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Council of Churches in Zambia urge UPND not to use power to harass former leaders


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has challenged the new dawn administration to walk the talk in restoring the rule of law and not use power to harass former leaders under the previous regime who may have infringed upon their rights.

According to Radio Phoenix, CCZ said that ome appointees under the new dawn administration were retired in national interest, fired or sidelined by the previous regime on alleged political grounds.

But CCZ General Secretary father Emmanuel Chikoya says now is not the time for pay back but to restore the rule of law and has advised politicians, especially those in office, not to use public office to harass others.

However, father Chikoya told Phoenix that while forgiveness is important, someone must be held accountable for certain matters under the previous regime and is urging those that were involved in corruption and other vices to come out in the open if Zambians are to forgive them.

And father Chikoya is urging the police to stop arresting people and transporting them over long distances as this act alone may see people justifiably conclude that it is the new dawn government’s payback plan on former ruling party officials.


  1. Kikikikiki KZ mwazala fast! just two people ere transported you have already cried foul!!!! it was just a kandyoko (Taste). Let PF account for their sins.

  2. They were drunk with power………..

    Let Zambians see what happens when you abuse power, least we forget and the next wannabe corrupt dictator and his clique of theives comes along……….they must know what will happen to them.

  3. It’s simple really. It’s a matter of law and evidence, period. If the good Catholic Father has a problem with that, too bad. We know what years of grand corruption and public policy failure have done to some African countries such as Nigeria. The whole country has become a crime scene. State institutions such as the police and the military aren’t immune to the violence in Nigeria. Is that what Fr Chikoye wants to happen to Zambia? Once u reach the stage Nigeria has reached, it’s too late.

  4. Deja Vu @3, who can forgive wrongs that are not acknowledged? Which PF leaders are ready to say ” sorry, here are state assets we plundered”?

  5. I want to agree with your sentiments Father Chikoya. Your voice never tilted towards a trophy of money then. You remain one of the few reasonable voices worthy the nations attention. Thank you sir. We glorify God for the gift of steadfastness and gentleness in you. Now let the new dawn government hear this.

  6. What I know is the corruption PF was committing was mainly through procurement of services to government. Now if we are honesty and sincere and genuine in our political discourse, how is the corruption or PF different from what HH and UPND has done 3 months in power by awarding a fertilizer contract of $50 million to a sitting minister and her husband. HH himself said ‘PF ministers were awarding themselves contracts’. Anyone who has lived during MMD, PF and UPND should know that all politicians just lie to citizens. That’s why they are telling us that government spends $67 million and now we are hearing that actually they don’t.

  7. Who is telling the truth PF or UPND. All are LIers
    or who is governing well PF or UPND . all are business men looting zambia

  8. Hegelian dialectic. Swinging the pendulum so it can reach both the North and South Pole. The synthesis is for them to be applauded by both camps. They can then collect an offering from the victor and vanquished at the same time. Clever!

  9. @kaiser zulu, another thief who stole money from Zambians now boasting. Your time is coming.. you are one of those with blood of innocent Zambians on your hands.

    You should thank HH he prevented the youths from getting your head… that doesn’t mean you are off the list..

    CCZ didn’t speak up when HH was being victimized by Lungu & his Holocaust Nazi party, hence they should stfu!

  10. Our eyes are open, seeing everything taking place under this regime. Don’t take it for granted, governance is like a bone in a game park. A lion can start the ball rolling on this one and ending up to with a hyena.

  11. Miranda .
    Please don’t insult that priest because he stands as God’s own servant , you may not like what he said but he still remains the voice of God, you called him a priest because of the office you know he is a man of God, he deserves some respect because of his office.

  12. Ati “council of churches” this body when Vasco Dagama killed the religious ministry they went numb. Now they have waken up from their slumber. Vasco Dagamaa does not understand spiritual things. He thinks that everything works through privatisation only. Human beings are Saul, spirit and body. This council is sleeping, it is not even aware that it’s arm in the Govt was chopped off.

  13. Nshilimubemba

    Didn’t you hear this fake Priest telling PF members that he couldn’t speak out against any injustice they were facing under UPND coz they did the same?

    What has changed?

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