Defamation Trial for Nakacinda to begin on January 20, 2022 after he takes the plea


Patriotic Front Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda has denied defaming President Hakainde Hichilema before the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Mr. Nakacinda pleaded not guilty when he appeared for a plea before Lusaka chief Magistrate Dominic Makalicha this morning.

Mr. Nakacinda 43, a businessman of Kafue District, is on 13th December 2021 in Lusaka with intent to bring the name of the President into hatred, ridicule, and contempt, alleged to have caused to be published defamatory matter by word of mouth, where he addressed people at the High Court of Zambia, that President Hakainde Hichilema had summoned judges at his private residence, intimidating and coercing them to frustrate PF legal battles.

Magistrate Makalicha has since adjourned the matter to January 20, 2022 for commencement of trial.

Mr. Nakacinda who is being represented by lawyers Makebi Zulu and Jonas Zimba was accompanied to court by among others PF acting President Given Lubinda.


  1. Kolwe what imilandu. If there was any evidence of my wrong doing don’t you think the upnd evil regime would have jumped on me by now? You were led to believe that I was a criminal and yet upnd are the criminals

  2. I still maintain this law on defamation is archaic and should be done away with altogether. It will always be prone to abuse. Besides the head of state is a public figure and must have a thick skin.

    • It is preposterous. In a democracy no one is more important than any other citizen. A president isn’t supposed to be special. He is just doing a job like all of us only that his is a political job. There is no democracy which has defamation of the president as a crime so we are marching backwards. I hope Sean Tembo or John Sangwa becomes our next president.

  3. Stop that defamation sh!t, you need arrest Romeo Kangombe and his boyfriend who are stealing timber from villager…
    Prove them that they are innocent, don’t wait for 2027.

  4. Appears the upbringing is suspect, the way he was a misfit in MMD and now a misfit in a democratic dispensation, are there no elders where this chap comes from who can sit him down. He is surely embarrassing his clan without a shed of doubt

  5. Next should be Sean Tembo. Then Nawakwi.

    If you lie about events that are likely to bring instability to the country, you need to be prosecuted and provide evidence in your possession. Meno meno the photographer did time for defaming Zed open. He has learnt his lesson.

    Let us learn to practice issue based politics, mature politics.

    I hope this fat man does jail time to act as a deterrent.

  6. Maybe the defamation law could be done away with when those who make believe are “stars” and that using foul disparaging language and spreading lies makes them versatile politicians! Africans live by cultural ethics and adapting behavioral practices that are not in line with Zambian cultural norms neither makes one smart nor a wise leader. The bitterness and anger in Nakachinda the Pastor blinds his sight and freezes his thinking but the mouth muscles relaxes and gets busy!

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