact shared with the larger Zambian readership.

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