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Removal of subsidies is meant to enhance service delivery-Education Minister


The government has said that the benefits from the removal of fuel subsidies will soon start to accrue to many critical social sectors such as education once savings from subsidies begin to be channeled there.

Education Minister Douglas Siakalima has said that the removal of subsidies is meant to enhance service delivery in sectors such as education that have been receiving inadequate funding in the past.

Mr. Siakalima said that it is the intention of the government to increase funding to the social sector but this can only be done when the country has marshaled enough domestic resources.

He has also called for patience from Zambians saying the government is determined to turn around economic fortunes and will ensure that it does so.

The minister said this when he paid a courtesy call on Central province Deputy Permanent Secretary Godfrey Chitambala in Kabwe.

Mr. Siakalima also called on the provincial administration to sensitize people on the long-term benefits of some the measures which the government has embarked on.

Mr. Chitambala assured Mr. Siakalima that the provincial administration has already embarked on a public sensitization campaign of the government’s development programs.

And Mr. Siakalima has reiterated that 30, 000 new teachers will be in the classrooms next year in order to address the teacher deficit.

Mr. Siakalima said that despite doubts from a section of society, the government remains committed to recruiting the new teachers.
He disclosed that currently there is a deficit of 45, 000 teachers, a situation his ministry is committed to addressing.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Central Province Minister, Credo Manjuwa, Mr. Siakalima said education is the seed for the growth of the nation.

And Mr. Siakalima has called on Zambians to emulate the head of state in his endeavours to unite the country.

Parliamentary presiding officers led by new Speaker Hon. Nelly Muti, First Deputy, Attractor Malungo Chisangano and Second Deputy Speaker, Moses Frank Moyo pose for a picture with President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President, Mutale Nalumango at State House.
Parliamentary presiding officers led by new Speaker Hon. Nelly Muti, First Deputy, Attractor Malungo Chisangano and Second Deputy Speaker, Moses Frank Moyo pose for a picture with President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President, Mutale Nalumango at State House.

Meanwhile, the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Malungu Chisangano has said that there is need for Parliamentarians to advocate and support a comprehensive framework for domestic resource mobilization.

Ms. Chisangano said that MPs remain relevant in ensuring robust legislation to safeguard public resources.

Ms. Chisangano was speaking when she opened a workshop for Members of Parliament on the Budget Tool Kit organised by the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research -ZIPAR- in Lusaka today.

Ms. Chisangano commended ZIPAR for the initiative to develop a tool kit for MPs.

She said the initiative will capacitate the MPs and enhance the oversight role of parliament in budget scrutiny and interpretation of the budget analysis.

Meanwhile, ZIPAR Executive Director Herrick Mpuku said the workshop is aimed at enhancing knowledge and practicalities of the national budget formulation and management using a specialized designed tool kit.

And UNDP Resident Representative Lionel Laurens said evidence has shown that public expenditure allocations to health, education, social protection, and other crucial social sectors help countries ensure that human development is at the center of their budgeting process.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by representative Domingos Mazivila.



  2. The PF wage bill for their thugs and foot soldiers was hudge………running into the millions.

    Then there was the stealing by PF ring leaders………..

    And everyone else wanted to steal…….

    Just governance guided by the rule of law will see zambia through,……..

    but subsidy removal and the IMF loan will make sure zambia develops a sustanble economy in the the shortest time…….

  3. Remember the elitist satAnist party upnd after increasing fuel prices said that you don’t even drive exay. These are the dogs you people voted in. Disgruntled youth you deserve to suffer. Now before I employ anyone in my company I will be asking who they voted for in election. I won’t employ any Disgruntled youth

  4. Zambians understand the rationale of removal of subsidies, so it is understandable that people from the wholesome rejected PF party like moribund Kaizar will be backing un controllably, let him and his fellow rejects weep

  5. Zambia is in safe hands now, we allowed jokes for ten years, no wonder both the economy and governance crumbled

  6. Afyer 10yrs of PF voodoo economics,high deficits,high debts ,very low GDP growth,Eurobond default and corruption of course the painful belt tightening was coming.Welcome to the painful consequences of electing clueless PF.

  7. You accepted PF bribes of new Heroes Stadium,Lusaka flyovers,new KKIA, Kazungula bridge,Eurobonds and high deficits…now accept its time to painfully pay the creditors.

  8. Reading the comments above, it is clear that there are a lot of educated f00Is in upnd. Education does not make a person wise. Alot of people are calling me saying they miss pf already.

  9. With the PF Eurobond default and 10yrs of PF economic mismanagement we suffered and now we’re suffering even more you KZ chakolwa.Glad we booted incompetent PF out.

  10. Let’s accept that we will have fulls like Kaizar in society. They destroyed the country and wanted to continue on the same path, very happy that they were stopped and put were they belonged


  12. Honourable Minister keep your rhetoric explanation to your Upnd supporters. Nothing will benefit the citizenry from the removal of subsidies. Kindly admit that you are dancing to your Masters especially the IMF and the World Bank. In 2013, the late President Micheal removed the subsidies, and in 10 years time, nothing tangible has been seen. Life has become unbearable and miserable for the poor. HH when he was in opposition strong objected to the move. He called Sata’s regime as “Mediocre Government”. Anyway, politicians are just tricky and keep on changing. Check your space 2026 is not far. Implement your utopia promises if possible.

  13. #14 Lawrence Bwalya.. unfortunately the majority of our people are gullible. During the more money in your pockets euphoria, I asked my young colleagues at work if the goverment reduced tax where the money to run government was going to come from. The most common was WE KNOW YOU ARE MMD SO YOU WON’T SAY ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT MR SATA. Here we are now talking about the same thing over and over again.

  14. Kaizar Zulu you are now a toothless idiiiot with nothing else to do but crawling to eat the old crumbs from the masters you once looked down upon. am sure even your very servant you had in your house has surpassed you now to become your master and how painful that must be for you. anyway i enjoy you guys suffering and crying for an election you were so sure of winning based on fake road constructions. enjoy your life in opposition for it surely will be for a very long long long time.

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