Government Challenged to Find Money and give Loans to 8 000 eligible students


Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube has challenged the government to urgently find money to pay loans to about 8 000 eligible first-year students at the University of Zambia (UNZA).

The Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board (HELSB) recently disclosed it has failed to award loans to 8 004 eligible first-year students at the university for the 2021/2022 academic year citing budgetary constraints.

But Mr. Fube has wondered where the 80 percent of students left out will get the needed resources saying most of them may be coming from vulnerable families and that the country needs for its own national development.

Mr. Fube adds that the budget constraints have always existed saying they cannot be used as an excuse especially since this is less than half the number of eligible students that applied in a government that has adequate experience in governance matters and made a lot of promises prior to the elections.


  1. A bit of patience please, there was a lot of damage in this country by the PF, look at the reckless borrowing that we were even failing to pay our debts as a country, so where is the money to give scholarships going to come from, give the new government time to mobilise and put this country back into motion, this country was put in ICU by PF, the magnitude of the damage is immense

  2. Bally has no excuse. It’s very distressing for government to fail to meet its obligation to students especially that it collects a specific levy for that purpose. Why are business houses being made to pay skills levy if it’s not serving its purpose? Bally must go!

  3. This country was not destroyed. if so the servil savant would have not being paid their salaries and you cannot make a very big budget on empty tresury. UPND must fit it without referering to prevous government

  4. The monies have been shifted to constituencies where these guys are coming from. Its is up to the community ward councillors to choose who to sponsor. I thought that is why the CDF has been raised. Are we in the same country?

  5. Ba HH, please give these children the loans they need. You see my brother, even ECL, at one time, thought he was a very popular president. He only knew the reality after he lost. Just find the money to give these boys and girls. At lease fulfill some promises.

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