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The launch of Zuze Air Force Base to add Economic value to the Copperbelt Province


Copperbelt Province has received another boost economically with the launch of the Zuze Air Force Base in Ndola.

Speaking at Cabinet office after the launch of Zuze Air Force Base, Hon Matambo, the Copperbet Minister said the Launch of Zuze Air force base has added value to the Province’s economic and security outlook.

The Minister said such facilities provide employment and the workers spend their incomes on local products which improve economic activities locally. Hon Matambo also added that with the new Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport, the Copperbet Provice’s economic outlook has been boosted especially with Zambia Airways scheduled flights on the Copperbet.
Zambia Airforce (ZAF) on Thursday 30th December, 2021 officially launched the Zuze Airforce Base.

This follows the successful handover of the Ndola old airport facility to ZAF necessitated by the construction of a new ultra modern airport, the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport.

The colourful ceremony was graced by the Defense Minister Honourable Ambrose Lufuma, MP who was the Guest of Honour. The Defense Minister said the Zambian Gorverment under the leadership of His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema is committed to improving the infrastructure including the Working environment for the men and women in uniform.

Hon Lufuma also paid tribute to the first Zambian Airforce Commander, Lieutenant General Peter Zuze whom the new Airforce Base has been named after.

The Zambia Airforce Commander, Lieutenant General Collin Barry who spoke before the Guest of Honour thanked the Zambian Government for naming the new Airforce Base in honour of the first indigenous Zambian Airforce Commander, Lieutenant General Peter Zuze whose Contribution to the development of the Airforce is immense.

The Airforce Commander was delighted that Zuze Airforce Base being officially opened had the necessary infrastructure and will become the controlling centre for the Northern circuit enabling the Airforce to carryout it’s constitutional mandate of protecting the airspace.

The Airforce Commander revealed that Zuze Airforce Base becomes a second fully flagged Airforce Base after Mumbwa.

The ceremony was spiced by colourful display of different types of Airforce jet planes which flew around the skies of Zuze Airforce Base.


    • This was an MMD project, just putting the record straight, in case people are misled. But credit to UPND which has actualized it. Even the new Ndola Airport was an MMD project though the concept was from UNIP

  1. See – this base together with Ndola Airport was built with Chinese loans which taxpayers will have to pay ….the only thing that PF left us is a huge debt due to reckless shambolic management, alot of money would have been saved if these projects were not grossly inflated.

  2. Who built it, the one who planned it or the one who payed for it? If I were a PF guy, I would be so shallow in my reasoning. Without paying loans, all these projects would be meaningless.

  3. Deja Vu – A responsible govt has done what its mandated to do something the previous regime couldn’t plan for and what was planned for was misappropriated you go and see the AG Reports. I think you are the first blogger who posted that and changed your name!!

  4. #5 Tarino Orange. First let me tell you that I am not a person who can do what you are suggesting. I hope #1 will vouch for me. Secondly, these Tazara workers have always been paid in arears. It’s not the first time. Though we appreciate it’s existence and the purpose it was built, Tazara is almost a white elephant. Lastly I am glad your government is able to pay from empty coffers.

  5. ‘The Zambian Gorverment (sic) under the leadership of His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema is committed to improving the infrastructure including the Working environment for the men and women in uniform.’
    You can remove poo from the mouth but it still stinks. This language was introduced by PF ministers and now it is continuing with UPND,
    The ministers have changed but the speech writers remain.

  6. I thought this was done during the PF regime?
    Anyway, not surprising, commissioning what you condemned, fuel tankers, Zambia airways, etc.
    We now look forward to upnd projects so that they can sonta in 2026.

  7. Taxes are collected on a daily basis. Need I need to say more? Thieves steal on a daily basis digging and leaving a massive hole from where they’ve stolen, caught or not yet. Empty coffers created in the process.

  8. Deja Vu – Its not my govt its the GRZ ….and there is nothing to be proud about being paid in arrears, a British Journalist John Laing did a documentary back in the 90s called “From Zambia To Tanzania: Africa’s Railway Of Independence” its on YOUTUBE. TAZARA workers were 4 months in arrears back then surely how can you survive like that and how do you expect them to not to steal anything from the trains. What PF govt was doing is unforgiveable …you should highlight it not hide behind quotes and smart pharses.

  9. How many fighter jets does Zambia currently have? Seems like many bases are just meant for the few VIP planes..

  10. Is squabbling the only way to discuss things? It was not the PF’s Zambia although they treated it as such. This is just an old civilian airport dating from colonial times which has been turned into a military airport. It’s not the UPND’s Zambia either.

  11. Great! The MIG21 is 62 years old (hardly a modern fighter jet) and the Chinese plane is only used for training pilots as it can’t carry any weapons. What in the Lord’s name do we need all those bases for???

  12. This was actually an MMD Project ! It would have been completed a long time ago but PF plundered most of the project funds

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