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Inspector-General of Police Lemmy Kajoba Warns Political Cadres


Inspector-General of Police Lemmy Kajoba has warned that the service will not tolerate illegal activities such as political violence in the Kabwata constituency and local government by-elections.

In a statement, Kajoba stated that police have enough manpower on the ground in all the areas where by-elections will be held.

“In view of the forthcoming Parliamentary by-election in Kabwata Constituency and Local Government Ward By-elections in Liangati Ward of Senanga Town in Western Province and Sokontwe Ward of Milenge District in Luapula Province, slated for Thursday, 20th January, 2022, we wish to advise all Political players to strictly adhere to the provisions of the Electoral Process Act No.35 of 2016 and other related pieces of legislation,” Mr Kajoba stated.

He stated that it is the duty of every individual to ensure that peace prevails at all times.

“As Zambia Police Service, we have the mandate of maintaining law and order in the country. With regard to policing elections, our major task is to create a safe and secure environment for all participating electoral stakeholders irrespective of their political affiliation or organisations. To the citizenry, it is the duty and responsibility of every individual to see to it that peace prevails at all times. We would like to warn all those that would want to cause confusions that the Zambia Police Service will not tolerate illegal practices such as political violence and other electoral related offences,” Mr Kajoba stated.

He appealed to people in areas where elections will be held to go and exercise their democratic voice.

“We are appealing to the electorates in Kabwata Constituency, Liangati and Sokontwe wards to go and exercise their democratic rights of electing their preferred candidates without coercion. In this regard, we have deployed enough police officers on the ground. In addition, Kabwata Constituency has been divided into four police operational zones. This step is aimed at easing public access to the police and enhancing quick response to emergencies.

Further, the Zambia Police Service has observed with deep concern the continued reports of illegal land allocation, harassment of members of the public in some markets and bus stations by some criminal minded persons,” Mr Kajoba stated.

He stated that all Divisional Commanding Officers have been directed to execute the New Dawn Government directives of non-tolerance of illegal acts such as caderism and extortion of money in markets, at bus stations and illegal land allocation by criminal minded persons masquerading as cadres of a political party.

“Joint operations between the State and Council Police officers should be intensified in trading and residential areas so that maximum protection is provided to the citizens and property. The rule of law shall always be applied firmly and fairly, all culprits found wanting must be dealt with sternly,” Mr Kajoba stated.


  1. Just warning? Go and camp in Kabwata until the election is over. Of course you are watching your back to see who’s watching you.

    • Very professional IG this one, the partisan stances from the previous regimes are gone. The Home Affairs Minister is also very professional and mature, of course those deliberately wearing wrong lenses wont see and appreciate what is going on

  2. This current Inspector-General of Police is the worst in the history of Zambia since 24th October 1964. He is a definite recipe for down-grading the integrity of a Republican President. May God Save Zambia.

  3. #2 I read in full but I know he’s just talking to impress. We have heard this before only to see the ruling party hooligans being treated with kid gloves.

  4. IG is okay, so these feeble psychological attacks from PF cadres are out of the same bitterness, live with your loss in peace

  5. Atleast diginity has returned to the Police now. We wont ever see a lone cadre again entering central Poilce and beating up the Police officers and even confiscation their phones. We have a professional, mature, diligent, non partisan and responsive police service now, thanks Mr Kajoba, please keep it that way.

  6. Service on the lips, mufiponshi, is lip service.
    Typical of lazy and low performers on top at state house and in the service of police.

  7. Police now very professional, no abuse of the public order act, no unnecessary discharge of tear gas, not getting instructions from government officials, pursuing justice in cases which were politically swept under the carpet during the PF regime, road blocks a thing of the post, when I remember the time we were wasting at the Indeni road block in Ndola, a lot of unproductive hours lost in that queue, indeed the promised good days are slowly coming back

  8. Then imagine one day Police Officers stopping our trip from Lusaka to Copperbelt in Kafulafuta on the Great north road saying we should not pass for an hour to wait for Kanganja and Kampyongo to join the road, just imagine the labbish that was going on. Not even in developed countries do we have such fullishness

  9. He must advise the UPND. Apprehended William Banda or at least repremand him for anyone to take him seriously. Otherwise he can just seat down.

  10. It is not easy to understand how this UPND cadre will discipline his fellow thugs. The best he can do is just talk shows like Hakainde. Hakainde confessed that they also have thugs. It is difuculty to understand how all of a sudeen the praise choir are defending their god who is fully aware that his thugs are terrorising the communities in which they live.

  11. “He stated that all Divisional Commanding Officers have been directed to execute the New Dawn Government directives of non-tolerance of illegal acts such as caderism and extortion of money in markets, at bus stations and illegal land allocation by criminal minded persons masquerading as cadres of a political party” All these things this cadre is talking about are criminal acts/offences which the police MUST deal with without reference to his political party UPND Govt.

  12. Its ingrained in us to issue warnings…you as police need to sit down with campaign managers of respective parties and talk to them.

  13. #17 They All know it’s William Banda behind the fracas but won’t say so. And someone says Kajoba is professional. I’m not surprised because even the PF used to tell us Kanganja was professional.

  14. Kakoma, Imenda and others can only issue press statements but cannot go further than that. We are yet to see a leader who will identify and be able to report his rioting cadres to the police and demand their arrest. You can’t rejoice over this, it’s inconveniencing the general public.

  15. And yet ‘Zambia’s Finest’ are still behaving as uniformed thugs in Lusaka city center. Pulling over motorists on trumped up charges, refusing to show their badge/ID. Entering the car without permission. Bullying the occupants. Looking for bribes. Zambia police has a very long way to go before the dignity of the uniform is restored.

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