Mutale Mwanza and Esther Chungu clash on marrriage views


On a promo for Zambezi Magic’s Tuvwange Lifestyle show, Mutale Mwanza and Esther Chungu got into an argument over their individual views on marriage. Mutale Mwanza is an out-spoken, controversial figure. In the clip, she seems to be on the view that women should marry for money and can learn to love the man after time. Esther counters by saying that is not what love is all about. She quotes the bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4  “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast……” and states that she is explaining from the Christian perspective, to which Mutale sarcastically calls her the spokesperson of all Christians in Zambia, she further goes to say that Esther has only been married for 5 minutes and is now purporting to be an expert at marriage.

Views on the clips have been divided as some say Mutale Mwanza was trying to belittle Esther Chungu. Others are saying Esther is acting ‘holier-than-thou’ and is not speaking to realities.  Some are calling the whole thing a well-planned publicity stunt.

All eyes will be glued to Zambezi Magic to watch the full episode of Tuvwange when the fiery discussion is aired in full.

What are your views on this hot topic?


  1. Mutale mwanza just wants to be controversial all the time. That is how she stays popular. If she has nothing controversial going no one will talk about her. She really doesn’t have any talent ,she is just famous for talking.

  2. Who on earth can ask for marriage advice from Mutale bezelbub honestly???
    Talk about sleepig around in exchange for money, Yes Mutale mwanza is definitely the right person.

  3. Who said to be an expert you must be involved in a marriage? You can observe your parents, relatives, friends and you will see working formulas that can be used to advise others, even yourself. You don’t have to go to Antarctica to know its very cold there.

  4. @ Anderson there is nothing wrong with that if that is the strategy she employs to get by in life. Ignore her if you canthen her lifeline will be cut and she will stop.

  5. Of course Esther Chungu is right. That’s why we are experiencing a lot of GBVs in marriages because people are getting married for the wrong reasons.

  6. As a pilot would you get advice from someone who crashed there plane? Mutale is a divorced girl why on earth would you listen to her advice on marriage? She failed at it

  7. In this world being a f00l is cool.
    How such a person as mutale mwanza can draw so much attention is ridiculous.
    People that bring value to society are belittled. Those that contribute nothing but moral degradation are the one who get attention.

  8. There is no expert in marriage, we only learn from those who have stayed in marriage for a long time. life comes with every day lessons and challenges.

  9. Only people who are open minded can understand mutale. I used to see mutale some years ago and understood her as a person. Yes she is very open sexually and there is nothing wrong with that. I taught her alot and we still remain very close and warm friends.

  10. Learning from others is cool but you learn marriage when you are in marriage and sometimes, assuming that what is working in your marriage will work for your friend’s marriage maybe wrong because you are not married to the same person as them.

    Marriage changes you and your partner but transforms you both into the image of Christ Jesus if you base it on his words.

    That is why marriage can only make sense and be blessing always to those who view it as God’s project.

    It has to be guided and sustained by God.

    I respect Esther’s perspective of marriage.

  11. “The case of Ba Mutale Mwanza”. Society is known to gravitate towards glorifying fools, monsters and cupidity while demeaning well-mannered citizens.

  12. They are both 50 percent right because as for mutale’s point of view remember love won’t feed u,money Will and ad for Esther’s possible of view u have a to love and appreciate your partner’s efforts

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