HH: Love Him or Hate Him, Time Will Tell


By Chomba Kaoma

The case of Bally, a simple Gentleman from the outskirts of Southern Province, From Kachema to Successful businessman and Politician to President with a Virgin mind about Public and Civil service but a very rich background about business and how the private sector runs, fails, succeeds etc. as a nation we are always led by politicians let me explain that….”A POLITICIAN always makes decisions from a voters point of view simply because this nation has been reduced to elections and not development” Very Sad!! Mostly these decisions affect long term planning because most of them have got short term benefits and only sustain the few among the General public.

Yesterday His Excellence President of the Republic of Zambia Comrade Double H Made a serious statement which I am sure not even the famous Binoculars could see or hear from afar This man simply said what no politician has ever said “Am not here to seek Re Election but am here to work” what most people don’t know is that Presidency is the most difficulty Job but should never be reduced to a Voters card. Every time the President makes a decision people go up in arms 2026 TAWAKAPITE even with little understanding that the decision has been made in there best interest “TATWAKA VOTEE” one day we shall end up with a Fool of a President because lack of patience and understanding on matters of National interest. This President is clearly here to serve the people and he has simply put it this way “don’t reduce my work to elections when I have only done more than a 100 days, infact am not scared of elections but let’s talk about that when it’s the right time. Because everything has got time and now it’s time to work we shall talk about voting when that time comes for now Seleni mbombeko”

FACT: even if PF Won the Elections Fuel was going to increase because how were we going to Service the debt while subsidizing a certain sector hell No.. dear Zambians let’s allow this Gentleman in state house to work let us not reduce his job to a Voters Card because whatever decisions him and his Team makes, are in the best interest of this nation Infact this Gentleman can actually see far beyond the Binoculars let us not allow few individuals reasoning from there bellies to Detour the nation from the truth!!

We had our time and during our time all the Binoculars were hidden that’s why the nation was subjected to Massive looting of public resources and unreasonable Caderism!! Did the Binoculars see that for $50 000 investment a Zambian will now be given the same incentives as a foreigner? All it saw was Fake sickness. Imwe let us support this Government, there so many Good pronouncements being made by different Governments departments which binoculars is not seeing apart from the fake sickness it announced to the nation it’s time to work now!!


  1. Let’s hire a foreign firm to professionally assess HH at 5yrs.All other assessors inside Zed have political biases ,favours to gain or sins to hide.

  2. I remember Levy Mwanawasa did make a similar statement of being ready to lose the next elections if it meant doing the right thing for the country.

  3. HH means well but at times he is so full of himself. This sounds like he has already started writing a successful biography of himself before doing anything as republican president. We wish him well but he needs to realise that success when running Zambia plc is judged by the voters and not by simply talking or writing articles. We commend his attempt to steer Zambia towards professionalism in all departments but to do this, he needs a team who understand his philosophy well enough to execute its implementation, otherwise it will lead to frustrations and inaction. He really needs a good team around him if he is to archive even half of what he is pledging.

  4. Is this an assessment or just a biased cadres propaganda article? The writer sounds, writes clearly as a UPND cadre propagandist and he’s entitled to his opinions or views but not facts.

  5. A good leader isn’t somebody you love or hate but one that makes right decisions and so far I don’t think Bally has performed well. As for business Bally can’t be my model because his business acumen can’t be profiled. It’s easier to relate with Carl Irwin and Francis Grogan or Lawrence Sikutwa than Sammy Hichilema. His business background isn’t clear and there’s nothing we learn from it. So please save us the trouble, we’re not interested. Let him do his job as President. We’ll all have chance to reassess him in August 2026

  6. “The president is that office today because of the vote, if you say we have reduced HH to a Voters Card then you are insulting the voters. please remember where you are coming from.

  7. Well written and explicitly articulated article. This is how a noble and a reasonable person ought think and look at but not straight going into a blame game. Those who are throwing stones to HH are the ones who benefited in the regime which had lost control of its cadres. Cadres were left to run the country independent of the Government. HH should be given enough time of FIVE years before he is Judged but not now period. They are making noise because they want him to make a mistake. Mr President people spoke and as such you are given time to fix the ills of the state. God bless HH and his family and the whole of his Government and Zambia as a whole.

  8. This article is just eating up useful space, it lacks substance. Ati “PF were also going to increase the price of fuel.” So you think we don’t know and it’s one of the reasons they lost? Your Bally on the other hand was saying he will bring the price down and what does he do? We have a fraud in State House.

  9. He came on a platform of lies. I do not expect anything from liars. Liars are destined for hell unless they apologize to people they cheated. A liar will always be a liar.

  10. Thank you for reminding the author of this biased article. Any politician assumes office through the vehicle called “the voter.” So if you want to start insulting the 2.8m people who voted for this president now that he is in office, you better stop it!! How can anyone divorce votes or voters from any political office, be it presidential, ministerial, mayoral, etc.? Any president, world over, makes decisions for and on behalf of voters well being. You can’t rude and tell us that we are reducing HH to a voter’s card!!! Don’t be rude. If you are running your own company, yes, you can make decisions because you want to make profit whether the decision injures your workforce or not. This is a different ball game – get it in your head quickly. Otherwise, you are in a wrong environment…

  11. I always thought Chomba Kaoma was just a cadre until I saw him on Bakwetu television and found he talks a lot of sense and this article seals my respect for him.

  12. They say “birds of the same feather flock together” and I therefore assume that those who are in the forefront criticising this regime even in in it’s early days must have massively benefited from the massive looting that took place during Pf’s rule but has now been cut off. Very hurting to lose your milk cow.

  13. All of a sudden we are reasoning and analysing all the sentences that Vasco dagama is making. We want to turn him into an academic president. For goodness sake HH is a politician. Don’t talk about his business issues because the origin is still questionable. People will judge him according to how he performs according to their yardstick which they use for anyone who goes to state house period.

  14. The name of the author says it all. These tribalists will defend their fellow tribesmen even if hh slept with their wives

  15. Problem is that muntu wako is LIAR,ALabecha
    maningi. Ni wa Boza full time. Because of that, no one will take him seriously. Mu Fela is a LIAR .

  16. The article is above the below average level that most Zambians subject their thinking and issue analysis. Governance in Zambia has adhered to static norms and any divergence in approach becomes confusing and fear of the unknown grips even the supposedly enlightened/informed!

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