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KCM needs $270 million to deal with flooding mine, Minister told


About $270 million is needed for the procurement of a pump chamber meant to pump out water at three shafts which are flooded at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chililabombwe.
KCM General Manager Technical Services Davy Mubita said that currently, the mining firm is spending close to $4.2 million monthly to pump out 375 cubic litres of water underground.

Mr. Mubita said that if only the mine can rump up production to full capacity, the mining firm can find the money but it is struggling because the mine is still under care and maintenance.

The General Manager of Technical Services added that the firm cannot mine further than 1,390 meters underground because it is still wet.

Mr. Mubita was speaking when he briefed Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Paul Kabuswe before proceeding underground for a familiarization tour.

And Mr. Kabuswe said Vedanta Resources PLC was the worst investment Zambia had ever had, adding that putting the mine under care and Maintenance was not the solution to ramp up production at KCM.

Mr. Kabuswe, who is also Chililabombwe Member of Parliament said soon, Government will announce its position over the future of KCM.
He said Government is looking at how best it can fully revamp operations at KCM because it has the capacity to produce over three million tonnes of Copper in the next ten years.

The Minister further added that the issue of flooding underground is one of his key priorities, hence his visit underground to find a way forward.


  1. How was Vandeta Resources left off the hook all along only to realise that mining activities at Konkola Copper Min were in danger of flooding. The amount of money being mentioned is very huge to be raised its like starting up a green field operation. Now you all can see that Pf was not a serious govt but was a bunch smart criminals.

  2. Ba upnd don’t sale the mine…Lungu took it and gave the people of Zambia therefore it’s for Zambians not foreigners.

  3. #4 JJ …and which company manufatures pump chambers. And how is Mr Kabuswe going to transport it from the supplier and take it underground? Just being funny

  4. There goes their first excuse to sell the mines like he did during privatisation. We warned you. Under pf we got our mines back

  5. This matter is in court because Milingo Lungu is a court-appointed provisional liquidator. Government and Vedanta cannot under any circumstances pump money into KCM as long as Milingo Lungu is there and remains answerable to the court.

  6. Konkola is the most wet underground mine in Zambia so flooding isn’t a surprise. Other branches of KCM are mining and everyday truckloads of copper leave KCM premises, where does the income go to? I hope thy aren’t asking Government to provide that money because it can be raised from their other operations. I’m not happy with the manner the issue of KCM is being handled. Government must come out clean on this. Besides keeping people in suspense is also a cost as indecision costs. Whatever position you want to pronounce on KCM please do it quickly

  7. This company was not only used as a cash cow by the Indians but was further bled into a coma by the incompetent Lazy Lungu who appointed his protégé lawyer Milingo Lungu…I remember Lungu appointing Amos Chanda and the real Kaiser Zulu on the administration team you can only imagine how much money was stolen in that period.

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