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Peezy Cables discusses new single ‘Sojo’


Peezey Cables is a producer, singer, and songwriter. He has produced and written for artists such as Eddie black, Exile (Israel), Macky II, Tiye-P, among others over the years. He also serves as CEO of record label Mangishi Audio, formally known as Helium Prime. Explaining the name change he said, “Mangishi is an extension of Peezey Cables in the sense that Mangishi in English means wires which has a connect to Cables and I also wanted a native name for more authenticity”.

Having been in the music industry for some time he has learned a lot, “I have learned that it takes a lot of input, patience, hard work and discipline to drive your narrative”, In regards to the Zambian music industry, he stated, I feel with need policy change from the regulators, because we take this music thing very serious but I know for a fact our policies are an obstacle for certain progressions to take place. But we as an industry are on course and above all we need Jesus Christ to lead the way as we follow.”

During this Covid-19 period, where artistes are limited in their ability to perform live, musicians have taken advantage of digital platforms, “…there was no other way around it but through, so covid has caused all sectors of livelihood to digitize which in turn has made the world a lot smaller and assessable”

On 17th December Pezzy Cables will be releasing his latest single titled ‘Sojo’. “I wanted to think of a way of singing about love in a not so obvious way. So, I thought of games we used to play as kids and coined the Sojo game in a romantic way, so that’s how Sojo was born”. As far as 2022 goes Pezzy’s fans can expect a lot from him, “They will hear a side of me they haven’t heard of before, I have had a shift in mindset and I have grown over the years. So, I believe my fans will notice the shift.




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