Masebo concerned about the increased number of Covid-19 active cases and admissions


Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has expressed concern about the increased number of Covid-19 active cases and admissions. Ms. Masebo says there is evidence of increased transmissions in congregate settings and social gatherings.

She has since appealed to members of the public to adhere to health regulations and to get vaccinated against the pandemic.

Speaking during the Covid update in Lusaka today, the Health Minister said the country has recorded 1 thousand 2 hundred and 94 cases in the last 24 hours out of 9 thousand and 6 tests.

Ms. Masebo said this represents a 14 percent overall national positivity and that one Covid-19 death has been recorded from Lusaka.

She said the active cases now stand at 3 882 active cases and that this is a significant increase from yesterday’s active cases which were reported to be at 2 666.

Ms. Masebo further expressed concern on the increased number of critically ill patients with 38 on oxygen therapy.

She said research conducted locally has revealed that the omicron variant is easily transmissible and poses higher risk of re-infection.

Ms. Masebo revealed that 1 hundred and 50 inmates at Kamwala Prison have tested positive to Covid 19 and said the inmates have to be isolated to avoid infection of others.

She also appealed to religious leaders and higher learning institutions to adhere to Covid 19 regulations as the Ministry has been alerted that regulations are being flouted.

And a Clergy Bishop PAUL MUSUSU appealed to religious leaders not to discourage congregants from getting vaccinated against Covid-19 claiming that it is the mark of the beast.


  1. The new dark government hasn’t taken anything in the country with the seriousness it deserves. Examples are Fuel, Fertiliser and electricity which is yet to be increased. Upnd has done exactly the opposite of their promises.

    When PF had Covid-19 cases at the highest level, you advocated for lockdown. Put the country on lockdown.

  2. The alarmist! you raise my BP. why can’t you work quietly and use the stats to improve efficiency and expand infrastructure. we know you on exaggerating data and evidence so that donor can bring in their peoples’ tax payers fund. We are inherently a flu country because Lusaka is one dusty city but since covid you stopped reporting flu related illnesses. Any seasonal illness is covid now! useless!!!

  3. The minister of Health is spot on. People need to be vaccinated in order to reduce the infection rate and possibly escape the wrath of COVID – 19 and its brother – Omicron variant B 11529

  4. The government should just bite the bullet and become strict with restrictions even if it means losing popularity. Entertainment places like cinemas and parks including bars and restaurants should only allow vaccinated people . That’s when people will take vaccination seriously.

  5. All prisoners must have been vaccinated by now. And why a Zambian in jail, empty all prisons.
    Vaccine is just in storage getting expired.

  6. No one takes you seriously madam. All the restrictions and measures you announced….no one is following them. Bars and Night Clubs have ignored your pronouncements and are operating “normally” .

  7. It’s sad the figures keep skyrocketing and the reasons are not farfetched. Adherence is completely nonexistent in places like bus and taxi ranks, markets and social gathering settings. Enforcement by using law agencies is also not possible without invoking certain instruments. It’s a catch 99 situation on the part of the authorities I suppose.

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