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Suspected UPND cadres fight running battles with Zambia Police at Zambezi Portland Cement


Several workers at Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) in Ndola have sustained injuries after a group of youths attacked the plant with stones on Tuesday.

The stone-carrying youths who included some identified UPND youth members attacked the plant on accusations that it has employed PF members and that it was keeping PF regalia in the plant.

This is despite the case of ownership of the cement plant being active in the Court of Appeal.

Ndola police fought running battles with the youths as workers at Zambezi Portland Cement retaliated when two company vehicles and the main gate was damaged.

Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri, who rushed to the plant, checked the premises in the company of police and the media.

Mr. Phiri, who was flanked by UPND Ndola District spokesperson Joseph Zimba, did not find PF regalia in the containers checked.

In his address to the workers at the cement plant, Mr. Phiri challenged police to deal with the assailants.

“There were accusations that there are containers with PF regalia but we have not found any regalia after searching with the police. Let the youths refuse to used because the law will catch up with them,” Mr Phiri said.

“There is no one from the Government who is going to represent wrongdoers. Police work according to the rules. Police ensure that the rule of law is followed,” he said.

Zambezi chief executive officer Gomeli Litana said he suspects that the attackers were sponsored by individuals fighting for company ownership in court.

“We are here as management not because of the Government but the court, not because of PF or UPND but a stay from the court. People who are coming to cause confusion here are using money. We know the people giving them money to cause confusion. People who want this company must come forward and prove to the court,” said Mr. Litana.

UPND Ndola District spokesperson Joseph Zimba said UPND youths who took part in the violent incident will not be protected and urged police to operate freely.

“I am representing the ruling UPND party. I am here to say that the nonsense (violence) happening here at Zambezi Portland Cement must end immediately. You know that in the last ten years of the PF rule no new company has opened here in Ndola because of violence and cadrelism. As UPND we will not allow that violence forces investors to run away from Zambia,” Mr. Zimba said.

“This issue is in court and all of us have no power over the happening here. It is the court to rule who is eligible to run this company. We are not supposed to be throwing stones at each other, let’s leave the case in the hands of the court. We know that there are people sponsoring these youths to cause confusion. Those youths can’t rise on their own, so as a ruling party we are telling the police to take charge. Find people sponsoring violence here at Zambezi Portland Cement,” he said.

ZPC chief executive officer Litana is fighting in court with Phesto Musonda, who wants to take over the plant.

Two weeks ago Musonda and his counterpart Kalunga, along with 70 youths defied court orders and attempted to takeover ZPC operations while the shareholders case is still very active at the Court of Appeal.

The duo, together with their accomplices, went to the plant where they tried to force their way into the plant with the intentions of taking over operations.


  1. As long as people have nothing to keep them busy things like this will be a regular occurrence. Especially when expectations are so high.

  2. What is with this company that is always in courts …………????

    One thing for sure, this must be a very profitable company for people to be always fighting over it…………

    And those are not UPND youth but the ruminants of PF cader foot soldier’s for rent , because they can’t now extort money from people in markets and bus stops……….

  3. But why are cadres still able to terrorise people? Are they more powerful than lawful authorities, or is there incompetence at the centre of government? Exasperating indeed!

    #plant a tree now please!

  4. Sorry we can see more evil coming these cadres must know that Zambia belongs to every Zambian, no matter where he belongs, Zambia is a country and not party property.
    If you do not behave people will remove you and replace you with your opposition.
    Those people in opposition are your own brothers and sisters you even know each other.
    Politics must not make you enemies of your family.

  5. We all know that harder times are coming but you don’t kill your own brother to survive.
    Every one knows more industry will go away to other countries anyway it is the policy of UPND, it is rather unfortunate.

  6. Mapatizya formula party.
    Just a bunch of lawless goons.
    Cage ’em hooligans.
    Exactly how they behaved immediately they won by mistake.

  7. Ati rule of law and Police will operate professionally, my foot!
    Ala kuwayawaya fye.
    Elo lwanya nomba, ni free for All for upnd cadres.

  8. In my opinion Both PF and UPND are violent parties. we should not paint PF blue-black because they are out of power these parties used to fight each other. The caderism has not gone away. UPND has not done away with Caderism, they are just hiding they will resurface very soon

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