Saturday, July 20, 2024

ZNBC Sunday Interview with Felix Mutati on Digital Economy




  1. Another lost soul, not knowing what to do. Used by PF again used by UP and Downed, Like a Hyena just waiting for the lion to have a kill then join the party.

  2. Mutati is a very good and respectful guy, that is why he looked like a misfit in PF, no mawala like the other ministers, especially the former ministers in PF, how can you have Lusambo, Kambwili, Kampyongo, and Nakachinda for ministers, this is the lowest we ever went since 1964, and for the avoidance of doubt I am PF. Bally has done so well with his choice of ministers

  3. PF chaps you can continue dreaming but be assured that Zambians are solidly with UPND. PF promised Zambians more money in their pockets, a cheap lie for ten years and you are even having sweet dreams of coming back, no ways. MMD even left you with decent parameters, inflation 6%, Exchange rate K7 to a dollar, with rule of law were opposition could assemble, PF came in and destroyed literally everything, even our going back to IMF and removal of subsidies, it is due to PF reckless over borrowing

  4. Edgar Lungu confesses not to have a vision and Zambians vote him into office. And now we have to go to the IMF and beg, just because of PF visionless leaders, Never ever again. it wont happen

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