President Hichilema urges UPND MPs to go out and explain some of the success stories achieved so far


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged Members of Parliament to go back to their respective constituencies immediately they go on break and explain some of the success stories achieved so far.

President Hichilema said that citizens feel deserted whenever elected officials move away from them in times of challenges.

The President says the Members of Parliament must use their break to go back to the people and illustrate how the government intends to manage the economy.

President Hichilema said this during a caucus meeting with Members of Parliament at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, the Head of State said he is working round the clock to ensure that a functional economy is in place further calling on all citizens to join hands in ensuring that this comes to fruition.

The President said currently there is economic restructuring and rebuilding taking place and that citizens will be able to see the benefits.

President Hichilema said the people’s concerns are valid and the UPND administration shares their concerns as they affect everyone, but Government is confident that together, Zambians will win and win Big.

UPND MPS at a party Caucasus Meeting
UPND MPS at a party Caucasus Meeting


  1. Excellence needs no introduction. We know that you’ve successfully pursued all those who crossed your path when you were in opposition. We know you as a person that never forgives and indeed even the PF cadres that stormed your radio program in their drunken stupor have been successfully hunted down. You’ve successfully ignored to ensure that those that killed our people in your strongholds are brought to book. Kungo’s killers are still at large. Shame on you! Bitterman

  2. Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe nkunkunkunkyu hahahahahaha kwekwekwekwe kwikwikwikwikwi
    Hooo good lord!
    Yaba! Kulibonesha basa!

    Success story so far?
    Damn it! Is there any success?
    On mere pronouncements?
    The IMF taking over our country? You call that success stories. Fuel at K21 nempusho! Is that a success story?
    Wonders shall never end! Wha wha what a bombshell!
    Oweeee! This guy is up to nothing.
    Interesting readings. Right now, I feel for Zambians.

  3. @Ayatollah, Indeed, Bitterman even at his presidency. Born bitter. Bitterness is also an experience from childhood to adulthood.
    @This Thorn in the Flesh, I am also wondering. It’s a pity he thinks he is achieving without tangible results.
    Success stories in the last of the quarter, can we call that self praise.
    It’s obvious he is seeing what many Zambians can’t see. Self praise.
    Like old saying goes, “self praise is the first sign of insecurity”.
    Another one goes, ” Some things sound better if they don’t come from you”

  4. Zambians are solidly behind UPND and well aware that it gets dark before dawn, with UPND there is both the tunnel and the light, with the light at the end of the tunnel, with PF we waited for ten years without any money in our pockets after PF promised more money in our pockets

  5. HH is doing a recommendable job. In a year’s time you will see a lot of tangible benefits including a change in most Zambians mindset.

    I have mentioned before and I do agree with ‘Difikoti’ that HH’s communication team need an immediate shakeup. No wonder Mwamba is having a field day.

    Get individuals of Chibamba Kanyama’s calibre if not himself. Bring “Mr Lane” for example onboard as he is a very good at PR. Get the ‘Canadian Lawyer’ onboard as he already attracts audience.
    Move Kasanda to another quiet ministry. That ministry requires a strong voice, experienced and defender of the presidency . This is the Ministry HH should have put individuals like Sylvia.

  6. Real leaders know that self-praise is no praise. Successes of political will are always of public fanfare. I see no public excitement in the increment cost of living. Whom are you kidding Mr President.

  7. Someone enlighen me, which successes?
    Hiking fuel prices, persecuting political opponents, appointing party cadres as permanent secretaries?
    Introducing new taxes effective January?
    Maybe we should change the definition of success.

  8. UPND so far so good and I am not ashamed to say I am PF, ours was a disaster of a story. For ten years there was no money in peoples pockets as promised

  9. Appointment of ministers based on tribes they hail from, leaving out whites, Indians and Chinese? OK I agree with Chinese, but not Zambian whites and Indians.

  10. Kikikikiki sonta…IMF kaloba…success hihihihi fuel….electricity kikikiki…hatred and vengeance kikikiki…thats success according to HH….preach preacher

  11. When you are a good Footballer, Singer, Company CEO, Leader, Teacher etc, including being a “President”, you don’t need to send your Proxies, Foot-soldiers & Ponies to remind people how good you are, to go and reveal your achievements. People Will Automatically Notice and Feel It

    The president is micro-managing grown up individuals who should know very well why they are in parliament. And that is; to represent and apprise their constituents. HH just do the work & produce results. It will cascade from top to bottom and the nation will notice and feel it.

  12. I was pf also but have seen for myself how UPND have successfully brought back sanity in the country. Within 4 months the wheels of the economy are in motion. Keep up the good work , soon everyone will be able to see the fruits.

  13. UPND promises to reduce cost of living and keep prices down
    December 8, 2014
    If elected the UPND will take some short-term measures to reduce the cost of living, including lowering the price of fuel, but at the same time we will take action that will lead to bigger price reductions in the long-term and that will keep prices down.

  14. How can blind & lost PF sheep who had no vision for 10yrs be the guys to lecture us what success looks like? Keep matching on ahead Bwana HH.

  15. Well said #20 Regina ,the PF zealots for 10yrs didn’t have a clue how revive Zambia but now they’re “experts” ? Stinking ubufi stinking like Misisi slums.

  16. You guys cant see me performing here? Clap your hands! Iam here busy singing and you arent cheering! What a dissappointment! Come on my henchmen tell them Iam here singing a good song! Ask them to cheer!

  17. No upnd is not doing well ,we all know that you don’t go into government so that you can take food from people’s mouths but to help them live better lives.
    HH and his team must have navigated better ways of correcting what they found wrong with their predecessors but were not intelligent enough to think beyond the average person. So as for me I have concluded that they are a failed team who need to be replaced in the near future, all they fed people during their campaign was all fluke and corruption to say the least.

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