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Almost all Covid-19 related deaths are happening among the people who are not vaccinated-Masebo


Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo has revealed that almost all covid-19 related deaths are happening among unvaccinated people.

Ms. Masebo has since called on citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19 following the increase in cases, admissions, deaths, and test positivity.

Speaking during the Covid 19 update in Lusaka today, the Health Minister said five new deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours with two being children aged 3 months and 5 years.

Ms. Masebo explained that four of the deaths recorded are from Lusaka while One is from North Western Province and that the victims were not vaccinated.

She said the country has recorded 6 hundred and 9 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours out of 3-thousand 4-hundred and 88 tests.

Ms. Masebo said health experts have detected an additional 54 Omicron cases from Lusaka, Copperbelt, and North-Western Provinces.

She said this brings the cumulative number of detected omicron cases to 65 and that the majority of patients are suffering from the new variant.

Ms. Masebo said the country now has 6 thousand and 9 active cases with 1 hundred and 12 admitted while 52 are on oxygen therapy and 5 in critical condition.

The Health Minister said an increasing number of students in tertiary institutions have tested positive to Covid 19 and called on Management in the various institutions to ensure compliance to Covid 19 regulations and encourage vaccination.

And Ministry of Health Director Infectious Diseases Lloyd Mulenga said 6 inmates are among those admitted to hospital after testing positive to Covid 19.


  1. Let the unvaccinated die, nothing will change their mindset, they are bent on believing all the papas & other conspiracy theorists telling them not to vaccinate, so let them die…

  2. Really she’s a liar, how does she knows tht the dead person is not vaccinated, is she being told. Ad wht the excitement, mulelyamo, or ni business.

  3. And who is to blame? You are in govt now..when we were in charge more people were coming forward to get vaccinated. Since you western stooges took over, People have lost confidence and trust in govt vaccines. People don’t trust hh when it comes to whlte people. We know how he betrayed us during privatisation. Hh the oreo- Black on the outside and white on the inside

  4. Those campaigns Lungu was making before the elections must have contributed to this outbreak.

    Let us reject this virus the same way we rejected PF.

  5. Compared to Western countries ,Zambia’s unvaccinated have a better chance at survival than the unvaccinated in the West. Besides the sample size used by the MOH to make this inference is too small in Zambia ,meaning the percentage of vaccinated in Zambia is too small to make a comparison with unvaccinated. There are also too many confounding factors not taken into consideration.

  6. But how many people are vaccinated madam? If the number is 1% and unvaccinated is 99% then the ones dying are probably not vaccinated, it is true… But can you get the required 18 million vaccines deployed to the people of Zambia? That is more of the question, not whether people are refusing

  7. Its important for people to get vaccinated but the picture being portrayed is that people are only dying from Covid-19 only. How possible is it?

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